Announcements from Jim

Here is Aliza’s summary of our kedjiwaan day Sunday:

The kedji day on Mother’s Day was full of quality..😄 .. After latihan  the ladies toured the house and found it lovely!  Adam, our newest member, learned how to access Subud Indonesia’s zoom team’s 2x a day zooming Bapak and Ibu’s talks, some guys connected and went to lunch, another to the store, and others left for a Mother’s day celebration and the last two of us shared two delicious salads we brought and took home before leaving, we put a happy table cloth on the kitchen table downstairs, then the garden got watered.  it was a good kedji day… as some say, “man proposes and God disposes”… and it is all good…

❤️ ❤️ 🎈 💐
Happy Mother’s Day!!
Here are other announcements:
Our next kedjiwaan day will be June 11th.  We will again have the entire house.
Members, if you have requests, please pass them on to the helpers.
We will have a general meeting Sunday, June 25th after latihan.  We’ll present what we have done over the last several months, present a proposed 12-month budget and solicit input on the desires of the group.
There are two more latihan possibilities!
Daniel is hosting latihans at his Kent business location.  Currently it’s just men, but there is space for women if there is interest.  Latihan at 6PM Thursdays.  Please contact Daniel for details.
For guys, Nathaniel and others have been meeting in the basement at the Subud house at 6PM on Thursdays.