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Jim O’Halloran Trio @ Lake Chad Cafe

Please come out and support your Subud Brother and World-Class Musician Jim O’Halloran as his trio plays at the warm and inviting Lake Chad Cafe at 1712 S. Jackson, near the heart of Seattle’s historic Jazz Community.

On January 20 at 7pm he leads a band featuring two of the best Jazz musicians in Seattle, Evan Flory-Barnes and D’Vonne Lewis.

From Jim:

I’ll be playing at Lake Chad Cafe’ with D’Vonne Lewis on drums and Evan Flory-Barnes on bass!
   We (Ricardo Guity, Isaac Castillo, and I) had a great time this last Friday deconstructing and reassembling tunes—Looking forward to more of the same Friday after next-the 20th.
Remember—No Cover! Full Bar! Aand a Welcoming, inclusive hang!

Delicious food with additions to the menu! Kids welcome!

Check out D’Vonne here:

And Evan here:
Check out Lake Chad Cafe’ here:

February 3 will feature Osama Afifi and Jacques Willis, February 17 will feature Farko Dosumov and Chef’s surprise.

After February 17 we will be playing alternate Saturdays, March 4th & 18th; and April 1st & 15th—lineup to follow.
Lake Chad will have Latin Dance night every Friday starting February 24; and alternate Fridays prior to that.

Bellows/Nelson Book Launch

Come stay after Latihan THIS SUNDAY (1-3pm) and check out Career Coach & Counselor Halimah Bellows Book Launch, with Paul Nelson and Jim O’Halloran collaborating on American Sentences.

Halimah Bellows

Halimah Bellows

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, March 14, 2016 – College Instructor, Counselor, Career Coach and author Halimah Bellows will hold a book launch, signing and discussion of her new book Champion Your Career-Winning in the World of Work on Sunday April 3 from 1:00 to 3:00 at Spring Street Center, 1101 15th Ave in Seattle. Joining her will be author Paul Nelson, who will read from his new book American Sentences and will be accompanied by Jim O’Halloran on flute. Snacks will be provided.

Champion Your Career – Winning in the World of Work is a blueprint for those seeking career guidance at any age. The author gives the reader permission to dream and play and envision a passionate career path, while offering industry standard exercises for self-assessments. With college costs at an all- time high, this book takes the guess work out of “what’s next” for college bound students, returning students and those making mid-life career changes or seeking a new career in retirement.

“I felt that a comprehensive career development book for the 21st century was needed to address the critical concerns of our time—the workers who are victims of downsizing and outsourcing, the boomers who are at retirement age but cannot afford to retire and the recent college graduates who are faced with an avalanche of confusing information and are clueless about how to pursue an appropriate career path,” says Halimah Bellows. Print copies of Champion Your Career – Winning in the World of Work are now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites for pre-order. The ebook is also available through Amazon and Bookbaby.

The author has also developed “Career Quest Cards, Career Coaching in a Box.” The boxed set is a perfect gift for young and old and can be ordered at Amazon. These cards are portable, practical, thought provoking and combine the best of current career search information. The boxed set contains 24 colorful cards with over 30 exercises and is chock full of ways to open creativity, think outside the box, and make best possible career choices.

A Career Quest App is available now at Amazon and from google and ibooks book stores.  More information is available and print copies can also be pre-ordered at the author’s website: http://www.ChampionYourCareer.com . For media inquiries contact Diane at info@inspiredmc.com

peN & Jim O'Halloran 12.5.15 (Photo by Faiza Sultan)

peN & Jim O’Halloran 12.5.15 (Photo by Faiza Sultan)

Jim O’Halloran Band Concerts

Jim O'Halloran Lake Chad 10-9--15 promo

(Click image for pdf poster)

Support your local helper musicians! Like Jim O’Halloran:

Live at Lake Chad Cafe October 9th & 23rd, 7-10PM
Jim O’Halloran, Flutes Ben Verdier, Bass Ricardo Guity, Percussion Lake Chad Cafe 206-323-9247 1712 S. Jackson Seattle WA 98144

October 9th will feature Ben Verdier, Bass; and Ricardo Guity, percussion.

October 23 will feature Dean Schmidt, bass; and D’Vonne Lewis, percussion.

Come in for some great music, full bar, excellent african/Louisiana food.  No cover!  Great staff!  Nice place!


Support Your Local Subud

Flutist. From Local Helper Jim O’Halloran:

Jim O'Halloran

Jim O’Halloran

Hi  everyone!

