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Announcements from Jim

Here is Aliza’s summary of our kedjiwaan day Sunday:

The kedji day on Mother’s Day was full of quality..😄 .. After latihan  the ladies toured the house and found it lovely!  Adam, our newest member, learned how to access Subud Indonesia’s zoom team’s 2x a day zooming Bapak and Ibu’s talks, some guys connected and went to lunch, another to the store, and others left for a Mother’s day celebration and the last two of us shared two delicious salads we brought and took home before leaving, we put a happy table cloth on the kitchen table downstairs, then the garden got watered.  it was a good kedji day… as some say, “man proposes and God disposes”… and it is all good…

❤️ ❤️ 🎈 💐
Happy Mother’s Day!!
Here are other announcements:
Our next kedjiwaan day will be June 11th.  We will again have the entire house.
Members, if you have requests, please pass them on to the helpers.
We will have a general meeting Sunday, June 25th after latihan.  We’ll present what we have done over the last several months, present a proposed 12-month budget and solicit input on the desires of the group.
There are two more latihan possibilities!
Daniel is hosting latihans at his Kent business location.  Currently it’s just men, but there is space for women if there is interest.  Latihan at 6PM Thursdays.  Please contact Daniel for details.
For guys, Nathaniel and others have been meeting in the basement at the Subud house at 6PM on Thursdays.

Subud Gathering at Crescent Beach, Canada – June 23 to 25


Hi Everyone.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying some good spring weather – now it seems to have eventually arrived!
I’m not sure who the best persons are to help promote our upcoming gathering at Crescent Beach?
Maybe you can help by forwarding the attached registration package as you see fit, and I hope that we might see some of you in June.
We always love to welcome our US brothers and sisters!!!
All the best,

Crescent Beach is a great venue. The folks are fun, and welcoming.
The Canadian dollar is worth 75 cents to our dollar.
Crescent Beach is a 20 mile drive north of the Blaine border.
Would you please put the invitation in the regional and Seattle newsletters?
If Leonard still does the Portland list server, I imagine he will publish it there.
Much love to each of you.


Registration link and other info below!

Another Note From Jim!

Yes, it is also Mother’s day, but there is a helper plan for a Bapak or Ibu talk followed by a potluck!

If you are available, you are invited.
Last week’s post included a piece about our gardening day, take a look if you missed it.  

Notes from Jim

Garden day
Thank you volunteers for helping out this last Sunday for our garden day!
Ornamental plants were placed and planted, trees were trimmed, borders edged, bushes pruned, beds raked, sidewalks were tidied, and grass was mowed.
Let’s hear it for Marston, Oswald, Elisha, Dalton, Lisa, and Lucinda!
We had hoped to get a group photo, but when we were ready, some of our helpful volunteers had left.
Below are a few photographs.
Kedjiwaan day
We have the house reserved for an event  Sunday, May 14th.  Please ask the local helpers what they have in mind!
General meeting
We’ll have one in the basement hall or in the park across the street Sunday June 25.
We will present a proposed 12-month budget, a list of projects accomplished, and updates.