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FAMILY CAMP 2013 – August 30 – September 1

Beach at Camp Indanola Camp Indianola Beach Main Hall Camp Indianola

Subud Pacific Northwest


To come to our 2013 end of Summer “Family Camp”

Registration Due by August 14th

WHAT: A fun-filled weekend with your Subud Family, all ages, all types of families and individuals welcome! (Please, keep the furry creatures at home J)

WHEN: Friday, August 30th – Sunday, September 1st

WHERE: Camp Indianola on the Puget Sound in Washington

ACTIVITIES: Arts and Crafts; Swinging on the Rope Swing; Beach & Nature Walks; Latihan; Swimming in the Sound; Ping Pong; Fort Building; Foosball; Singing; Basketball; Volleyball; Card & Board Games; Chillin’ with your friends; Capture the Flag; and of course, Campfires & S’mores!

Want more info?

Please Contact, Robina Page:

360 223 5443 or

DON’T MISS OUT on the end of Summer FUN! Register TODAY!!!

24th Year of Menucha

The 24th Year of Menucha
November 8th – 11th (2012)

Nestled along the Washington-Oregon state line, in the wind-swept and river-carved Columbia Gorge, there is a beautiful place called ‘Menucha’. For over twenty years, SUBUD Pacific Northwest has held its regional kedjiwaan gathering here. However, without you, SUBUD members near and far, it’s is only a place, a dot on the map, an intersection of grid lines, a vacant, if cozy, chateau.

The Regional Helpers and Committee are now gearing up to meet you with open arms and hearts. To rediscover the still and open space that can truly speak to the needs of the members of our region and any visitors from the greater Subud sphere. This is your open invitation to become part of the 24th year of the Menucha experience— join us to listen and be listened to, sing, dance, write, sit, sleep, eat, think, us-think, lose yourself, find yourself, all of the above, none of the above, any combination listed— or not. It is all open, it’s all about you.

This year registration is online –

When Does Ramadan 2013 Start?


From the National Helpers and Office

Ramadan 2013

Ramadan 2013

CONSIDERING OBSERVING RAMADAN? Below is a compilation of information about it, “Subud style”, and also there is information at the bottom about where to order tapes of Bapak talks in various formats.

Note to all: we are not sending out this information because we are urging people to do Ramadan, or because Subud espouses one religion over another. Bapak recommended that  fasting has value for us individually, and we know that some members observe Lent or Yom Kippur instead of Ramadan, or do their own private form of fasting.
(See Bapak’s letter to a member on this topic, at the end of this message)


  1. To print out Bapak talks,or listen to or download  talks, go to

You can do a search,using key words, so you can ask for Ramadan Talks.AUDIO TALKS ARE MARKED BY TOPIC,SO ITS EASY TO FIND THE RAMADAN TALKS

2.Subud Books are available from
Or go to –
Click on Subud Books and Media

WHEN DOES Ramadan start this year? says Ramadan  in North America, begins on the evening of  July 8, 2012, so that the first day of fasting would be July 9, 2013, and would end August 7th.

Eve of Ramadan:  The way to observe Ramadan is to take a full bath, including hair washing, and also cutting the hair and the nails, the evening before the fast.  Then, after you are clean, to state your wish to observe Ramadan as a sincere expression of your worship of Almighty God.  Then stay up at night, preferably spending the night together with other Subud brothers and sisters, in the home of a member who is also observing Ramadan.

Around three o’clock in the morning, you should take breakfast and you should brush your teeth no later than 4:30 in the morning, and after this, no more smoking, not even gargling till 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM – along about sunset.  (The local mosque can clarify as to the hour for breaking the fast.)

To break the fast, start slowly by drinking warm tea and a light snack; you can eat your dinner about half an hour or an hour later.  Bapak also recommends no sexual union during the whole month of Ramadan.  It is also beneficial to sleep as little as possible during Ramadan, not only on Nights of Power.

During the month of Ramadan: it is not permitted to have sexual intercourse, and our fasting must also include abstention from the following:
a)  We must not use our ears to listen to gossip, quarrels or bad words.
b)  We must not use our mouth to say anything wrong or unkind.
c)  We must not use the emotions to reach the emotions or passions of others.
d)  We must not use our eyes in a way that is not good or nice.
e)  We must not use the heart and mind to imagine or think about unhappy things, fantasies or unrealities.
f)  We must not eat or drink or smoke anything between dawn and sunset each day.

During the month of Ramadan, we have to fast thirty days, and during the thirty days of fasting we go through three important periods:

The first ten days (ending evening of 9th day  Ramadan):
This is a period of putting the passion in an inactive state.  During this period we are made aware that our passions become weaker and weaker day by day, and on the 9th day of fasting, it is felt that our passion is completely inactive.

The second ten days (ending evening of 19th day Ramadan):
This is a period of becoming aware that in general our attitude and actions are guided by our inner-self and the guidance day by day becomes stronger and stronger and on the 19th day of fasting our actions are as if in a complete latihan state, but in harmony with our daily activities.

The last ten days (ending evening of 30th  day of  Ramadan):
This is a period of receiving the lailatu ‘lkadar (the Nights of Power), and this is sent by God on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th days of fasting.  This lailatu ‘lkadar is not something that falls from above, but it forms a certain power which can change our state.
Most of the Subud members who fasted felt, after completing the fasting, that there were changes to their inner.  Mostly, their spirit to worship became stronger and stronger and also the intention of doing ‘prihatin’ became stronger and stronger.

