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Upcoming Bellingham / Skagit Valley Calendar Items

Skagit Birdwalk



Kedjiwaan Day, B-SV Subud House, Sunday, November 1, 2015
Latihan at 11 AM followed by potluck lunch and
kedjiwaan items to be decided at that time.

General Meeting, B-SV Subud House, Sunday, December 6, 2015
Latihan at 11 AM followed by potluck lunch and General Meeting
Main item under dicussion: the 2016 Bird Walk

Bird Walk, Saturday, February 20th, 2016
Birdwalk in daytime, ending with dinner provided by B-SV group and latihan.
Further details to follow later.

Please provide any other calendar items that you would like added to this for future notices.

Serena DuBois for the B-SV committee

Quiet Before and After Latihan

Subud Women Helpers

October 2015

Recently both members and helpers have expressed concerns about respecting the practice of quiet before and after latihan.  The recommended practice is to be quiet for at least 15 minutes prior to beginning the exercise (latihan), and at least 5 minutes after we finish.  This means, Please, no talking in the latihan room before and after the latihan. Exceptions are when one of the helpers makes an announcement before or after latihan or initiates talking after the latihan. Please be considerate of others by using a quiet voice and/or whispering in the adjacent rooms (the quiet/green room and handicapped entry).

Please be considerate of others by observing this practice and to the best of your ability. minimize noise and distractions when you enter, especially if you are late.

If you wish to receive through testing about the purpose and value of observing quiet before and after latihan, please let one of the helpers know before latihan.

Thank you.

With love,

Lorraine, Lucinda, Insiah, Hadidjah and Ann

Testing Sunday After Thanksgiving

From Local Helper Jim O’Halloran:

Penguin Hello Is thisThe Men and Women helpers of SGS cordially invite any interested members to participate in testing after Latihan Sunday November 29.  This can be directed by the interests of the participants, potentially ranging from “What is testing” to awakening testing to testing regarding vexing personal issues to testing suggested by Ibu Rahayu.

The helpers intend to set the time aside to let the time after general Latihan unfold naturally and organically.  It is the hope of the helpers that this will provide benefit to members and the group.

If you have specific questions or needs you are welcome to give one of the helpers a call or email prior so  they can prepare for your needs.

Oct 4 Dewan Meeting

Here is the financial report from Sherwin O’Bar, presented at the last local Dewan meeting:

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Sherwin reported that the revenue/income through Sept is $60,924.  Expenses are $56,276, resulting in $4,648 excess of revenue over expense.  Projected revenue for October through December shows a decrease of Airbnb revenue compared to prior months while member donations are projected to end the year at several thousand under budget.  Year end projections at this time show Revenue of $73,173, expenses of $75,323 resulting in $2,150 excess of expense over revenue.

See the rest of the minutes here.


Menucha Rooms are Going Like Hotcakes
Registration Ends this Thursday
please register now!


Join us for Menucha November 12-15 in the breathtaking Columbia Gorge just outside Portland, Oregon.

Great news: The Barn is BACK for 2015!! Cost is $110 for all 3 nights (meal passes are available for an extra charge, or bring and cook your own food at no additional charge!)
Come and join us for great latihans and camaraderie!

Day passes include meals this year (options for lunch, dinner or both) and must be purchased by October 15.

Registration ends October 15 because we must place our meal orders with Menucha.
Many rooms have already sold out, so please register today!


Questions/Registration issues?
Contact Alexandra terHorst at (503) 956-1715
or email me
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Menucha Team

PS That fabulous annual clothing exchange/SD fundraiser at Menucha new has a brand new name: Juliet’s Balcony! Please try to select some new or gently used clean clothing items and accessories from your closet and bring them along in your suitcase for this fun event.  More details here.

Subud Members Dahlan and Honora Foah Create Master Choral Work

Right now, this minute, in Budapest, Hungary, history is being made as the creative team record a new and exciting multi-media opera based on ancient and new scientific ideas and images about the Creation of the universe.  It’s called The Birth of Color, A Marriage of Darkness and Light

It is the collaboration of Honora Foah (story, concept, director, producer), Dahlan Robert Foah (producer), David Brendan Hopes (lyrics), Lucio Ivaldi and Tristan Foison (composer).

For more details on this exciting work, please visit their website:  Here there is a link to a YouTube Video with a view into their creative process.

Jim O’Halloran Band Concerts

Jim O'Halloran Lake Chad 10-9--15 promo

(Click image for pdf poster)

Support your local helper musicians! Like Jim O’Halloran:

Live at Lake Chad Cafe October 9th & 23rd, 7-10PM
Jim O’Halloran, Flutes Ben Verdier, Bass Ricardo Guity, Percussion Lake Chad Cafe 206-323-9247 1712 S. Jackson Seattle WA 98144

October 9th will feature Ben Verdier, Bass; and Ricardo Guity, percussion.

October 23 will feature Dean Schmidt, bass; and D’Vonne Lewis, percussion.

Come in for some great music, full bar, excellent african/Louisiana food.  No cover!  Great staff!  Nice place!