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A Short, Important Meeting and Testing after Latihan on May 8

We will have a short general meeting Sunday, May 8th after latihan.  Yes, it’s Mother’s Day, but we ask you to please stay briefly after Latihan for the meeting and testing!

Consider testing if a position on the regional board would be right for you.  Regional Helpers plan to send test questions to the local helpers to test with members that day.  Please plan to participate!

The regional congress will be in Portland the following Sunday, May 15.

Update on Eastside Latihan Continuation – We’re Continuing!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After our return from Los Angeles we – along with other Subud members – began the two-week trial period that was previously announced.

After two weeks members who attended Eastside latihans decided we would continue holding these latihans at the First Congregational United Church Of Christ in Bellevue.

Some members wondered if holding the latihan on a different night might bring more members.  After consulting with the church about availability, we were told that only Wednesday was available. A vote was taken and most members preferred to continue to meet on Friday.

Love, Oswald & Rayma Norton

Eid fast potluck interest?  Short general meeting and kedjiwaan day

Many Thanks to Jim O’Halloran, Rayma and Oswald Norton for their work November 13th on the Fall Cleanup at the Subud House.

We can have a potluck for Idul Fitri, and can have the living room, kitchen, and bathroom in the Subud house any time after 4 PM Sunday, May first, or any time May second or third.
Are you interested?  If so what day, and what time would you prefer?  Currently we have this scheduled for May first at 4PM.  Officially, according to the ISNA website, Idul FItri in the USA would be May 3rd; but, as always, there is quite a divergence of opinions on this.  Let us know if you have a preference-or, more important, if you are interested!
We will have a short general meeting May 8th after latihan, followed by a kedjiwaan day including testing.  Please also consider testing if a position on the regional board would be right for you.  The regional congress will be in Portland the following week, the 15th of May.
You will have a chance on May 8th to see our new South wall, which may well be completed by then!  Please keep those donations coming, this is a large, costly project.  Your committee thanks you!
Jim O’Halloran

Regional Congress Updates

SPNW is soliciting proposals for the regional congress May 15th in Portland.

It would be ideal for those proposals to be in the hands of the congress chair, Oswald Norton, by April 15, only 3 days away.

Member Proposal Format

  1. Summary: What is the proposal about? What will be done, by whom, how, over what period of time? What is the problem/need? Who will the outcomes benefit?
  2. Statement of Need: What is the issue that you are addressing and why does it matter? Why is what you propose necessary? What is the void in Knowledge? Who benefits?
  3. Project Activity, Methodology and Outcomes: Why did you choose to address the issue in the manner that you have? Are there other approaches? If so, why aren’t they appropriate to the situation? What are the specific activities involved? Who will do them?
  4. Evaluation: Essential piece that should be both quantitative and qualitative, if feasible. Outline clearly the methodology that you will use to assess the project’s success.
  5. Dissemination: Dissemination should be linked to your project goals and objectives. If you are trying to affect policy, your dissemination plan should target policy-makers, media, and affected populations. Describe your communication strategy.
  6. Budget and Continuation Funding: Show your budget in table form and use a budget narrative to explain each item.

Please also consider testing how you might serve our region.

The outgoing chair has offered to mentor the incoming chair, and the board members of each center will not change.

Test questions on serving the region will be provided by the Regional Helpers to center helpers on May 1st.  Local helpers will then offer to test these questions with members after latihans leading up to the Regional Congress. All members are encouraged to participate in this testing.

Shall the Congress Include a virtual Component? – Please Respond By Friday
All current members of Subud PNW should have received an email asking them to consider a change to our current bylaws to allow for a virtual – as well as personal – attendance. Please see the article on the Subud PNW website for more details. Please Respond By Friday!

New Info! Eastside Latihan, etc.

Eastside Latihan!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have been renting facilities from the First Congregational Church of Bellevue throughout the 2000’s. Gradually the attendance at these latihans has dropped to only a couple of couples and one member coming on a regular basis. When we were gone for two and 1/2 months, the concern was that only one couple would attend. And so, it was decided to suspend these latihans.

At our first meeting coming out of COVID-19 lockdown, our General Meeting In July, I asked the group if it was time to abandon these latihans and end renting this facility. At that meeting there were 8 people who said that they would attend regularly.  And yet they have not.

So, does it make sense to continue this rental?  For the next two Fridays – April 8 and 15 – we will see who attends, and if it’s just the five of us, we will then decide what makes sense as far as continuing to rent on the eastside.

Thank You, Oswald

Committe news! 
Work on the South wall will start the week of May 2nd.
We have been saving for this, and may be close, but are not at our goal yet for the project. Please keep those donations coming!  If you are new to donating, any amount helps.  You can put in the donation boxes in the Men’s Hall or the Women’s quiet room; or send to 1101 15th Seattle WA 98122.
Please make checks out to Subud Pacific Northwest-at Subud Greater Seattle.
Thank you and love, the SGS committee

Regional Congress – Sunday, May 15th, 2022 – In Portland

Subud Portland will host the PNW Regional Congress on Sunday, May 15th, 2022.

It will be a hybrid meeting, partially in person, and partially on Zoom. Latihan will proceed normally at 10:15 AM, followed by testing by the Regional Helpers.

Subud Portland will provide a light lunch. In order to plan for this, those wishing to have lunch are requested to RSVP by May 1. Please contact Morris McClellan to sign up for this lunch.

The Regional Congress will start at 1 PM. Main Agenda Items:

  • Reports
    • State of Our Centers – Committee & Helpers
    • State of The Region – Committee & Helpers
    • Financial Report
  • Testing for the new committee

The major agenda item is to select a new chairperson and treasurer. Hadidjah and Sherwin O’Bar have been serving in those two positions for a very long time and are ready to move on.

We will cease to function as a region without members willing to serve in this regional capacity. Please consider for yourself if regional service might be right for you at this time.