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Midwest Subud Gathering (From Myra Margolin)

Myra Margolin 6:03pm Mar 28
Hey Everyone! Subud Midwest is having a gathering on April 7 from 10 am to 6 pm!! All are welcome! The gathering is at the St. Francis Spirituality Center in Tiffin, Ohio. The cost for the day is only $20!! (Yes, only $20!!)

For members who may be traveling from a distance to attend, there are rooms with either a single ($40) or a double ($70) bed.

For more information, contact Mary Wold or e-mail

April 14 Gathering 12N

  Enjoy the afterglow of the latihan

                Enjoy the company of your Greater Seattle Subud Community
We’ve got some talented people on the committee
                Enjoy music, poetry, conversation.
                Just enjoy!!!!!!!!!
Potluck lunch after latihan with some good entertainment!!!!
closer to the date will send out more info
Save the date:  April 14 at Seattle Subud House around noon.

Subud Congresses

Regional Congress announcements are starting! Both the East Coast and California are having congresses over Memorial Day Weekend.

The East Coast Congress will be at the Virden Retreat Center in Lewes, Delaware:

The California Congress will be at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay Hotel in Redwood City:

Register for CA Congress at