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The greenest commercial building on earth rises in Seattle

Our neighbor:

The Bullitt Center not only set its sights very high; it is having a ripple effect on suppliers of building materials.


The super-green Bullitt Center under construction

Bullitt Center


When EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson visited Seattle last month for a talk at UW’s graduation, there was one visit she and her staff weren’t interested in promoting. On Saturday morning, just before the graduation, she and a few of her staffers made an unpublicized stop at 15th and Madison. (The low profile was to avoid distracting attention from her graduation speech.)


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Ramadan Starts Thursday


From the National Helpers and Office

CONSIDERING OBSERVING RAMADAN? Below is a compilation of information about it, “Subud style”, and also there is information at the bottom about where to order tapes of Bapak talks in various formats.

Note to all: we are not sending out this information because we are urging people to do Ramadan, or because Subud espouses one religion over another. Bapak recommended that  fasting has value for us individually, and we know that some members observe Lent or Yom Kippur instead of Ramadan, or do their own private form of fasting.
(See Bapak’s letter to a member on this topic, at the end of this message)


  1. To print out Bapak talks,or listen to or download  talks, go to

You can do a search,using key words, so you can ask for Ramadan Talks.AUDIO TALKS ARE MARKED BY TOPIC,SO ITS EASY TO FIND THE RAMADAN TALKS

2.Subud Books are available from
Or go to –
Click on Subud Books and Media

WHEN DOES Ramadan start this year? says Ramadan  in North America, begins on the evening of  July 19, 2012, so that the first day of fasting would be  July 20, 2012.

For those observing the fast of Ramadan

Explanations of the Ramadan Calendar
Compiled from explanations given by Bapak, by Mas Sudarto and by Mas Prio

Eve of Ramadan:  The way to observe Ramadan is to take a full bath, including hair washing, and also cutting the hair and the nails, the evening before the fast.  Then, after you are clean, to state your wish to observe Ramadan as a sincere expression of your worship of Almighty God.  Then stay up at night, preferably spending the night together with other Subud brothers and sisters, in the home of a member who is also observing Ramadan.

Around three o’clock in the morning, you should take breakfast and you should brush your teeth no later than 4:30 in the morning, and after this, no more smoking, not even gargling till 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM – along about sunset.  (The local mosque can clarify as to the hour for breaking the fast.)

To break the fast, start slowly by drinking warm tea and a light snack; you can eat your dinner about half an hour or an hour later.  Bapak also recommends no sexual union during the whole month of Ramadan.  It is also beneficial to sleep as little as possible during Ramadan, not only on Nights of Power.

During the month of Ramadan: it is not permitted to have sexual intercourse, and our fasting must also include abstention from the following:
a)  We must not use our ears to listen to gossip, quarrels or bad words.
b)  We must not use our mouth to say anything wrong or unkind.
c)  We must not use the emotions to reach the emotions or passions of others.
d)  We must not use our eyes in a way that is not good or nice.
e)  We must not use the heart and mind to imagine or think about unhappy things, fantasies or unrealities.
f)  We must not eat or drink or smoke anything between dawn and sunset each day.

During the month of Ramadan, we have to fast thirty days, and during the thirty days of fasting we go through three important periods:

The first ten days (ending evening of 9th day  Ramadan):
This is a period of putting the passion in an inactive state.  During this period we are made aware that our passions become weaker and weaker day by day, and on the 9th day of fasting, it is felt that our passion is completely inactive.

The second ten days (ending evening of 19th day Ramadan):
This is a period of becoming aware that in general our attitude and actions are guided by our inner-self and the guidance day by day becomes stronger and stronger and on the 19th day of fasting our actions are as if in a complete latihan state, but in harmony with our daily activities.

The last ten days (ending evening of 30th  day of  Ramadan):
This is a period of receiving the lailatu ‘lkadar (the Nights of Power), and this is sent by God on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th days of fasting.  This lailatu ‘lkadar is not something that falls from above, but it forms a certain power which can change our state.
Most of the Subud members who fasted felt, after completing the fasting, that there were changes to their inner.  Mostly, their spirit to worship became stronger and stronger and also the intention of doing ‘prihatin’ became stronger and stronger.

LAILATUL-QADR (The evening preceding 27th day Ramadan):  Although it is generally accepted in the Moslem community that the last ten days of Ramadan are days of receiving, this particular evening is celebrated with special prayer, in the Moslem community, because it is thought that this is the day upon which the Messenger Muhammad received the verses of the Qu’ran.

TAK-BARAN: (30th day Ramadan):  The last day of fasting.  Sundown marks the end of the month.

The Night of Forgiveness.  At the end of Ramadan, we again take a full bath and put on new clothes, and then we should go to our family and our friends and ask forgiveness for whatever sin we have done.  This is a time of special celebration and thanks to Almighty God.


With thanks to Leonard Dixon for the compilation of the info from Bapak, Mas Sudarto and Mas Prio.

smallbapak2.bmp (3632058 bytes)
Lent and Ramadhan
Letter to a member in England
Pewarta, March 1970

Copyright © 2007 the World Subud Association.  All rights reserved.CodeNumber:70TJK3 ProvisionalTranslationForSubudMembersOnly
 To a member in England In reality, Lent and Ramadhan have equal value.  Christians feel that fasting in Lent is very important for them because it is derived and adapted from what was done and experienced by Jesus Christ.
You say that Jesus Christ carried out the religious observance of fasting in the wilderness for forty days at the time of Lent.  This may be taken to mean that Jesus Christ fasted during this time so that his inner feeling might be swept clean of the influence of the nafsu causing darkness ( wilderness ) within.
For Muslims, the religious observance of fasting in the month of Ramadhan is the same.  This too is derived and adapted from what was done and experienced by the Prophet Muhammad.
It is told that the Prophet Muhammad fasted in a cave at that time ( this too means in darkness ).  He carried out the religious observance of fasting in the cave so that the inner feeling could be swept clean of the influence of the nafsu causing darkness.  It is therefore said that the revelation that he was to be the Messenger of God came to him in the cave.  In other words, it was then that he received the first command of the One God.
This is Bapak’s explanation concerning these two religious observances of fasting, as seen from the spiritual point of view.  So Bapak feels that Lent and Ramadhan are of equally great and high value.
Furthermore, any individual Christians, or Christians in general, may follow the religious observance of fasting during Ramadhan if they wish to do so, because, although this is not usually customary for Christians, if the fast is observed it is also a method whereby the influence of the nafsu, which always constitutes a temptation and a hindrance to the quiet of the inner feeling, can be separated and swept away from the inner feeling.  Conversely, it is the same for Muslims who wish to carry out the religious observance of fasting during Lent.
Now, of course, you ask: how is it for us or for Subud members?
Bapak would like you to know that, because our brotherhood of Susila Budhi Dharma consists of members of various nationalities and religions, it is best for each member to observe the fast of his own religion unless he wishes to observe another as well.
Concerning the explanation you may want about prihatin: This actually is cutting down one’s pleasures in eating, sleeping and other enjoyments.  For, if one practices prihatin, the heart is accustomed not to be deceived all the time by the nafsu.  If the nafsu, which arise in the heart and mind, are not given their way so much ( that is, if one restricts the pleasures of eating and sleeping and restrains the nafsu of anger and greed which drive away all contentment ) then the nafsu will automatically weaken, and a feeling of patience, surrender, trust and sincere submission will become manifest.
Prihatin may be practiced by anyone wishing to do so, anyone who hopes to become a person of patience who surrenders with trust and sincere submission to the Will of Almighty God.  Usually when a person can really carry this out his situation will be one of well being and happiness.
This kind of prihatin may be done by way of fasting every Monday and Thursday, without saur ( that means without eating in the middle of the night ) or by cutting down on one’s food every day; for instance, if one is accustomed to having beefsteak and potatoes, then one eats only potatoes and vegetables, provided one does not take too much of these either.  One can also cut down on sleep; not sleeping often with one’s wife and not sleeping before midnight.
This is done in the hope that one’s life situation, or one’s lot in life, may improve; also so that one’s inner feeling, which still continues to feel dark or hindered by the influence of the nafsu, may become calm and quiet and the influence of the nafsu, which always interferes with the calm and quiet of the inner feeling, may be avoided.
This is why Bapak always says that a good and noble life can be achieved only if one really practices prihatin beforehand.  It must be remembered that even Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad did this.  How much more does an ordinary person need it.  One should not be quick to complain so often, or to feel despair just because one lacks things in life, nor should one feel overjoyed if one happens to have unusually good fortune.
This is Bapak’s answer to your question.  Bapak gives praise and thanks to Almighty God and hopes that you will accept the above explanation in a good way.
From Bapak