We have some excellent gigs coming up, starting with a trio gig featuring Tim Carey on bass and Ricardo Guity on percussion kit  at the Lake Chad Cafe, 1712 S. Jackson June 26 from 7-100 PM.  No cover, Chadian and New Orleans menu, full bar.  Sweet!
July 11 we’ll be at Choochokam Arts festival, Langley WA; TBA.  A terrific arts & crafts fair with an excellent live music line-up http://choochokamarts.org/
July 12 will find the trio of Jim, Dean Schmidt on bass and Jacques Willis on drum set at the Georgetown Garden Walk/Cross Pollinate event.  TBA—Hat & Boots, Georgetown
July 17, August 14, & 28, and September 1 Jim, Dean & Jacques will be at Swedish Cherry from 11:30-1:30 outside the main entrance.
July 17th We’ll also be back at the Lake Chad cafe; this time with Dean Schmidt on bass and D’Vonne Lewis on drums.  7-10PM.
August 29th will be the Bradner Gardens extravaganza with Bill Anschell on piano, Dean Schmidt on bass, Denny Stern on percussion, Jacques WIllis on drums; with special guests Elva Pope on vocals, and poets Faiza Sultan and Paul Nelson.  6:30-8:30PM.  Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner!  29th S.  & S. Grand.
More gigs coming your way!
See you soon for a fun, musical summer.



December 22, 2013 Holiday Party Report

Ida Stralberg, Evna Padilla and Halstein Stralberg (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

Ida Stralberg, Evan Padilla and Halstein Stralberg (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

What a great event Subud Greater Seattle created on Sunday, December 22, 2013, our annual Holiday Party! Hadiyah Carlyle did much of the organizing and made some phone calls to members who live far from Seattle, (such as Frederick and Melanie Branchflower), David Lynch and Jim O’Halloran performed on guitar and flute respectively, Hadijah Obar and Annie Padilla helped provide food (along with many member potluck dishes including authentic Cuban picadillo) and long-time members (& recent transplants to Seattle) Halstein & Ida Stralberg, and Sebastian & Lorraine Tedrow told Subud stories.

Halstein and Ida talked about becoming acquainted with Subud. Halstein said he was a spiritual seeker at age 16, was opened in Subud at 18 and became a helper not much after that. Lorraine talked about the effort to acquire the house now known as the Subud House in Seattle. She said Lawrence and Rosanna Krauss carried the $23K mortgage because traditional financing was not available to the fledgling Subud Seattle community. She mentioned a book by Rosanna Krauss about the early days of Subud in Seattle, which go back to 1961, and said we will celebrate 40 years in the house in February 2014.

Hadidjah Gregory, Rayma Norton and Aida Cantrell (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

Hadidjah Gregory, Rayma Norton and Aida Cantrell (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

I took extensive notes and hope to make a more detailed post about these talks sometime. Better yet, interviews with all these folks and Chuck and Anne Cary, early Subud Seattle members, would be ideal. Please have any elders interested in doing an interview contact me at pen (at) splab (dot) org or call (206) 422.5002.

Also, for anyone who took photos of this past event, please send a few choice ones to me. Thanks, Paul Nelson.

Subud Greater Seattle Chair:

Chair, Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch

Chair, Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

See all Rachman’s photos here.

Poems for Peace 2013 (Audio)

Poems for Peace

Poems for Peace

Poems for Peace, an event conceived and initiated by SICA, the Subud International Cultural Association, was presented by Subud Greater Seattle on September 21, 2013, at Spring Street Center in Seattle, the Subud House. Paul Nelson organized and emceed the event and several regional Subud members, and some invited guests, performed poems, songs and musical invocations to celebrate peace. As was mentioned during the evening, peace is not the absence of war, but something more subtle and powerful. As M. Scott Peck points out there must be vulnerability and community. Both qualities were evident on this particular evening and celebrated by the audience of 40 attendees.

Here then is the audio of the evening as it happened:

1. Introduction, Paul Nelson (2:57)

2. Invocation by Jim O’Halloran (3:14)

3. Rant (Diane diPrima) performed by Paul and Meredith Nelson (5:04)

4. Excerpt from The Bidden Fruit, Benjamin Boyce (6:54)

5. Marching for Peace, Hadiyah Carlyle (4:16)

6. The Undergrown Beast and A Mother’s Nightmare by Ibtihal Mahmoud (3:35)

7. Peace all over the World (excerpts from a 50s style high school musical) Philip Quackenbush (6:22)

8. Notes on being a Gulf War Refugee Meena Rose (5:14)

9. Poetry Postcards as Peace Process, Paul Nelson (2:47)

10. Emile Ward (5:53)

11. Dreaming of Mother Moon, Carol Edson (Blackbird) (5:34)

12. Give War a Chance, Faiza Sultan (9:04)

13. Motherwit (from Pig War & Other Songs of Cascadia) Paul Nelson (6:46)

14. Happy Birthday to Paul (1:26)

15. Jim O’Halloran, Closing Flute Prayer (6:21)