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Bapak’s Birthday party!

Friday night after the Eastside latihan Oswald, Marston and Hadidjah brought goodies to share!  We sat in a circle and shared our various memories and experiences of Bapak.  It was a very nice evening and it was good to be reminded of what Bapak has brought us and how important is the gift of the latihan!  Danella mentioned she had shared some of her experiences in ‘Subud Reminders’, a web site with many Subud members shared experiences.


See it here:

Photo of Bapak by Sim’on Cherpitel

World Congress registration countdown!

The countdown to our 15th Subud World Congress is on!

Over 2000 Subud sisters and brothers from 69 countries around the world have registered for the World Congress. As of now, we are only 200 paying registrations away from our break even! This HAS helped us to keep the registration fee at €390 until the end of June. (the registration fee was supposed to go up to €450 ON the 15th of June already).
We are well aware that we in Subud love to decide at the last moment; never-the-less it would support the congress organizing team a lot if you register as soon as possible.

To register please go to

For on-going news updates, please visit:

If you should have difficulties finding affordable accommodation, we still have
some beds left at the Old Town Hall! You just have to pay €180 for 13 days and €50 more for breakfast. Contact:

Please click here to get a sense of the numbers involved in this World Congress!

Subud Jazz at Conway Muse

Join us!

Luther Schutz and Elisha Gullixson would love your company on Saturday, June 23rd at 7pm, as would bassist Drew Baddeley and tenor saxophonist Jon Anderson for a repeat of the fabulous April 13th  concert at the Conway Muse in Conway. WA.

Luther and Elisha

The Conway Muse is north on I-5 about 1 1/4 hours from Bellevue.

The venue opens at 6pm and food can be ordered during the performance. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

From the Conway Muse website:

Join Luther Schutz, Elisha Gullixson, Drew Baddeley and John Anderson for an intimate evening of vocal jazz standards.

Luther, a retired ER physician and long time Skagit County resident, has been singing non stop since the age of six. Over the years he has explored many different vocal genres(He is a founding member of “Midlife Crisis”). For the last several years he has been entranced by the “Great American Songbook”,and has put out a well received CD of jazz standards.

Elisha has been playing piano since 1947. He has a committed respect for the discipline and joys of jazz and is a gifted soloist and accompanist.



From Jim O’Halloran

Lucinda and I had excellent experiences at the national congress.

The Latihans were great for both of us, I suspect in no small part due to being during Ramadan.  Hadijah O’Bar is the new SPNW chair!  We will miss her as a helper, but our feeling is that her presence and experience will serve the region very well.
Another highlight for me was attending Isman Kanafsky’s session on Latihan in daily life.  I’ve been working on it ever since!  He shared some printed materials-here is a truncated excerpt from Bapak’s talk November 29, 1977, “If we want to experience the possibility of improving our being – that is, returning our being to its original state, to clean it out again – we have to receive the latihan every moment, every second, as Bapak showed with his pulse.  Every second, every heartbeat, we have to experience the latihan.”

It was great to reconnect with Subud brothers and sisters from throughout the country-and meet new ones.  Entertainment night was excellent with really great poetry, piano playing, guitar playing, and singing-plus a dance piece.

I left the congress feeling reinvigorated and reinspired!


Help Send Aarkash to Congress:

Marston Gregory

My experience is that World Congresses are often life changing Subud events and so I have been moved to help our recently opened brother, Aarkarsh Gotthumukkala who is off at graduate school in Maryland and as with all students short of funds.  

I offered to do what I could to help him go including putting his airfare on a credit card.  

The next step is registration, food and lodging.

He has offered to work in the Childcare area so he certainly will be earning his keep…so to speak.  He has tutored young students in Math and is a Math wiz. He does latihan with the Washington D.C. group when there at college.  

I have set up a GoFundMe account to collect funds for his travel costs.

Please just click on this link to donate: 

Thanks for any support you might give.


Marston Gregory