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Memorial for Rainer Burrows

There will be a gathering on Saturday May 12 at 1:30PM at Subud Greater Seattle House, in memory of Rainer Burrows, who left this life on March 12.  Please come and join us in honoring our dear brother and his years of active service to Subud.

After the memorial, there will be a reception.   Food and refreshments will be provided, and you are welcome to bring an additional dish to share.

From and the Seattle Times:

Keith “Rainer” Burrows

Keith Lyon Burrows, born January 10, 1937 in Prescot, UK, honed his artistic talents at the Liverpool College of Art before joining the American Greetings Hi-Brow Studio in Cleveland, 1968, where he met his future wife Helaine. In 1975 they moved to Bellevue with their two children to begin a graphics and printing business buoyed by their background and skills.

Rainer was an exceptionally loving and devoted father and avid kids’ soccer coach. He served his God faithfully, lending help in many roles in the Subud organization.

March 12, 2018 he gently passed on, supported by his wife of 49 years; his son Lewis (Carol), daughter Alyssa; brother Philip (Sandra); grandson Brad and a beloved extended family.

The Fab 4 at the Conway Muse


What a night!    A call for “More, more” came from the packed house. And at the end of the evening a standing ovation!   The audience loved it. I was thrilled to be witness to the magic.

Luther Schutz with his unique style of sophistication and soulful singing, the swinging piano improvisations of Elisha Gullixson, with Drew Baddeley playing a fascinating virtuoso double bass, and a very smooth John Anderson on tenor saxophone, mesmerized a packed house. All at the Conway Muse, the noted entertainment spot in Skagit County, Washington.

We all listened intently to a wide range of tunes with major emphasis on the much beloved jazz standards. Gee, they were good. A special treat was the trio’s treatment of “Secret Love”, Doris Day’s old sock. The  audience went wild.  Luther said, “And we didn’t even practice [this one].”

Such a delight to witness four people enjoying themselves to the hilt and at the same time giving their all to the music.  Nice. The cohesion was like listening to a freshly oiled gate. Smooth. Very smooth.

By Danella Mauguin

Earth Day! Garden Day!

Join us after Latihan on Sunday, April 22, 2018, for a day of gardening. Marston Gregory, Jim O’Halloran and Leandra will lead the troops in a celebration of Earth Day to clean up around the Subud House, perhaps plant a new hydrangea (thank you Lucinda O’Halloran) and replace the dogwood tree that did not make it.

Garden tools will be provided. Please come help make our house outside look new for Spring!

Free Child Care Program at SUSA National and SPNW Congresses

Were you hoping to be able to participate in some national latihans at the SUSA National Congress May 24-28, at the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver, Washington, but don’t have child care?

Put your worries aside and come. Free child care and programs now available.

The congress team is providing a paid staff person for Friday Saturday & Sunday (5/25-5/27) with additional activity support from other members.  So parents will be able to get to at least 1 latihan a day while attending the congress.

This will also provide support for those attending the Subud PNW and Subud California congresses.

Kids under age 12 years eat at a reduced rate. Kids sleep FREE under age 18 years.

For more information on the child care, and how to signup, click this link.

For more information on the latihans scheduled, click this link.