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Donation Boxes in each Hall

Be sure to make out checks to Subud Pacific Northwest at Seattle. You can also mail to Subud Greater Seattle at 110115th, Seattle, WA 98122.

Oh, and yes, we are still in desperate need of a Treasurer!

One donation box in men’s hall.

One donation box in women’s quiet room.

Outcomes of Testing for Committee January 9th

The General Meeting of Subud Greater Seattle took place on Sunday January 9th, with in person and virtual attendance. Testing for Chair resulted in another term for Jim O’Halloran. Testing for Vice Chair resulted in the choice of Ramon who served as Secretary for the past two years. The Dewan is in need of a Secretary, and possibly a Treasurer. Please consider helping Jim and Ramon by volunteering!

Eastside Latihan

There are only a few stalwart souls doing Latihan on the Eastside on Friday nights. Won’t you join in so that they are not all alone? Quiet time is at 7:45, with Latihan starting at 8:00. One more man and one more woman helper would also be greatly appreciated. If anyone has never gone, it takes place at Bellevue First Congregational Church of Christ, 11061 NE 2nd Street, Bellevue, 98004. All Subud brothers & sisters are welcome!

Agenda and Zoom Link for General Meeting 1/9/22

General Meeting and Testing for Group’s Chair & Vice Chair

Moment of quiet

Approval of agenda – Jim O’Halloran

Election of chair and vice-chair with testing – Local Helpers

Turn over meeting to new chair – TBD

Review and approval of minutes (distributed at meeting and available in zoom) New Chair

  • Annual meeting 1/24/21 
  • Previous general meeting 10/24/21

Helpers’ reports

  • Women – Rayma Norton
  • Men – Elisha Gullixson

Treasurer’s Report – Oswald Norton

  • Year End Cash Flow Summary
  • Summary Financial report
    • iTrips Income
    • iTrips Relationship
    • Return of reduced donations to SPNW
    • Building Maintenance Fund and progress toward repairs
  • Motion: Will the Subud PNW – Greater Seattle Center donate to Susila Dharma USA $1,000 as a year-end donation?
  • Motion: Adjourn Meeting


Pleas Participate: Potluck & General Meeting January 9th

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We, your outgoing committee members, request that you participate in the meeting to select the new committee members who will lead our group for the next two years.

After latihan, we will start the meeting and at the same time have a brief pot luck (please bring something to share) and discussion regarding our receiving from the testing listed below and the future we all see for our group.  This will be followed by the general meeting in which we will select our new committee. After their selection we will have a brief review of the work of our helpers and committee since our last general meeting.

By participating, you will demonstrate to the candidates your support of their willingness to serve our community during the next 2 years.

Before the meeting, and after latihan, the helpers have prepared the following questions for members wishing to test prior to the meeting, either by themselves or with Helpers:

1. Please receive in your own way what are the needs of the Subud Greater Seattle group at this time?

2. How may I best serve Subud Greater Seattle at this time?

3. What state should I be in to receive the testing for a committee position?

Please see the next article for the meeting agenda and zoom link for those who must participate remotely.


SGS Treasurer Summary Report, December 18

Please Contribute Before 2021 is over
You have 10 days left to make your last-minute donations!  Time is running out ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°). Your donations account for 49% of our group’s needs for building repairs and our donation to our region. They are essential. Thank You!

Future ExpensesProgress on fund raising to repairing the siding on the South side of our building.
Through November members have contributed $5,889 to the repair fund. Combined with $8000 of the income set aside from our iTrips rentals we now have $13,889 saved for that project.  At the dewan meeting on Saturday, we agreed to set aside an additional $5000 in funds we have available in our account toward these efforts. We now need to raise an additional $3,528 in order to have the $22,000 needed for this project. In 2021 we have successfully saved over 84% of the funds needed to reach this goal.  Who will help us get the remaining funds?

Building Repairs Fund
We are grateful for members who already have contributed to this fund – over and above their regular contributions-to this fund. Earmark your checks for any portion of your donation you wish to go to our building fund.

Building Rentals
We had 14 days of rentals in November bringing in rental income of approximately $2,352. This will be deposited in December after the income statement is finalized.

This Month’s Donation Report
The level of giving in November and December was good. Many members gave me checks at the Christmas Party as well. This has helped with the repair fundraising and is appreciated.

We now have donation boxes in both latihan halls should you wish to place your donations there.

Proposals passed by committee at 12/17 meeting
At the Saturday 12/17 dewan meeting, your committee, after reviewing our current bank balance, agreed to the following proposals:

  1. Proposal 1: Propose that we make a one-time donation of $3240 to the region that would make up our reduced contributions from the original $800 committed to before the pandemic.
  2. Proposal 2: Propose to the group at our general meeting 1/9 that we contribute $1,000 to Susila Dharma USA.
  3. Proposal 3: Propose to set aside $5000 of our unallocated funds for the repair work. This would allocate $18,472 allocated to the repair of the building leaving us with only $3,528 left to “raise”.

Please Note: Proposal 2 will be considered by and voted on at our 1/9/22 general meeting.

New to Subud? How to contribute
If you are new to our group and looking for a way to contribute, here’s how:

Single or Monthly contribution from your bank

  1. Setup a recurring payment to “Subud PNW – Seattle Center
  2. Have the payment sent to:

Subud PNW – Seattle Center
1101 15th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122-4523

General Meeting January 9th

Our next General Meeting and selection of new officers will take place on January 9th after Latihan. This meeting will begin to define the next phase of our community. Please come and participate. The meeting is in person, but there will be a Zoom link for those who do not feel comfortable attending in person.

Holiday Party

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the ambiance of the Holiday Party. There was great fellowship, food, and three full bags of food bank donations. Special thanks to Debbie Machado Santos, who decorated and set up the serving tables. Also, thanks to the many cleanup hands that made the work light and to Salamah O’Brien for the photos: