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Local Dewan Meeting

Marston Gregory

Marston Gregory

At the last local Dewan meeting, Marston Gregory gave this report on Facilities:

Marston reported the bathroom finished, but the updating of the chapel doors with crash bars has been stalled due to finding the right contractor. Marston said that the recent heat wave suggests it would be wise to insulate the attic, but the opportunity to submit a grant to MSF was delayed  at the last local Dewan meeting.  We might apply at another time but didn’t feel we wanted to apply at this round for several reasons.

Read all the minutes from the June 12, 2016 local Dewan Meeting here.

Bathroom & Landscaping Update

From Marston Gregory:


Evan Padilla and Bhakti Watts help clean up the landscape around the Subud House April 23, 2016

The bathroom floor is installed and looks good.  Next, hoping this week David comes in to
finish the walls where the cabinet was taken out.  The color works well, I think with the pink tile on the walls.   We are close to completion on it and its looking super good.

Also, we had 5 people working on the garden mostly weeding and got a lot done.  We didn’t have a truck so we still need to do a dump run with stuff in the back.

Marston 4.23.16 SGS

Marston hard at work.

What was predicted as a 90% rainy day was gorgeous which really helped.
BIG!  Thank you to Paul, Bhakti, Evan, and Oswald for helping.

Also, Evan brought over 10 more chairs which Oswald cleaned up with spot cleaner & they are stored in the alcove of the chapel. This brings us up to 60 chairs which is about our capacity for a wedding in that room.  We took the dark grey chairs to the basement.

We might want to schedule another one of these to get more done at a time when
more can come and maybe after Sunday latihan.  Have latihan, lunch and then work?


Bhakti Watts goes dandelion hunting.

Puebla Congress News

Marston Gregory

Marston Gregory

Some brief news bits from Puebla. Our own Marston Gregory tested before delegates, International Helpers and others gathered in the Constantia of the Centro de Convenciones in Puebla, Mexico, at the 2014 World Congress, for the position of Chair of the Muhammed Subud Foundation. In his own testing he reported that he felt he had the qualifications but that the test was not powerful. The International Helpers disagreed and recommended him for Chair. In an additional test, Marston’s receiving was powerful and the delegates ratified the Helper’s decision. Marston is the new Chair of the Muhammed Subuh Foundation! Congrats Marston!

Evan Padilla came in a close second for the position of Chair of the Susila Dharma International Association.

At this writing, your humble correspondent, Paul Nelson, is set to perform poems at the Poemas de la Paz event tonight (Wednesday, August 6) and another poetry event Thursday night, as well as host a Conversation Cafe panel on the Future of Storytelling next Wednesday, August 13th.

New Beds

As approved by the Dewan at the July 7 meeting (see: https://www.subudgreaterseattle.com/dewan-meeting-minutes-july-7-2014/) the house has 5 new beds to support the visits of visiting Subud members and our growing Airbnb lodgers. Marston helped prepare the four bedrooms in the house for the beds.

The old beds were donated to the family of B and Natasha who live in public housing across the street. They were grateful for the donation and the bed deliverymen brought the largest of the beds to their apartment!

To see our current Airbnb listings click here for Room 1: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3143227
Room 2 is here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2593263
Room 3: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1763809 and
Room 4: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2593176

Marston has also helped create some other updates to the house including the repair of the ceiling fans in the Chapel and a repair of the deck outside the 2nd floor. Subud member Paul Truitt completed the work yesterday.

Marston Welcomes Bed Delivery

Marston Welcomes Bed Delivery

Marston guides new bed delivery guys.

Marston guides new bed delivery guys.

Marston’s Party/Fundraiser

From Marston Gregory:

Marston named "Honorary Mexican" at his 70th birthday party.

Marston named “Honorary Mexican” at his 70th birthday party.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Salsa Birthday party. 

