From Jim O’Halloran

Lucinda and I had excellent experiences at the national congress.

The Latihans were great for both of us, I suspect in no small part due to being during Ramadan.  Hadijah O’Bar is the new SPNW chair!  We will miss her as a helper, but our feeling is that her presence and experience will serve the region very well.
Another highlight for me was attending Isman Kanafsky’s session on Latihan in daily life.  I’ve been working on it ever since!  He shared some printed materials-here is a truncated excerpt from Bapak’s talk November 29, 1977, “If we want to experience the possibility of improving our being – that is, returning our being to its original state, to clean it out again – we have to receive the latihan every moment, every second, as Bapak showed with his pulse.  Every second, every heartbeat, we have to experience the latihan.”

It was great to reconnect with Subud brothers and sisters from throughout the country-and meet new ones.  Entertainment night was excellent with really great poetry, piano playing, guitar playing, and singing-plus a dance piece.

I left the congress feeling reinvigorated and reinspired!