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Crescent Beach Family Gathering, June 21st-23rd

Are you ready, hungry, wishing for, or eagerly awaiting, a Subud gathering?
Subud Canada and USA members are warmly invited to come to an exciting and fun family event.
And this year the International Helpers National and Regional Helpers will be there!
The weekend begins at 1.00 pm on Friday, June 21 and wraps up at 4.00 pm on Sunday June 23. The Alexandra Retreat Centre is situated in the beautiful, family-friendly Crescent Beach area just south of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The centre is set around a central grassy area and surrounded with a fence, making it a safe, relaxed setting for families and children. The beautiful beach, pedestrian footpaths and nearby village are just a few minutes stroll away.
More information is available at:

House Maintenance Fund Raising Update


Fundraising for the maintenance of Spring Street Center is progressing. The request for matching funds in our newsletter brought in the match of $500 three days later.  Donations toward that match campaign were $600, and then Subud Arcata pledged an additional $500.  The match has now been completed.

Can we reduce the loan from Subud PNW?

I am hopeful that we will be able to raise more funds in the coming months, so that we can return some of the Subud PNW loan money before the summer is over.

You can help with a small monthly increase in your donation

Some members have pledged $500 toward this effort which they pay in installments through increase their monthly donation by $50 a month until their pledge is complete.  Can you make a monthly pledge in some amount toward the loan repayment?  Please email me directly with any amount you can pledge, and I will add this to the pledged totals.

And Thanks!

New name for donation checks to Subud Greater Seattle

Please change the “Pay To The Order Of” section on your handwritten or automatic withdrawn check from your account to “Subud Pacific Northwest Greater Seattle Center or, if that won’t fit, “Subud PNW Greater Seattle Center”. Bank rules, recently changed, are delaying deposits.

Your Newsletter!

This is your newsletter and it would be great if we could use it to share our experiences here.  If you have a feeling to write something about your inner or outer blessings or travails, or if you have anything you want to post, please do so!  Send to me at  It is helpful to hear stories of how we are coping with our outer and inner worlds and perhaps give hope and encouragement to our brothers and sisters!

More from Oswald


When I was a boy, living with my parents, my faith was Roman Catholic.

When I was a college student, full of new ideas and the knowledge that I could choose my spiritual path, I wondered what I would choose and found many paths that could be that path – one was shown to me in a dream.

When I was done with college and living in San Francisco, trying to figure out what sort of man I would become, I found that the rock and roll, sex and drugs religion suited me for a time. And, then it didn’t. My marriage collapsed and my work life was going nowhere.  It was then that my soul, having put itself on a shelf saying, “come back to me when you’re ready,” asked, “Are you ready now?”

Then I had dreams of leaving the sex and drugs and rock and roll scene. I was afraid, but I kept going until I found a clearing, and, in that clearing, I found the place I’d seen in the dream in my college years.

It felt like I was home. It felt like I’d finally found my path. And, having walked along that path now for over 40 years, I’ve never felt lost, always at home, in the grace of this faith; in this practice we have in Subud.

Ramadan is here!

Today is the first official day of fasting in the month of Ramadan.  Below is something Bapak wrote to a member about the benefits of fasting.  More information on the fast is here:
Lent and Ramadhan
Letter to a member in England
Pewarta, March 1970

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To a member in England In reality, Lent and Ramadhan have equal value.  Christians feel that fasting in Lent is very important for them because it is derived and adapted from what was done and experienced by Jesus Christ.
You say that Jesus Christ carried out the religious observance of fasting in the wilderness for forty days at the time of Lent.  This may be taken to mean that Jesus Christ fasted during this time so that his inner feeling might be swept clean of the influence of the nafsu causing darkness (wilderness) within.
For Muslims, the religious observance of fasting in the month of Ramadhan is the same.  This too is derived and adapted from what was done and experienced by the Prophet Muhammad.

It is told that the Prophet Muhammad fasted in a cave at that time (this too means in darkness ).  He carried out the religious observance of fasting in the cave so that the inner feeling could be swept clean of the influence of the nafsu causing darkness.  It is therefore said that the revelation that he was to be the Messenger of God came to him in the cave.  In other words, it was then that he received the first command of the One God.

This is Bapak’s explanation concerning these two religious observances of fasting, as seen from the spiritual point of view.  So Bapak feels that Lent and Ramadhan are of equally great and high value.

Furthermore, any individual Christians, or Christians in general, may follow the religious observance of fasting during Ramadhan if they wish to do so, because, although this is not usually customary for Christians, if the fast is observed it is also a method whereby the influence of the nafsu, which always constitutes a temptation and a hindrance to the quiet of the inner feeling, can be separated and swept away from the inner feeling.  Conversely, it is the same for Muslims who wish to carry out the religious observance of fasting during Lent.

Now, of course, you ask: how is it for us or for Subud members?
Bapak would like you to know that, because our brotherhood of Susila Budhi Dharma consists of members of various nationalities and religions, it is best for each member to observe the fast of his own religion unless he wishes to observe another as well.

Concerning the explanation you may want about prihatin: This actually is cutting down one’s pleasures in eating, sleeping and other enjoyments.  For, if one practices prihatin, the heart is accustomed not to be deceived all the time by the nafsu.  If the nafsu, which arise in the heart and mind, are not given their way so much (that is, if one restricts the pleasures of eating and sleeping and restrains the nafsu of anger and greed which drive away all contentment) then the nafsu will automatically weaken, and a feeling of patience, surrender, trust and sincere submission will become manifest.
Prihatin may be practiced by anyone wishing to do so, anyone who hopes to become a person of patience who surrenders with trust and sincere submission to the Will of Almighty God.  Usually when a person can really carry this out his situation will be one of well being and happiness.
This kind of prihatin may be done by way of fasting every Monday and Thursday, without saur (that means without eating in the middle of the night) or by cutting down on one’s food every day; for instance, if one is accustomed to having beefsteak and potatoes, then one eats only potatoes and vegetables, provided one does not take too much of these either.  One can also cut down on sleep; not sleeping often with one’s wife and not sleeping before midnight.

This is done in the hope that one’s life situation, or one’s lot in life, may improve; also so that one’s inner feeling, which still continues to feel dark or hindered by the influence of the nafsu, may become calm and quiet and the influence of the nafsu, which always interferes with the calm and quiet of the inner feeling, may be avoided.

This is why Bapak always says that a good and noble life can be achieved only if one really practices prihatin beforehand.  It must be remembered that even Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad did this.  How much more does an ordinary person need it.  One should not be quick to complain so often, or to feel despair just because one lacks things in life, nor should one feel overjoyed if one happens to have unusually good fortune.

This is Bapak’s answer to your question.  Bapak gives praise and thanks to Almighty God and hopes that you will accept the above explanation in a good way.

From Bapak

Oswald update!

Update On Our House Improvements Fundraising Efforts

We have a match!  Daniel Stralberg has offered to be the 2nd match. This means we have $1000 to be matched.  And, a regional member has pledged $100 toward this match.  

We’re still receiving donations in the $30-$35 range on Sunday, thanks to Daniella Mauguin’s Money Tree.

Lastly, I’ve received 1 pledge and 1 donation toward reducing the amount we will need to obtain from the Subud PNW Housing Fund. The more members who can do this, the less we’ll end up needing.

I appreciate all who have stepped forward and provided contributions big and small toward this effort. Thank You!

I’ll update you as progress continues.