We raised almost $400 to assist in travel to the world congress.  I would recommend we now ask for members to apply for use of the funds and give two $200 grants.  We would give priority those who have never attended a world congress.   Deadline to apply would be byMarch 31.  The candidate would do a letter explaining why they wish to attend and the local committee would review them and let the person know by April 15.   We can announce in the newsletter. Also, would the center add $100 to the pot so we can bring the grants up to $250 each?  These funds
are for Subud PNW members only. 
Thanks again to all who donated. 
Photo by Rachman Cantrell

Photos by Rachman Cantrell

Marston's Party Photos 1

Marston's Party Photos 2

Marston's Party Photos 3

Marston's Party Photos 4






SUGGESTED DONATION:  $10/PERSON (funds to benefit assistance for members to travel to the World Congress)
RSVP:   marston.gregory@hotmail.com

WHERE: SPRING STREET CENTER (Subud Greater Seattle) 1101 15th Ave, Seattle, Washington
TIME:      7 – 11 PM

Marston Gregory Interview

Marston Gregory

Marston Gregory

#2 in a series of interviews with Subud members on how they were opened, the early history of Subud Greater Seattle (if applicable) and their experience with the latihan, is with Marston Gregory. More than any other Subud Greater Seattle member, Marston keeps the house going. He cleans, repairs and even cleans up after neighborhood dogs. 

In the opening segment Marston discussed his June 1973 opening in Subud, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, how he was introduced to Subud through the mime community (a common experience) through Richmond Shepard and how he ended up moving to Seattle after having a “blueberry aha moment.” Part 1 (6:00)

In segment two, Marston talked about his early days in Seattle with his wife Hadidjah, how the Branchflowers (Frederick and Melanie) welcomed them into the Subud community (& hosted them) and his experience with Hope Street Hall, the Subud House in L.A. that they used as a rental property. With Marty Arquette, he was manager of that facility and talked about one of the more difficult rentals at that center, as well as some of the positions he has held at different levels of the Subud organization, locally, regionally and nationally. Part 2 (6:46)

In the third segment, Marston discussed the renovations of the Subud House in Seattle, how local members prepared the house for Bapak’s December 1977 visit, and the work of Aliza Albernoz to clean and begin to renovate the house, as well as the renovation efforts organized by committees led by Lewis Olds and Sebastian Tedrow and Insiah Caspers. The old furnace, the leaky windows, the roof that was several layers of shingles without any plywood, the siding (cedar shake) and the community fundraising campaign to purchase chairs to make the house suitable for rentals. Part 3 (10:40)

Marston Leads the Mime Car at the 2010 National Congress

Marston Leads the Mime Car at the 2010 National Congress


In segment four, Marston went into detail about how he learned that employment of French drains was the method which worked best at making damp places dry, like the basement where men in Seattle practice latihan. He discussed the roles of Insiah Capers and Lucinda O’Halloran is helping make the house more environmentally friendly, how his background as a Building Biologist helped focus his efforts and other “green” touches, including paint and new energy-efficient appliances. He discussed the volunteer-labor painting party and how a workshop also resulted in applying clay to the walls of the men’s latihan hall. Part 4 (9:40)

In the final segment, Marston discussed the wiring of the Subud House during renovations and some of the other current renovation needs remain at the Subud House in Seattle, including creating handicapped access. He discussed how the name Spring Street Center was chosen and why an additional name is required to create a separate identity for a rental property. He also discussed the very first rental as Spring Street Center, a Catholic Preist from the Philippines giving a mass in the chapel. He also discussed  his thoughts about the future of Subud. Part 5 (11:15)

World Congress Site Goes Live

Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico

The website for the next World Congress in August, 2014 is now available for viewing. Go to www.subudworldcongress 2014.com. Local member, Marston Gregory is Treasurer for the event and has been actively working on the team with many trips to Puebla. He reports that the venue should be a wonderful site surrounded by historic buildings some from the 17th Century. The registration online will be available in a few weeks. The reason the site is up so early is to allow members to pay 30% down and then create their own payment plan. The congress registration fees are the lowest in years and discounts can be applied for if you are in any country including the U.S.

This will be the cheapest congress for North American’s since Spokane. Flights also into Mexico City from Seattle are plentiful. Shuttles will pick up members for a small fee and shuttle the hotels. Be aware, Puebla has only a few flight directly into the city and at a higher cost through Dallas or Houston. The trip by bus is the best option and can be booked through your registration online.

Be sure to register early to get the Early Bird rate, before November 30. Due to it location and it’s low cost, it should be an amazing two week congress. To get a hotel close to the site, book early. A list of hotels will be up in May. Many hotels are giving us discounted rates. There are over 1000 hotel rooms within walking distance to the convention center.

Two other team members used to live in the Seattle area, Lucida Garneau (building our online registration program with Cvent; now in Eastern Canada) and Debbie Machado-Santos who was opened in Seattle who is our Customer Service Representative to answer questions and assist with Lodging.

Only 15 months now until the congress unfolds!