Calling Subud Poets 2

International Subud Poetry Anthology – call for submissions

I’ve been reading and listening to poetry by my Subud brothers and sisters for years and there’s no doubt in my mind that we are getting better and better at it.  I’d like to celebrate this by putting together an anthology of poetry by Subud members from all over the world. I invite you to send me three of your best poems along with a brief bio. I hope to have the anthology sequenced, edited, checked, designed and printed some time next year, well before the World Congress in Mexico.
Please email your poems to me at: Deadline end of 2012.
Thank you
Emmanuel Williams

This project is sponsored by SICA International.

National Dewan E-News #15

National Dewan E-News #15
July, 2012
From the National Committee

Items in this E-News
New National Committee and Board Members
2012 Subud USA Bylaws Approved
Summary of Resolutions Passed at the National Congress
Results of Raffle, Silent Auction, and Gift Shop
National Office Move Update
Administrative Assistant Still Needed
News from Susila Dharma USA
National Helper Liaisons
Subud Educator’s Group Listserv
Zone 7 Initiative for Cuba
Subud International Cultural Association Peace Initiative

New National Committee and Board Members
: Much news has already been sent out, but for anyone who hasn’t yet heard, the new members of the Subud USA National Dewan are as follows:
Chair: Shoshanah Margolin (Chicago)
Vice Chair: Daniel Stralberg (Seattle)
Secretary: Hamidatun Karapetian (Los Angeles)
Treasurer: Morris McClellan (Portland)
(Committee Councilor Lucian Parshall continues for 2 more years)
Susila Dharma: Evan Padilla (Seattle)
Subud International Cultural Association-USA: Mhd. Isman Kanafsky (Monterey)
Subud Enterprise Services: Hanafi and Levana Fraval (Los Angeles)
Subud Youth Activities: Almut Zieher (Albuquerque), Andres Paglayan (Santa Fe)
Subud International Health Association-USA: Ann Padilla (Seattle)
New or Renewing SD-USA Board Members: John Schoenthaler, Evan Padilla, and Marilyn Schirk (They will join board members Lusijah Marx, Lucia Ryan, Rob Dodson, Michael Shaver, Hamid Alexander, Mardiyah Tarantino)
New or Renewing SICA-USA Board Members: Mhd. Isman Kanafsky, Leonard Dixon, Lorraine Tedrow, Peter and Alexandra ter Horst

These are in addition to the regional chairs now serving on the board:
East Coast: Amelia Casilli, provisional (Pittsburgh regional member)
Midwest: Mary Wold (Ohio regional member)
Rocky Mountains: Myrna Ramsey (Phoenix) -Elections for new chair in fall
South: John Schoenthaler (Dallas)
Pacific Northwest: Ramon (Seattle) – Elections for new chair in Sept.
California: Daniel Foster (Santa Cruz)
Pacific Islands: Daniel Murren (Oahu, Hawaii) – Elections for new chair in August

2012 Subud USA Bylaws Approved: The revised bylaws worked on since 2006 by past committees, by a Bylaws Subcommittee, by a specially created Governance Committee, by pre-congress working parties, and by working parties set up at the National Congress have been passed and adopted. One of a number of changes approved is giving the secretary and treasurer of the national committee a vote on the Board of Directors.

Summary of Resolutions Passed at the National Congress (brief description only):
1.         Space being rented by Subud USA in the Washington DC house is for a national office, not a national center.
2.        Create a subcommittee to examine the congress delegate system currently in place.
3.        Terms of office for the officers of the association be examined at a later date, after efficacy of the Executive Director has been determined.
4.        Further develop continuity by examining staggered and longer terms for regional representatives/chairs.
5.        The national Board of Directors include all ex-officio (non-voting) members in informing them of all aspects of Board activity with the exception of executive sessions.

