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Could You Be Our Next Secretary?

The time is coming for a new committee. The last three newsletters have outlined the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer. Here are the activities of the Secretary:

-Take minutes of meetings.

-Store pertinent group documents (minutes, passwords, maintenance documents, and treasurer’s documents, etc.) in an organized and recoverable format.

Are you a good organizer and note-taker? Training and mentoring are being offered. Please consider.


Could You Be Our New Vice-Chair?

We are getting close to the time for choosing a new Dewan, which leads me to ask, “Would you consider being our VIce-Chair?” Duties include:

-Participating in  monthly Dewan meetings

-Cross-training to back up Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary

-Back up Secretary when Secretary is unavailable

-Post group news in weekly eblast

The current Dewan is willing to train the incoming group and mentor them for a period of six months.

Could You Be Our New Chair?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is time to consider a new committee.  The current committee has served since before the begining of the pandemic.

The duties of the job:

  • Insure there is a good place for members to do the latihan
  • Set agenda and direction according to testing for the group
  • Set meeting times and places
  • Promote group harmony
  • Attend regional meetings Meetings once a month, currently second Monday evenings
  • Gather information and coordinate with other committee members rental agent(s); review and confirm compliance with city, state, and federal filings.
  • Track property maintenance calendar and confirm completion of action if needed
  • Respond harmoniously to member input, queries, and needs.
  • Do the latihan on a regular basis with other committee members and helpers, and work with helpers to promote a harmonious group life.

It is extremely important for our group to have someone who can devote a couple of hours a week to doing this work. The processes are in place. It is not difficult.

When I took over the job from Honora HIldreth, I began documenting all of the duties for this position and creating templates to be sure I wouldn’t miss things.  Fortunately a great deal of work had already been done by others!  Your committee has also worked diligently on making the job simpler, and created a flexible and dynamic document delineating the division of labor which this committee has agreed to.

This means that it would a simpler job for the new chairr than the it was when I began as chair.  And, there will be documentation that the new chair to refer to when the need arises.

My hope is that some individuals will pre-test before our annual general meeting and election of officers in January

Your Brother In Subud,