LAILATUL-QADR (The evening preceding 27th day Ramadan):  Although it is generally accepted in the Moslem community that the last ten days of Ramadan are days of receiving, this particular evening is celebrated with special prayer, in the Moslem community, because it is thought that this is the day upon which the Messenger Muhammad received the verses of the Qu’ran.

TAK-BARAN: (30th day Ramadan):  The last day of fasting.  Sundown marks the end of the month.

The Night of Forgiveness.  At the end of Ramadan, we again take a full bath and put on new clothes, and then we should go to our family and our friends and ask forgiveness for whatever sin we have done.  This is a time of special celebration and thanks to Almighty God.


With thanks to Leonard Dixon for the compilation of the info from Bapak, Mas Sudarto and Mas Prio.

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RAMADAN 2013 For those wishing to do Ramadan, we understand that the Fast begins this year on Tuesday July 9. However, you should check with local Islamic authorities. Fasting in Ramadan is not obligatory for Subud members. Information about the fast can be found in this issue.


National Congress Highlights

National Gathering Banner

At the National Congress in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 4-7, 2013: Sharing Circles (Download the flyer here.)

We invite you to join us at this year’s Subud USA National Gathering.

All the testing about this upcoming gathering indicates that it is primarily a time for SPIRITUAL RENEWAL AND BOLSTERING – a time for each of us to truly connect with and deepen our latihans.

In addition to providing three daily opportunities to do latihan with a large group, there will be sharing circles each day to talk about the latihan, what we receive, what is being asked of us, and how we can bring the latihan to bear in our outer lives. The national helpers will offer testing opportunities that will include the inner significance of being alive on the earth, our soul’s significance and meaning, awakening testing, letting go of the past, forgiveness, acceptance of self and others, taking receiving into our lives, ancestors, personal testing, and more.

National gatherings are the one time each year that we and our families can:
be together with Subud brothers and sisters from across the country. And, because the zone 7 council meeting is being held at the gathering, there will be Subud members from Suriname, Mexico, and Canada attending as well.

Each day there will be an opportunity to come together to share deeply with one another where each of us is on his/her spiritual path. The goal is to create an open space for the expression of where each person is at this time and to have the opportunity to really listen to one another.

We invite each person to share in a circle such things as:
How are you managing getting to latihan?
How are you experiencing the latihan itself?
How are you understanding what you are receiving, and what is being asked of you in your latihan ?

How are you challenged to bring the latihan into your outer lives?

We ask that in the sharing circles we all simply listen openly to one another without interrupting, offering advice or making com- ments. After going around the circle we will see what test ques- tions arise. We can share again after testing. Some sharing circles may address specific topics beyond those suggested above.

Understanding True Culture and Talent Testing

What SICA really is. A deepening of your understanding about true culture and how to put it into your daily life. Testing will be offered at the end of the workshop.

Blessing of the Hands

Our hands can be vehicles through which our true talents are communicated to others. Whether we are artists, musicians, construction workers, welders, auto mechanics, bakers, florists, hobbyists, loan officers, massage therapists, healers or health care professionals, our hands impart our shared journey of imparting the latihan through our work.

Communication Skills:

Listening and Responding from the Inner

A structured interactive workshop in which participants will be guid- ed in an opportunity to practice one-on-one listening and speaking from a true place within.

Navigating Dating and Relationships:

A Kedjiwaan Workshop for Unmarried Women

Come together with other unmarried women to talk and test about following one’s inner path and guidance in the process of dating and navigating intimate relationships.

Intergenerational Ropes Course

The University of New Mexico has a state of the art ropes course. This workshop is led by a trained facilitator and will focus on team- work and community building as we navigate challenges that are appropriate for all ages, from 6-90!

Questions for Bapak’s Birthday

From the National Helpers:

An invitation to fast on Bapak’s birthday from our National Helpers – please share with your groups!



In order to bring ourselves to a more open and surrendered state, our dewan has decided to dedicate June 22, Bapak’s birthday, to fasting and prayer. Our prayer is that we individually and collectively receive whatever we need to become more truly and strongly Susila, Budhi, and Dharma.

We invite all of you to join us in whatever way seems best to you. At the end of the day, we will each test questions about our how we are functioning as a Subud person in our external life, and (if appropriate) how we are doing in carrying out our role in the Subud organization. We offer these questions to those who wish to test them, or you may feel to receive your own questions that are appropriate to your circumstances:

• How am I living the latihan in my life?

• How would God have me live the latihan in my life?

• How am I functioning in my role in Subud?

• How would God have me function in my role in Subud?

When we do this all together, we are supported by our mutual connection, with the surrendered spirit that unites us now and forever.

Love from your national helpers,
Aminah, Laurie, Suzanne, Alexandra, Humphrey, Hoan Toan and Sjarifuddin

Scholarships to the National Gathering

from Myra Margolin:

Myra Margolin 5:28am Jun 6
I am so excited to announce two regional youth/family scholarships to this year’s Subud USA National Gathering! For an opened young person or a family that wants to attend from either the Pacific Northwest or Rocky Mountain Region, we have scholarships available to cover registration for two adults (in a family) or registration and housing for one opened youth. Please, please help me spread the word to young people and families in these regions. All interested parties should write to me at subudusa @

National Gatherings

From Myra Margolin 6:16am Jun 4
We are having a National Gathering in Albuquerque starting July 4 and SUBUD AUSTRALIA is having a National Gathering starting January 12! 

Ours will be wonderful and restorative and theirs looks like it will be completely amazing. Their website is at and ours is at

So many opportunities, near and far, to come together to support and get to know one another!

Subud Australia National Congress 12-18 January 2014
Subud Australia National Congress 2014