Results of Raffle, Silent Auction, and Gift Shop: Mary Bond (Los Angeles) was the winner of a free registration to the International Congress in Puebla, Mexico in 2014. The gross amount raised from this fundraiser was approximately $2500. The silent auction coordinated by Sonya Shooshan (thank you Sonya!) took in approximately $1000 for the Subud USA general fund. The congress gift shop apportioned about $500 to Subud USA. We won’t know the amount of profit, if any, from the National Congress until later in the month.

National Office Move Update: One shipment of seven boxes has been delivered and arrived safely. Another will be sent this week. The last shipment of current files will be sent at the end of the month. Susila Dharma and Subud USA have signed an agreement to share the temporary office space in the Twin Oaks house that is next door to the property owned by Washington DC for the construction of their center. After August 1, mail should be sent to 4216 Howard Road, Beltsville, MD 20705 (new phone number to be announced soon and operational on August 1). A team of volunteers will assist both Subud USA and SD USA until one or two Administrative Assistants are hired.  Oswald Norton, Executive Director, will be traveling to the temporary office at the beginning of August to help set up the electronic technology.

Administrative Assistant Still Needed: We are still searching for a part-time employee for the national office. Several people were interviewed, but the right person has not yet been found. There are definite possibilities that whomever becomes the new AA will have the opportunity of adding additional hours; Susila Dharma is currently looking for an AA and the Washington DC center will eventually need a site manager.

News from Susila Dharma USA: Fredrick Branchflower received the Humanitarian Award for his years of service to Susila Dharma and involvement with a number of social projects including recently one for homeless people in his area. The matching fund of $2000 from Subud Portland yielded over $6000 to help support humanitarian projects nationally and internationally.

Fasting: Many of us in Subud fast during the month of Ramadan whether we are of the Islamic faith or not. According the , the 30-day fast in North America begins on the evening of July 19 (Thursday) and ends the evening of August 18 (Saturday). The feast celebrating the end of the fast (in Islam called Idul-Fitr) is on Sunday, August 19. More information about this is forthcoming. In Ibu Rahayu’s words,
“But perhaps some of you are not Muslims, or of the Islamic faith, yet you fast too. It is normal for Subud members from other religions, in Indonesia and overseas, to do so, because when we look at or consider the fast from a spiritual perspective, it is a beneficial training for the human soul. This is because through fasting we have the chance to know or feel our true self. By this I mean that when we fast we separate from our desires, we work to set aside our desires. It is as if our desires are before us, they are in front of us.”

National Helper Liaisons: Pairs of National Helpers liaise with regional dewans, wings, and various committees. Here is the current list of their major liaison responsibilities (not including back ups):
Pacific Islands: Suzanne Renna and Humphrey Williams
Pacific North West: Suzanne Renna and Sjarifuddin Harris
California: Aminah Ulmer and Sjarifuddin Harris
Rocky Mountain: Laurie Lathrop and Humphrey Williams
Subud South: Alexandra Boyer and Humphrey Williams
Midwest: Laurie Lathrop and Hoan Toan Phan
Subud East Coast: Alexandra Boyer and Hoan Toan Phan

SICA: Aminah Ulmer and Humphrey Williams
SD: Suzanne Renna and Hoan Toan Phan
SIHA:  Aminah Ulmer and Sjarifuddin Harris
SES:  Alexandra Boyer and Humphrey Williams
SYA:  Suzanne Renna and Sjarifuddin Harris
Member Care: Aminah Ulmer and Sjarifuddin Harris
Joint Wings: Alexandra Boyer and Sjarifuddin Harris
Congress Planning: Aminah Ulmer and Sjarifuddin Harris

Zone 7: Laurie Lathrop and Hoan Toan Phan .
National Committee: Laurie Lathrop and Hoan Toan Phan .
Kejiwaan Councilors: Laurie Lathrop and Hoan Toan Phan

Subud Educator’s Group Listserver: The activities of Subud Educators at the national congress will surely result in more activity on the Subud Educators listserver. If you would like to be added, please send an e-mail to There are already 79 educators there from around the world.

