Agenda and Zoom Link for General Meeting 1/9/22

General Meeting and Testing for Group’s Chair & Vice Chair

Moment of quiet

Approval of agenda – Jim O’Halloran

Election of chair and vice-chair with testing – Local Helpers

Turn over meeting to new chair – TBD

Review and approval of minutes (distributed at meeting and available in zoom) New Chair

  • Annual meeting 1/24/21 
  • Previous general meeting 10/24/21

Helpers’ reports

  • Women – Rayma Norton
  • Men – Elisha Gullixson

Treasurer’s Report – Oswald Norton

  • Year End Cash Flow Summary
  • Summary Financial report
    • iTrips Income
    • iTrips Relationship
    • Return of reduced donations to SPNW
    • Building Maintenance Fund and progress toward repairs
  • Motion: Will the Subud PNW – Greater Seattle Center donate to Susila Dharma USA $1,000 as a year-end donation?
  • Motion: Adjourn Meeting