Contacts for the Americas Gathering

These are contacts from the program for the Americas Gathering.  Events will be held in rooms in the Student Union Building (SUB) Building and the Buchanan D building.

  • ·  Details of the kejiwaan program arise out of the needs of the participants, so to find out what is happening each day go to the helpers’ rooms at SUB 216, 214, 212 or contact Mahmud Nestman 604- 733-3343, Hanafi Von Hahn 604-781-3646, Michelle Butterfield 604-512-0775 or Rohanna Goodwin Smith 604-725-4009.
  • ·  Liaison to Subud International and Zones: Dave Hitchcock 250 883 6765.
  • ·  If you want to present a workshop or hold a meeting, text or phone Rosanna Hille 604-738-7024 to findout if there is space available.
  • ·  If you want to perform, you can sign-up in El Zócalo or contact Lucas Hille 778-688-4464 or findAhmad Miles.
  • ·  To inquire about childcare, contact Heidi Hitchcock 1-250-889-0817 for ages 0-5 and George Demers1-250 858 2263 for all other ages.
  • ·  If you have merchandise to sell in the shop, go to room 205 or contact Latifah Brett 604-807-3296.
  • ·  If you have art to hang or sell in the Art Gallery, contact Elfrida Schragen 1-250-634-5890.
  • ·  If you would like to help by volunteering, contact Camille Roberts 1-250-686-4589
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