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June 20, 2020 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 06.20.2020

Jim O’Halloran          Chair
Bhakti Watts             Vice Chair
Oswald Norton        Treasurer
Ramon Hildreth       Secretary
Rayma Norton         Helper
Elisha Gullixson       Helper

Moment of Quiet.

Meeting called to order at 10:08 AM

Check in with each other

Review of Agenda and agreement.

Minutes: Oswald made a motion to approve May minutes, Jim seconded. Approved unanimously with minor corrections emailed by Jim.

Enterprise rental:
-Decide on a description – how to offer the property
-Where do we list the property
-Who is the right person to be the contact – Oswald is willing to do this. Oswald is going to contact the Seattle School for Boys again to see if there is still a possibility of leasing the house to them.

Oswald moves that the $3,000 that we received from the Airbnb’s super-host grant program be applied to Paul’s overpayment of commissions for 2020. Jim seconded.
Ramon, Oswald & Jim agreed, Bhakti abstained.

Financial/Budget: Oswald’s summary in separate document.

Insurance: Portland completed and documented their outstanding items, so our regional insurance will not be cancelled.

Helper Reports:
Women: Rayma – down one regional helper – local helpers are pitching in.

Men: New way of doing helper work – is challenging and the Men helpers seem to doing ok

New Business:
Domain Registration – will ask David Innes to make sure our Who is info is not public.

Disbursement: Bhakti made a motion to provide a one-time donation to the region of 300 based on the income we got from the AirBnb grant. Jim seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.

Re-opening Latihan: Jim will put together a statement of the conditions for starting group latihan again. and have the committee review and then send the helpers.

Next committee meeting will be July 18th – 10:00 AM.

Committee will provide an update during the afternoon Sunday Zoom meeting.

Ramon moved that we adjourn the meeting. Oswald seconded, all in favor.

Meeting closed at 11:49 AM.

No Menucha 2020

A Letter from the Regional Helpers re Menucha

Dear brothers and sisters of Subud Pacific North West

The Regional Helpers have been meeting every week via Zoom in order to keep in touch with regards to the needs and welfare of the region and membership in this difficult time. We are also doing latihan simultaneously and meeting with the Regional Committee one of those weeks every month.

This past week we tested about Menucha. It was already obvious because of the mandated restrictions and resurgence of the Corona virus that it would be inordinately difficult to have anything like the Menucha gathering we have all known and loved.

From the testing it was clear that it was best for the membership and the region to let it go for 2020. It was also clear that that space and time felt very empty without it. So we are exploring the possibilities for one or more kejiwaan events via Zoom in the near future, at least one around the time when the gathering at Menucha would ordinarily have been held.

We are here to serve you all as well as the region. Please feel free to call on us as needed, to stay in communication, etc. Honora has received to be temporarily inactive at this time but has not left the dewan.
With love and good wishes from your Regional Helpers

Albert, David, Elisa, Honora, Leonard, & Rosalyn

Helper Meeting Minutes

Our newest Helper Aakarsh Gottumukala took the minutes from the Sunday, July 19, 2020, Helper’s Meeting which happened via Zoom. Here is his report:

Helpers Present: Aakarsh Gottumukkala, Danella Mauguin, David Lynch, Halimah Bellows, Halstein Stralberg, Hanafi Libman, Paul Nelson, Sebastian Tedrow, Lucinda O’Hallaran.

Helpers Not Present: Rachman Cantrell, Rayma Norton

During our helper meeting on Sunday, we discussed the issues of restarting in-person latihan at the Subud house and converting the upstairs bedrooms of the Subud Seattle house into rental office spaces. Most helpers present were unwilling to test about reopening the Subud house, as per Evan Padilla’s request. The general feeling at the meeting was that it is unwise to reopen the Subud house in Seattle at this time. As an alternative, the possibilities of doing latihan at Halstein Stralberg’s house or joining the group latihan in Olympia on Saturday mornings at 10 AM were proposed. Members wishing to do so should contact Halstein in the case of the former and David Lynch in the case of the latter. Regarding the issue of changing the enterprise at the Subud Seattle center, the general consensus was that this may prove unwise.

The next helper meeting is on the third Sunday, August 16.

Rachman Cantrell via email added:

Thanks, Paul, for catching me up.  I agree with you about holding off on group latihan.  I am becoming more in favor of the call in latihans and hope more people participate.  My latihan last friday was particularly strong and different!  Even more so than when we did group latihan!


Call-In Latihan on Friday nights!


We are continuing to have call in latihans on Friday nights for all members.  The call-in number is 1-425-436-6260 and the code for men is 8632438 and for the ladies 2426147.   We can feel the latihan whenever or wherever we are and it can be as strong as in the physical group!  I would encourage members to join in and try it!

The way it works is that we call the number (1-425-436-6269) and give the code ( men 8632438 and ladies 2426147) , then announce our name when joining.  There is a quiet period from 7:45 PM till 8:00 PM, then the helper assigned will announce the beginning of the latihan.  You can listen with your phone or you can mute the voices if that is a distraction.  Usually at the end of the latihan we have a check-in to share how we are coping with life, health, changes, etc.  This has been a valued addition!  Please join us!  Keep safe!


Donations Are Helping!

During the Dewan meeting today (July 18, 2020) Oswald Norton delivered a cash flow report that showed that, while Airbnb business has been decimated during the shelter-in-place time that started in mid-March, DONATIONS ARE UP, so Subud Greater Seattle members have picked up the slack and the committee is grateful. There still is a deficit for 2020, but the committee is working hard on Centerprise options and will keep you apprised of developments.

Remember to make donations out to SubudPNW (Seattle Center).

Menucha Needs Help!

Our dear friends at Menucha are struggling to make ends meet, since they have been unable to host gatherings during shelter in place. We have had such special times there, that some of you may feel called to help them. Here is the link to donate if you feel so called: