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Women’s Thursday Latihan

From Lorraine Tedrow:

Women's Latihan Hall/Chapel

Women’s Latihan Hall/Chapel

After polling the women who usually attend the women’s mid-, mid-week latihan, the women helpers are announcing a change.

Effective now, the time for the Thursday women’s latihan is changing and is now
11:30 Quiet time
11:45 Latihan
Lorraine Tedrow, for the women helpers.

Reuven Carlyle on Tax Inequality

OK, this is not Subud related AND it is politics, but this may be the main issue affecting quality of life in the State of Washington. (OK, maybe after ACD.)

State Representative Reuven Carlyle is one of the most articulate and focused legislators in the state. Son of longtime Subud member Hadiyah Carlyle (and of you’ve not read her book¬†Torch in the Dark, you should), he is in this important video showing us how bad the tax system is in Washington.

Washington Is on the march