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Rachman Cantrell is a long time Subud member, helper, photographer, amateur musician, partner dancer, volleyball player and owner of 'Bothell Jewelers & Collectibles' in downtown Bothell and now editor of the Greater Subud Seattle newsletter.

Imagine a future where members are willing to take on new roles

From Oswald,

At last Saturday’s dewan meeting, one of the helpers attending commented that they thought that we were doing such a great job that they couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the job as well as we did. And, they were afraid of what would happen if we didn’t continue as the committee.

That started me thinking – “Hey Wait A Darn Gone Minute. If you can only imagine a future where those who have done it before are the only ones that can continue to do the work, then you’re setting the committee up for burnout. And, you’re saying that if one, or all, of the committee members were to leave suddenly, there would be no other option than to stop having the work of the committee done by members.  What then? Would we just pack up and shut the place down?” Maybe.

I would like to challenge each of you: Don’t allow yourselves to think we committee members are the only ones capable of doing the committee work.  Imagine a future where you, along with others, willingly start doing these jobs. And as a result of this willingness, our group has more and more members capable of keeping our center running and growing.

How did we learn to work together?

The way that we “learned” to work together was by working together.  In the beginning we brought many different skills to the work of the committee. However, we hadn’t worked together as a team before then. We needed time to find the right way of listening, collaborating and supporting each other in our individual roles.

As we did, the work became easier. And we also began to understand, through this mutual respect and work, that the work of the committee was too complex and needed to be simplified. This we have done.

How would you learn the roles?

Each of us has committed to assisting the new members of the committee through training, documentation and mentoring – when asked. You won’t be left without an understanding of where we are in the work. You will be left to figure out how to move forward as your new committee grows in experience and confidence.

We will also stand in support of you as you begin to carry out the work. We will continue, as active members of the group, to help in the work of the group. Some of us as helpers. Some of us through our hands and talents.

The Challenge

Begin now to consider a future in which you are a part of the new committee of our group, a committee that is supported by the past committee, and, supported by the members.

World Subud Association – Annual Report

Dear All,

Last year, as I was writing the annual message, the pandemic was already in full swing, affecting our lives in general, and our Subud lives in particular.
Alas, things have improved only marginally, and parts of the world are now suffering the worst of it. We continue to be tested in ways that were unimaginable only 18 months ago.
Latihans in many countries are limited, with members having to do their latihan at home on their own.
The International Helpers have not been able to travel, of course, and that limited the ability of the WSA to serve you as we would like. International gatherings planned for 2020 had to be canceled, and all essential meetings migrated online – not just meetings of the international bodies, but also many national congresses.
The international congress had to be postponed and is now scheduled for early January 2024.
If there was a silver lining, it was the increased attendance at these online / Zoom meetings by members who otherwise wouldn’t normally attend. Working online allowed the organizational side to continue, and a lot of useful work has been done.
In the likely scenario where our ability to travel remains curtailed for a while yet, I would like to encourage everyone to join us as observers – at least at the quarterly World Subud Council meetings. We welcome your interest in the work of the Council, and it has never been as easy to observe our work.
We are encouraged by our ability to keep in touch and support each other during this dark, long winter, finding that our organization is resilient and capable of handling the crisis.
Please stay safe and healthy, take good care of each other, and hopefully we shall all meet in person soon.
Nahum Harlap
WSA Chair

Philip‌ ‌Quackenbush’s‌ ‌Music‌ ‌Live Stream

Message from Salamah O’Brien

Subud Members…

Log into to hear Subud Brother 

Philip Quackenbush’s Music

Friday, Aug 6, 2021 – 6:30 pm

via livestream on

St James Cathedral Vimeo & Facebook pages:

Hear Cathedral Guitarist

Mark Hilliard Wilson

Offers a program with

Preludes & Fugues of

Seattle Composer Philip Quackenbush

(1936-2014) and other works!

(Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

Subud Seattle History

I found this article in an old Subud USA publication.  It gives a bit of Subud Seattle history, written by Sebastian Tedrow around 1974. He describes the building which was formerly owned by the ‘Deaf Lutheran Church’ and goes on to say “Almost every member has seen the place and expressed joy at being in the building!”  I hope we will keep continuing that feeling of joy for many years to come!

Remembering Patrick Morgan


Patrick Morgan with Maria Cantrell, circa 1987 at an early PNW camp.

Those of us who have been around for a while might remember Patrick Morgan who passed away very recently.  I was going to do a tribute to him in the newsletter but Paul Nelson has created an excellent one in the SICA news so I am posting the link below and urging all who remember Patrick to read it!  Patrick also wrote a memoir of his life which is also in the recent issue.  I remember him as a gentle, hard working soul who did a lot of work for Subud in the late eighties and early nineties.  He along with a lot of other folks performed a ‘Peace Dance’ at the Evergreen College which was attended by many and seemed well received.  I did a video of it but never got it put in a viewable state on the Internet.  I have often wondered about what happened to Patrick in later years and this article, by his friend Mandy Landa, and his memoir has satisfied my wonder!  Check it out!

Our Contribution to Susila Dharma Made a Difference

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I received yesterday a letter from Rifka Several, on behalf of the directors of Susila Dharma, USA which I wanted to share with you.

February 1, 2021


Dear Seattle Center Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you so very much for your generous donation of $500.00 dated l/26/2l for Susila   Dharma USA to support projects here in the United States and around the world.

individuals, families and communities are suffering. They are sick, hungry, hurt, dislocated – in need of basic services, education and community development. The programs that Susila Dharma USA supports are diverse but they all have one thing in common: they recognize and honor the one human spirit.

There is no one profile of a project supported by Susila Dharma USA. Children are able to attend school, receive healthcare and experience creative growth. Through training and microcredit, women heads-of-households become self-sufficient. Those affected by war, famine, illness, disaster, disease, and domestic violence regain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

ln yearly evaluations, Susila Dharma projects demonstrate that they are:
o Holistic and diverse
o Locally initiated
o Multi-cultural
o Committed to excellence and sustainability

We sincerely appreciate your support for our shared mission to promote social justice, equality and harmony


Rifka Several for the Susila Dharma USA Board of Directors.

Anyone can contribute to SDUSA.  Please click this link to find out More.

Love, Oswald


Testing after Friday night Call-in Latihan

There will be a general testing session after the Friday night call in latihan on January 1, 2021.  All are invited to attend!  Quiet time starts at 7:45 pm and latihan at 8:00 pm.  Testing to follow the latihan.

Call in details are as follows: Call 1-425-436-6260 and give the code number  ( men 8632438 and ladies 2426147)  and follow prompts.
Please join us!

Testing after Friday night Call-in Latihan

There will be a general testing session after the Friday night call in latihan on January 1, 2021.  All are invited to attend!  Quiet time starts at 7:45 pm and latihan at 8:00 pm.  Testing to follow the latihan.

Call in details are as follows: Call 1-425-436-6260 and give the code number  ( men 8632438 and ladies 2426147)  and follow prompts.
Please join us!