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SGS Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting Minutes July 23, 2017

SUBUD GREATER SEATTLE COMMITTEE MINUTES                                                 July 23, 2017

ATTENDEES: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle, Marston Gregory (ex-officio).

Minutes from June 25, 2017 were approved unanimously.

FINANCIAL: Sherwin had an unexpected emergency so could not attend.


Honora is working to coordinate the calendar and is in touch with Hadijah O’Bar, helper.

The Volunteer Celebration is planned for Oct 15, 2017. Lorraine has sent a letter outlining this celebration: the purpose of this event is to celebrate our history as a group and the many people who have contributed to the functioning of our group. The following have agreed to be responsible for designated tasks: Overall coordination – Lorraine. Inspiration, vision, and invitations – Hadiyah. Food – Debbie, Clean Up – Jim.

We discussed the cost and propose a $15 donation per person; no one will be left out if they can’t contribute.

Marston submitted a letter outlining recent projects (see last month’s SGS newsletter). His updates about current and future projects are very helpful.

A Regional Helper visit is planned for September 2017, but a firm date has not been set yet for this visit. Honora will arrange for the visit.

The results of the dewan testing on harmony and communication were not available. There were no helpers present to present them, so we tabled this for next month.


Honora will talk to Oswald about setting up an SGS Meeting on the East side. Either Sept. 8 or Sept. 15 has been designated for the meeting to focus on communication and member updates.

A plan has been worked out for the regional monthly phone meeting. Jim will be back up to Honora.

Jim brought up the lack of active helpers at this meeting, and the frequent absence of men helpers in all the Dewan meetings. To encourage participation, Honora will email all the helpers with the dates of the meetings.

Future Meetings: the next Dewan Latihan will be Aug. 6 at 10:00 am. The next Dewan meeting will be at 9:30 on Aug. 20.

Respectfully submitted

Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary

Dewan Meeting Minutes April 9, 2017


April 9, 2017

ATTENDEES: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Sherwin O’Bar, Lorraine Tedrow, Marston Gregory, Debbie Machado- Santos, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes from March 5, 2017 unanimously approved.

FINANCIALS: Sherwin reported

Revenue: $16,088 (including member donations of $3900 and Airbnb of $11,963.

Expenses: $28,734 (rental expense of $10,600 and house improvements/occupancy cost of $15,014 of which about $10,000 represents full payment for the sewer line rework).

Excess of Expense over Revenue: $12,646.


We discussed having better communications through email and txt. Listserver to be setup for just committee members. The emails should be reformatted and start anew, not tag onto old emails. It gets too confusing this way.

In case of emergency, we were asked to call or txt Honora or Sherwin.

Honora brought up the issue of disconnect on communication with Subud members. She said it is a goal of hers to work on this.

The end of August the region is sponsoring the Great Create, which takes the place of Family Camp. It will be at Pilgrim’s Fir Camp in Pt. Orchard. Honora talked about her fond memories of Family Camp as a child and hope to create another memorable place at Pilgrim’s Fir.


Spring St Center: Jim reported for Paul as he is out of town. We have the highest rating with AirBnB as superhosts. It’s an honor as it’s not easy to get that designation. We have increased sales substantially. For example, in March, 2017 Spring St Center brought in $5,959.00. In 2016, we brought in $2,325.00 for March.

Marston also commented that the center now has a great staff and things work well. Yea!

Subud House Survey: Marston went over the survey that he filled out on our house with the committee. There were some minor changes. Marston will submit it.

Earth Day: In honor of Earth Day, on Sat April 22 and Sunday April 23 we will work on the outside of the building, weeding, planting etc. There is detailed information on our website. PLEASE COME!! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS.

Rehab projects for the year: Marston submitted a wish list of projects that need to be done to keep the house in good shape. We will go over them, prioritize, and see what we can do. We are trying not to spend money as the sewer repair took a big chunk out of our income.

Future Events: We are having a party honoring all the volunteers that have worked for Subud all these years on Sunday May 21st after latihan. It’s a potluck lunch with great food. Please put this date on your calendar – it’s special. We hope to have members in the region come.