Zone 7 Initiative for Cuba: The Zone 7 Council had a two day meeting at the America’s Gathering in Vancouver. Canada, Mexico, Suriname and USA were all represented. It was determined that travel funds set aside for representatives from Cuba could be better used in Cuba for internal travel. The IHs provided a more extensive report on the challenges facing our brothers and sisters in Cuba, including government recognition, isolation, and working with helpers. This prompted an extensive discussion on what the Z7 Council could do for Cuba that was more practical. Council members had a broad discussion, the outcome being that Zone 7 will budget $1,000 to make copies of Subud material (already translated into Spanish) and mail the material to Cuba. Our sister from Mexico will gather the material and reproduce it and Hardwin along with the IHs will work with our Cuban members to get copies into the hands of its membership.

Subud International Cultural Association Peace Initiative: SICA is inviting you to publicly recite/share a POEM FOR PEACE (your own original or a favorite) at DAWN and at DUSK on September 21, 2012 — wherever you are in the world. Gather friends together and share together. It will be the SICA contribution to celebrate Peace.


What is Subud? See
Subud USA, 14019 NE 8th St #A,Bellevue, WA 98007




Forgiveness Workshop (Lusijah Marx) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Washington D
Presents an evidence-based approach to forgiveness. We will explore a process for letting go and moving on from our places of resentment, hurt and abuse – learning how to personally apply steps in order to truly forgive.

Muhammad Subuh Foundation Film and Q & A (Lillian Shulman & Maria Wallington) 7:00 – 8:00 pm, Washington ABC
A new 15-min. film about the work of MSF will be shown, covering the history, projects, and goals of MSF to promote the growth and development of Subud.


Educator’s Forum and Discussion, followed by testing (Liza Ramey) 1:30 – 3:30 pm, Washington D (testing in Evergreen Rooms)
Explore our roles as Subud members in the field of education. Testing session follows.

SES Annual General Meeting – Strategy and Planning Session (Rosetta Narvaez) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Seattle 1
Participate in shaping Subud USA’s future activities and goals, in partnership with the international SES wing. PLUS contribute to the discussion on the Virtual Financial Institution.

Pike Place Market Tour and Poetry Workshop (Paul Nelson) 1:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 2 (this workshop will go off-site)
After some tips on writing poems, we’ll take light rail downtown and tour some interesting spots in this world-famous Market. On our return, we’ll write poems – open to any level of writer!

Congress TV Workshop (Hamilton Pevec) 1:30 – 4:00 pm, Seattle 3
Create a living document of the congress – a video for distribution to attendees and beyond!

YES Quest 2013 and Beyond (Lusijah Rott) 4:00 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 3
Learn about this ongoing youth program and details about the Jan.-Feb. 2013 Quest.

National Office Move Workshop and Delegate Working Party (Joshua Vervoordt) 1:30 – 4:00 pm, Tacoma
In the interest of achieving harmony and unity on a subject that has become, to some people, divisive, we’ll meet to freely discuss issues of the move of the national office.

Creating a Supportive Culture in our Subud Communities (Oswald Norton & Haris Wolfgang) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Aberdeen
Explore Our PLACES (Personal Leadership and Community Engagement in Subud). This project supports the growth of Subud culture through healthy communications, leadership, healing, education and other means.

Subud Retirement Community (Hanafi Fraval) 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Aberdeen
This workshop was held at the Subud California congress and has gained a life of its own with 25 people now following developments. This project allows those of us over 55 to continue to work, retire, be independent or benefit from assisted living as necessary. We could live in a gated community in Laguna Woods where our lives can be centered around the latihan and our Subud community, but where we can also integrate with the larger community with multiple activities of every description. Come to this workshop to find out how.


Off-site FIELD TRIP! (Emile Ward) Meet at 10:00 am, Registration Desk

Garden Symbiosis: Beneficial Interrelationships in the Web of Life (Lydia Feltman) 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Washington ABC
How to garden using the soil food web, microbes, companion plants, beneficial insects and insectary plants, and compost teas.

Bright Futures: Helping Developing World Students (Hanafi Fraval) 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Washington D
Bright Futures identifies students who can successfully complete a primary degree – but do not have the resources to make their dream come true.

