Pleas Participate: Potluck & General Meeting January 9th

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We, your outgoing committee members, request that you participate in the meeting to select the new committee members who will lead our group for the next two years.

After latihan, we will start the meeting and at the same time have a brief pot luck (please bring something to share) and discussion regarding our receiving from the testing listed below and the future we all see for our group.  This will be followed by the general meeting in which we will select our new committee. After their selection we will have a brief review of the work of our helpers and committee since our last general meeting.

By participating, you will demonstrate to the candidates your support of their willingness to serve our community during the next 2 years.

Before the meeting, and after latihan, the helpers have prepared the following questions for members wishing to test prior to the meeting, either by themselves or with Helpers:

1. Please receive in your own way what are the needs of the Subud Greater Seattle group at this time?

2. How may I best serve Subud Greater Seattle at this time?

3. What state should I be in to receive the testing for a committee position?

Please see the next article for the meeting agenda and zoom link for those who must participate remotely.