Next dewan meeting: Also, Sunday May 21 9:00 am

Dewan is planning a general meeting to let members know what we are doing. Date to be set soon.

National Congress is in Maryland this year in a great location. Registration is open.


Respectfully submitted,

Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y





March 5, 2017

ATTENDEES: Jim O’Halloran, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Lorraine Tedrow, Hadiyah Carlyle. Jim, Vice-chair ran the meeting.

Minutes from Jan 22, 2017 unanimously approved

FINANCIAL: Sherwin reported the following: Revenue $8,850 (including member donations of $2,458 and Airbnb of $56,167) and Expenses $19,358 (rental expense of $7,494 and house improvements/occupancy costs of $9,784 of which $6,600 represents 2/3 payment for the sewer line rework. Excess of Expense over Revenue: $10,508.



The contracts for both the providers of Airbnb and other rentals have been worked on in depth. Honora is putting the finishing touches on them and we are expecting them ready to be signed next Sunday.

Airbnb – The dewan is asking Paul to include in his report next month any issues with Airbnb and the City of Seattle and bring us up to date with who he is in touch with.

Pacific Northwest Region

Sherwin reported on the Regional Board meeting. Honora attended also. The Pacific Northwest Region will be sending a 10% increase to SUSA. There are changes in the regional budget including $3000 worth more of expenses. There is money in the regional fund so if the region has to they can access this money.

Marius Hibbard is now regional vice-chair.

The region is sponsoring a Great Create Art Camp at Pilgrim Firs in the Kitsap Peninsula at the end of August. This will replace Family Camp in Indianola. We are encouraging people to participate and feel their creative energy.

We discussed increasing our commitment to the regional. We will continue the discussion at the next meeting.

Helpers Reports

Hadijah O’Bar is helper of the month. The helpers opened a new member, Sophy Hildreth. Her family was present for the opening, which was a blessing for all. Hadijah said that there is a issue with the helpers communicating with each other and will work on it.

Halstein reported that Sebastian and Abideen tested positive to be helpers again.

Halstein will contact T Chuol who has been an applicant for a long time.


The Dewan is planning a party celebrating the history of Seattle either May 21 or close to Bapak’s birthday in June, maybe June 28. Will be a fun event with lots of good food.

Next meeting: Either April 2 or 9. Lorraine will discuss dates with Honora.

Respectfully submitted

Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y



SGS Annual Meeting Minutes

Subud Greater Seattle Annual Meeting                                           January 29, 2017

Attendees: Oswald Norton, Halstein Stralberg, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Elisha Gullixson, Danella Mauguin , Alexa Wichert, Bakti Watts, Paul Nelson, Hariana Chilstrom, Ramon Hildreth, Honora, Leandra, and Sophy HIldreth, Debbie M. Santos, Insiah Caspers, Lorraine and Raphael Tedrow, Jim and Lucinda O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle.


To put a context to the upcoming election of officers, Oswald spoke about the role of the committee and what makes a good chair, vice-chair, and member-at-large.

Nominations and testing for each elected position began.

The helpers asked the following questions:

  1. Does……have the talent and capacity to do the job for the coming term?
  2. How is it for the group?
  3. How is it for……….if she or he serves at this time?

Chair nominations: Honora Hildreth, Hadiyah Carlyle, Hariana Chilstrom. Hariana withdrew. Honora was unanimously elected after the testing.

Vice-chair nominations: Lucinda O’Halloran, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle. Hadiyah withdrew. Jim was elected after the testing. There was one opposition and two abstentions; folks didn’t want to lose Jim as a helper.

Ramon will step up as a helper now.

Member-at-large nominations: Bakti Watts, Lorraine Tedrow, Lucinda O’Halloran, Leandra Hildreth, and Alexa Wichert. Leandra declined. Lorraine was unanimously elected.

Sherwin and Hadiyah agreed to continue in their non-elected positions as Treasurer and Sec’y.

Sophy and Leandra Hildreth reported on their adventure at the Subud Youth gathering in Indonesia.

Respectfully submitted, Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y


Dewan Meeting Minutes (Dec 4, 2016)

The local Dewan met on December 4, 2016, before Latihan, at 9:30 and the minutes are (as usual) posted as a page and linked here.

Here is an excerpt:

  • Subud Dewan Committee:
  • Ramon will ask SPNW for a loan of up to $5000. We have a major expense coming up with the sewer and tree roots which has been a long standing issue. Unanimously passed.
  • $1200 of SGS funds will be donated to SPNW. In spite of SGS projecting a $4,000or more shortfall; SGS will send the usual contribution and it was unanimously passed.
  • Repairs:  Marston reported that Bob Oates will do the sewer repairs at $9500 plus tax.  This was the lowest and best bid.  They will put a liner in because of the root issues.  We can pay in three payments over a ninety day period.
  • We also approved up to $400 plus tax to replace the bed upstairs as there have been complaints. (After the meeting, Martson found another way by putting boards in so we don’t have to use the amount designated…

Respectfully submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y

Dewan Meeting Minutes 5.14.16


May 15, 2016

Attendees:  Ramon Hildreth , Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Abideen Gunatilaka, Hadiyah Carlyle. Minutes Submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Secy


Income/Revenue: $18,730 (including Member Donations – $5422; Airbnb- $12,874)


Dewan Meeting Minutes, Regional Congress

Here are some of the minutes of the last local Dewan Meeting:


March 13, 2016

Attendees:  Ramon Hildreth, Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Halstein Stralberg, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes approved from 2/14/16. (See them here.)

Submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y


Revenues through February were $7,465 (member donations $2,025, Airbnb $5,440)

Expenses were $12,824

*Expenses exceeded revenue by $5,359

It is noted that about $7000 of work is needed now to repair the upstairs bathroom, and although we expect revenue will increase in the next several months, these revenue will be needed to support the upstairs bathroom repair.

Regional Meeting:

Hadijah will coordinate food for lunch this coming Sat (3.19) for the Regional Congress.  Sunday there may be testing.  New regional committee will be chosen Sat. There will be a potluck on Saturday, so please bring something tasty. READ MORE

Minutes of Subud PNW at B-SV Meeting December 6, 2015

Minutes of Subud PNW at B-SV Meeting December 6, 2015               (From Serena DuBois)

Present: Paul and Nadia Woodcock, Rosalyn Neel, Roosmiwati Reynolds, Helaine and Rainer Burrows, Robina Page, Serena and Michael DuBois, Aliza Alborez and Julia Hurd.

Meeting called to order by chair Michael DuBois with a few minutes of quiet.

Minutes of the October meeting were read and approved by the members. Paul clarified that he will come for a meeting if he can when it is arranged. Julia corrected spelling of a name.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul. Will do an end of the year report in a first of the year meeting. We had some larger donations and things are picking up. Thanks to everyone who paid donation money.

Announcements: Susila Dharma had end of year request. Do we want to do a group donation? We give $25 to Yum and another to the general fund which Paul has sent in for this year. We decided that individuals could either give individually or through the group. Yum gave a tremendous amount of help to the bad air problem in Kalimantan.

Michael’s Report:  Last regional meeting consisted of testing for Menucha which Michael did not take part in. The Regional Meeting will happen in the spring, place to be decided. The Seattle group has changed the rule about the region paying to use the Subud house. No longer need to pay.  Nothing else in regional meetings due to holidays.

Helpers Report: Nadia and Roosmiwati have tested whether to be active and received they could as needed. Paul and Luther will be testing next week re if it’s correct for them to do latihan with Icsan at his request. Julia said that Rasjad Lints is still writing in his blog. Aliza tested at Menucha to be regional helper, got not at this time, but right now she is available as a helper here.  A younger member tested in as new Regional Helper at Menucha. Roosmiwati talked with Luciana yesterday. She is doing well.