Enterprise Forum (Ruslan Morris) 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Seattle 1
Ruslan Morris, chair of SES International, facilitates a forum on international initiatives, including the recent compilation of Bapak’s advice on enterprise.

Fundraising for a Sustainable Subud USA (Marston Gregory) 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Spokane Board Room
How can Subud USA have a firm financial future?

An Introduction to Worm Composting (Lydia Feltman) 1:30 – 2:30 pm, Washington ABC
How worms can eat your garbage, turn it into a rich soil amendment, and save you money. Also includes some demonstration materials and worm box plans.

Subud in our Communities (Leo Horthy & Robert Mertens) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Spokane Board Room
Sharing the experiences of Seven Circles integrating Subud into local communities and organizations – what works! Exploring ideas on how to talk about Subud in personal and professional contexts.

Writing Workshop: Hear your own voice through writing (Hadiyah Carlyle) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Seattle 2
Just bring yourself … and a paper and pen!

Compassion in Action Videofest I (Susila Dharma USA) 1:30 –3:00 pm Washington D
Be amazed and inspired with videos, slideshows and storytelling from local and worldwide humanitarian projects – all initiated, organized and/or operated by Subud members.

Distribution of Bapak’s Talks and Subud Books Workshop and Delegate Working Party (Hanafi Fraval) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Tacoma
Bapak’s mandate for our committees to facilitate the distribution of Subud books goes to the heart of committee duties. SUSA has contracted a fulfillment firm to handle this, but a necessary marketing plan has not been implemented. Hanafi will share a national marketing plan with the objective to develop a congress resolution.

Congress TV Workshop (Hamilton Pevec) 1:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 3
Create a living document of the congress – a video for distribution to attendees and beyond!

Career Quest Card Workshop (Halimah Bellows) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Aberdeen
Discover a lasting, meaningful career that utilizes your natural talents. The innovative Career Quest Cards help you clarify and define a career path.

Emotional Transformation Therapy (Ann O. Padilla) 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Aberdeen
Using a Chromopulse II to look at colored light during talk therapy, the client addresses unwanted emotions and intrusive thoughts affecting mental and behavioral health. Suggested $2 donation for SIHA programs.

Creating Comedy with Improvisation (Richmond Shepard) 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 2
Hey – it’s Richmond! You know you’ll have a great time!

Susila Dharma USA Endowment Planning Workshop (John Schoenthaler & Hamid Alexander) 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Washington D
Leaving a lasting legacy that helps humanitarian efforts in local and worldwide communities.

Publishing Panel for Authors: E-Publishing and E-Marketing (Paul Nelson) 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 1
Need ideas on selling your manuscript?  SES and SICA are sponsoring a panel of professional publishers facilitated by Paul Nelson of Poetry Labs to provide you insight and address your questions.  Featuring Panelists: Sheryn Hara of NW Bookfest; Jarret Middleton and Aaron Talwar of Dark Coast Press

Updates on the Washington DC House (Barbara Thomas) 5:00 – 6:00 pm, Washington ABC
An overview of the progress on the Washington DC House.


Compassion in Action Videofest II (Susila Dharma USA) 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, Washington D
Be amazed and inspired with videos, slideshows and storytelling from local and worldwide humanitarian projects – all initiated, organized and/or operated by Subud members.

Visioning for a Subud School (Halimah Polk & Emmanuel Williams) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Washington D
An interactive exploration into the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of Subud education, including a look at Bapak and Ibu Rahayu’s talks on education. We’ll look at examples of Subud Schools, and articulate our visions for the future schools.

Business Owners Panel of Experts (Rosetta Narvaez) 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Seattle 1
Well-established business owners from different industries and sizes of operations will speak on successes and challenges. Q and A session follows.

Writers’ Living Room: Critique Circle (Paul Nelson) 1:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 3
Read your new work for a gentile critique – or just join in the engaging company of other writers. Original works only; bring 10 copies – limit 2 pages.

Congress TV Workshop (Hamilton Pevec) 1:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 3
Create a living document of the congress – a video for distribution to attendees and beyond!

Enterprise Showcase and Networking  (SES) 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Seattle 1
Check out our U.S. Subud enterprises – and talk with SES members and those involved and interested in Subud businesses.