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Proposed By-Laws



Newest update…..would you please put this on our website… we have any feedback coming in?

We have a workroom at the congress for our group….do you have ideas about how to make this all work?  Someone suggested creating specific times of day when people should show up to our Meeting area…..we need as many of our group members as possible to sit in on the meetings so we can share information and converse about how we want it to go…..what do you think?

Thank you,



I’ll post the proposed by laws here on the site, but we’re not getting any feedback.


Contacts for the Americas Gathering

These are contacts from the program for the Americas Gathering.  Events will be held in rooms in the Student Union Building (SUB) Building and the Buchanan D building.

  • ·  Details of the kejiwaan program arise out of the needs of the participants, so to find out what is happening each day go to the helpers’ rooms at SUB 216, 214, 212 or contact Mahmud Nestman 604- 733-3343, Hanafi Von Hahn 604-781-3646, Michelle Butterfield 604-512-0775 or Rohanna Goodwin Smith 604-725-4009.
  • ·  Liaison to Subud International and Zones: Dave Hitchcock 250 883 6765.
  • ·  If you want to present a workshop or hold a meeting, text or phone Rosanna Hille 604-738-7024 to findout if there is space available.
  • ·  If you want to perform, you can sign-up in El Zócalo or contact Lucas Hille 778-688-4464 or findAhmad Miles.
  • ·  To inquire about childcare, contact Heidi Hitchcock 1-250-889-0817 for ages 0-5 and George Demers1-250 858 2263 for all other ages.
  • ·  If you have merchandise to sell in the shop, go to room 205 or contact Latifah Brett 604-807-3296.
  • ·  If you have art to hang or sell in the Art Gallery, contact Elfrida Schragen 1-250-634-5890.
  • ·  If you would like to help by volunteering, contact Camille Roberts 1-250-686-4589

Parking at the Congress

To Local  and PNW members driving to the Marriott for the National Congress

The hotel says:Our special Subud Guests use the parking lot for a discounted $10 a day or overnight. How do they go about getting that rate when they come into the parking lot?
Answer: Parking for overnight guests is easy. The charge will go on their room bill and the guest room keys get them in and out of the parking area.

For event only (not overnight) parking guests, the hotel will give them a discounted parking ticket for each day to use as they leave the parking and it will give them the discounted rate.

In and Out of the Marriott Parking lot in the course of a day:

The hotel says: If they are guests that are staying overnight the room key will work to get them in and out every time.

If you are people paying for the daily parking for the event it is a little different.  If you leave during the day and pay at the pay station,please print a receipt showing payment.  If  you keep this receipt and show the valet guys on your way out the second time that day they will let you out for free.

Want directions?
go here:

Have a good time!

Subud Congress Business

Dear All,

Attached is the fruit of several months of PreCongress working party conference calls, plus input from other experts and members of the National Committee and the Governance Sub-Committee, refining and approving the initial bylaws proposal given to us by the Governance Sub-Committee some three months ago.

Virtually every line has been gone over at least once in a series of telephone conference calls. However, even now, before we vote in July to accept the newly revised bylaws, there is still room for more refinement (with consensus).

Please feel free to share this with anyone and everyone: in your group, in your region. We will be asking delegates for their pre-Congress support for this document as the product of between 25 and 30 highly motivated members’ input, with many others’ input over the course of two years work. We’ll ask that you signify your support by email to me:, for tallying and presentation at a plenary session of Congress.

Your Recorder,
Miryam Gordon

Happy Birthday Bapak

Dear Seattle Members:


This is to invite you to a celebration of Bapak’s birthday at this Friday’s Eastside Latihan. (He would have been 111!)

UCC Bellevue (Bellevue United Church of Christ).
The church is located at the corner of NE 8
th and 108th NE in downtown Bellevue.

Quiet:  8 pm
Latihan: 8:45 pm

Party in church lounge.

Please bring a dessert to share.  Tea will be available.

SUBUD Pacific Northwest Regional Congress

Hello Members of SUBUD Pacific Northwest

The regional congress will be held this year during the National Congress being held in Seatac, WA – 

Date:  July 7th
Time:  4:00pm – 6:00pm
Place: Evergreen Room at the Airport Marriot in Seatac.

We will be selecting a new committee to serve the region’s needs for the next 2 years.

I hope to see all of you there.



General Meeting June 10

We have strong delegates who would like our input.
Potluck lunch:
A-G    Salad and side dishes
H-L     Main dish
M-Z     Snacks, beverages and desserts