Old Business: House maintenance: Need to clear the gutters and drainpipe soon and fix the garage door.  Brent said the wall problems, with carpenter ants, are major. Downspouts are rusted and we need a contractor to see if it’s fixable and replaceable.  There was major discussion as to various options as what to do with the house. We need to invite the region in to do testing with both helpers and committee. Rosalyn agreed at Roosmiwati’s suggestion that she would start the ball rolling by calling Marius Harold as a contractor about the house problems and also arranging with the Regional Helpers to come in the spring to test.

New Business: Bird Walk. Tentatively decided on Feb. 20th at October meeting became decided, NOT President’s Day weekend. Need a van. Need publicity.  Serena suggested we hand sending the publicity out to Alexandra and Mail Chimp. Robina’s son has a van which she will ask if he can lend to the group. Roosmiwati agreed to be registrar. Julia said she would update last year’s publicity and work it out with Marius Hibbard and then send it to Alexandra to send out. There will be a limit of 15 people going, and any beyond that will be on a waiting list in case any one cancels. There will be a $20 non-refundable deposit. Birdwalk will be followed by potluck dinner and latihan.

We set the next meeting to be January 10th to test for chair, deal with Birdwalk  and house maintenance updates.

Roosmiwati moved the meeting be adjourned, and Aliza seconded it. It was unanimously passed.

October 4, 2015 Minutes Subud Bellingham/Skagit Valley

From Serena DuBois:

October 4, 2015 Minutes for Subud PNW at Bellingham / Skagit Valley

Present: Paul and Nadia Woodcock, Rosalyn Neel, Roosmiwati Reynolds, Helaine and Rainer Burrows, Robina Page, Serena and Michael DuBois, and Julia Hurd

Meeting called to order by chair Michael DuBois with a few minutes of quiet.

Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved by the members. Nadia brought up the question of a board meeting at our Subud house, and Michael will take it to the next phone meeting. He stated he had brought it up before. Minutes are approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul passed out an Income/Expense year-to-date sheet. Every year we end up hundreds of dollars less than the year before. Bird walk brought in $890, which included some donations. Paul stated that he paid for Susila Dharma and Subud Pacific Northwest to the end of the year .

Michael’s Report:  Family Camp had a net loss of  $1000, most likely because National Gathering was held the same weekend.  The region has reserved the Labor Day weekend at Camp Indianola for next year. Michael has conveyed our invitation to the region that we would host a board meeting but no answer has come back.

Helpers Report: Roosmiwati spoke with Luciana and she is doing well. Rosalyn is leaving October 5 for another house sitting job and will be back the following Tuesday. Nadia reminded us of Rasjad Lints’ blog. Group would like to send a “Thinking of you with our prayers” card to the Lintses.  Rosalyn is currently the only active women’s helper.

Old Business: House Maintenance: Lawn has been mowed. Michael unplugged the sink. Paul: we need a diagnosis and repair of the house. Rosalyn spoke with Marston who said money from the Mohammed Subuh foundation didn’t need to be for Eco grants. Robina said we needed to be lockstep with the region who wasn’t clear about it either. We need to get estimates and a good evaluation to give to the Region.  Discussion ensued as to what to do next, with Robina, Michael and Paul saying they would work on finding someone to look at the house and give us an estimate.  Rosalyn suggested Marius Harold in Portland who is in the trade, and said she would call him. Serena suggested another meeting before the end of the year to carry on with all this.

New Business: Bird Walk. Tentatively decided on Feb. 20th. Rates will stay the same. If someone comes up with a van they can come in free. More to follow later.

Robina suggested doing tour cars for Tulip Festival. Will add to next meeting’s agenda as new business.

Set next Kedjiwaan day for the November 1st here at the Subud House and the next general meeting for December 6, 2015.

Meeting dissolved before Michael could adjourn it.

December 6, 2015 MEETING AGENDA: Bellingham-SV Group

Approve October Meeting minutes (see above)

Treasurers report Paul,


    Regional and other news [Michael and whoever??]
Julia — Personal

Helpers report

Old Business

House maintenance, specifically gutters and drain pipe 

New Business

2016 Birdwalk

Anything else??

    Set date for next event