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Subud California Helper’s Garthering

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This year’s Helpers’ Gathering is a special event for all helpers and candidate helpers. It will take place at the Subud Los Angeles Center on Wilshire Blvd, April 15 – 17.  The event will run from Friday early evening through Sunday lunchtime.

For full details on meals, accommodation, registration and local contacts, see:

We are so looking forward to this next opportunity to be all together, delving deeper still into our latihan, our helper role, our Subud experience.

— from your regional helpers  

REMEMBER: Subud California events are posted on our CALENDAR at

Pilar WalshLongtime Subud member and helper Pilar Walsh has applied for Senior housing in Seattle since her age qualifies her but she is very active in many areas of the arts. She is on a couple of waiting lists.  While she waits for something to open up, she is looking for temporary housing, preferably a bedroom/private bath rental in someone’s home and is able to afford $600 a month.  Great references, very clean, quiet and considerate.

Contact her at  Thank you!!

Halimah Bellows to speak at University Book Store in Bellevue, WA

Published February 4, 2016 | By Bellows UBOOK STORE: 990 102nd Ave NE. Bellevue

Halimah Bellows MA, MS, CCC, CPC, author of Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work and creator of Career Quest Cards, will be at the University Book Store, 990 302nd Ave. NE in Bellevue, Washington at 6 PM on Wednesday, February 17.

Join us to pick up your signed copy of Champion Your Career and get expert guidance for finding a fulfilling new career.

Bellingham Skagit Valley Events

From Serena DuBois:

[Below] please find the minutes of our January Meeting. I would appreciate any corrections that anyone can send me. [Or click here for pdf.]

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Subud B-SV Kedjiwaan Day Feb. 7, 2016
Moved to Mt. Vernon Subud House from Marius Hibbard’s home at his request.

2016 Birdwalk, Dinner and Latihan Feb. 20, 2016
The last I heard: Birdwalk reservations are filled; all group members are welcome to potluck dinner and latihan. Any questions contact Roosmiwati Reynolds at 360 734-8517 or

Subud B-SV General Meeting, Sunday March 6, 2016
Potluck and meeting to start after 11 AM latihan
New business: March 2016 congress

Subud Regional Congress, March 19-20, 2016
At the Seattle Subud House.

Regional Helper Visit, Sunday, April 10, 2016
Latihan and Potluck at B-SV Subud House

* * *

Minutes of Subud PNW at B-SV Meeting January 10, 2016

Present: Paul and Nadia Woodcock, Rosalyn Neel, Roosmiwati Reynolds, Helaine and Rainer Burrows, Robina Page, Serena and Michael DuBois, and Aliza Albornoz

Meeting called to order by chair Michael DuBois with a few minutes of quiet.
Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved by the members with correction of Aliza’s last


Treasurer’s Report: Paul. Ending year balance $7401.18, but good news is $6109.34 was 2015 opening balance so we are up about $1200. More detailed report later when bank info comes in.

Michael’s Report: Phone meeting not happening till 1/20. Regional helpers coming up some time. Regional

helpers are having a meeting the same weekend as the Birdwalk.

Helpers Report: When Luther is back the men will come up with a time to do latihan with Icsan. Rasjad Lints blog: he can’t move and is close to death but had a latihan experience which took away his fear of death.

Old Business: House maintenance: Rosalyn contacted Marius Harold; doesn’t look like he can come up in January. Michael looked at house: two ways to do it, one would be quick, take off few tiles and other would be more complete. We can get a grant through the Mohammed Subuh foundation [their website] and need to find out what their requirements are and then get contractors for estimates.

New Business:

Birdwalk Info: Reservations: Roosmiwati has a list of those who have signed up. Over a month away and we are over half full. Michael will call Julia when she gets back and ask if she can send a letter to people who came last year. Also we still need someone who has a van. Michael will do a fowl; Marius lamb. There will be a meeting toward the end of January for those involved with the Birdwalk.

Testing for Chair: Michael tested with Paul. “Please show in your latihan if you can do the duties as chair for Subud B-SV for the coming term. ” Michael got that he could do it but needed to do more. Serena moved that Michael DuBois be voted in as chair for the coming two year term, Nadia seconded it and it was approved unanimously by the group. Robina voluteered to test in as vice-chair. Rosalyn asked “Plese show through your latihan if you can do the duties as vice chair for Subud B-SV for the coming term.” Robina felt like it was a lesson in surrender, learning to protect herself. Serena moved that Robina Page be voted in as vice-chair for the coming two year term, Nadia seconded it and it was approved unanimously by the group.

New meetings: Kedjiwaan first Sunday in February and a pre-congress meeting first Sunday in March. Nadia moved that the meeting be adjourned. We closed with wishing Rainer happy birthday.