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Plant trees in Kalimantan, Subud Youth to Support WSA


Through planting trees in Kalimantan Subud Youth is supporting WSA.

Plant a Tree – Fund for the Future –

Adopt a TreeFunding for the future of Subud & the World  Dear Brothers and Sisters,To end this year on a hopeful note, let’s make a gift that will be beneficial to our planet.We are launching an initiative to support the rehabilitation of the rainforest in Central Kalimantan, land of Dayaks and a place with much Subud history. If you donate to this fund, a tree will be planted in your name in Borneo. The location is Jumpun Pambelom – 1 hour from Rungan Sari Subud Center.

Dewan Meeting Minutes (Dec 4, 2016)

The local Dewan met on December 4, 2016, before Latihan, at 9:30 and the minutes are (as usual) posted as a page and linked here.

Here is an excerpt:

  • Subud Dewan Committee:
  • Ramon will ask SPNW for a loan of up to $5000. We have a major expense coming up with the sewer and tree roots which has been a long standing issue. Unanimously passed.
  • $1200 of SGS funds will be donated to SPNW. In spite of SGS projecting a $4,000or more shortfall; SGS will send the usual contribution and it was unanimously passed.
  • Repairs:  Marston reported that Bob Oates will do the sewer repairs at $9500 plus tax.  This was the lowest and best bid.  They will put a liner in because of the root issues.  We can pay in three payments over a ninety day period.
  • We also approved up to $400 plus tax to replace the bed upstairs as there have been complaints. (After the meeting, Martson found another way by putting boards in so we don’t have to use the amount designated…

Respectfully submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y

New Year’s Subud Party 1.1.17

From Marston Gregory:

Please come to our 2017 New Year’s Day party at the Seattle Center on Jan 1, 2017.  It starts after Latihan. New Year’s Day is also “Hoppin’ John Day” in the Southern U.S.  As in New Orleans we will have traditional rice and beans plus many other gourmet treats. Proceeds from donations will benefit SD USA and a recommended donation of at least $10 per person is asked or what you feel a gourmet meals is worth.

Debbie Machado-Santos 240 353-7678

Come and enjoy the cuisine of Debbie Machado-Santos, master chef, who just moved back from Washington, D.C. last April.  ( Debbie is a chef and another chef (David Calderon from Chile) will also assist.  David has been a chef on many cruise ships.  Wow!  Is this going to be a meal…

Evan Padilla will be giving short presentation on SD and it’s good work around the globe after the meal. Please come and start of the new year with great food and charity.

Thanks to Subud Greater Seattle who has underwritten the purchase of the food and to Debbie and David for the excellent preparations.

To plan, we need to know how many are attending, so please rsvp Hadiyah Carlyle at

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