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Subud GS General Meeting This Sunday

The SGS committee is asking you to participate in a general meeting this coming Sunday, August 30th at noon.
It will be the usual link,  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9882021449 Meeting ID: 988 202 1449
We have some important news to share, in addition to approval of the previous minutes from 2-23-20
and a brief financial report.
As you may know, the committee has been grappling with and comparing various income-generating models for over a year.
The committee is recommending that we, contingent on member and SPNW approval, contract Karen Hunt, of iTrip vacations, to manage house rental of the Subud house.
iTrip has a presence on 80+ web platforms.  Karen is the sole Seattle franchisee.  She is well known to Lucinda and Bhakti; and Lucinda and Karen’s husband Ken (a partner in the business) have worked together previously.  itrip Seattle has a business license, business insurance.
Karen has reviewed the SGS, SPNW, and SUSA websites, and has some initial familiarity of who we are as a group; and is respectful of that.
This rental arrangement will allow us to do Sunday latihans when the time comes that the helpers and committee consider it safe to do so; and Tuesday latihans are a possibility.
We believe this will be a benefit to SGS, SPNW, and to SUSA in addition to creating a simpler arrangement and less work for the next committee; thereby reducing the risk of burnout.
The cost would be 25% of gross revenue; and if we cancel within the 60 day grace period; a cost of $650 for a wi-fi door lock; and $450 for platform listing.  Those costs would be waived if we continued for the year.

We would receive payment monthly from itrip via electronic deposit, and receive a monthly statement.

Karen would provide the party squasher app, which flags the number of WiFi devices in the building and a decibel meter app free of charge.
Should we decide, we could engage a professional high-temperature (read virus-killing) linen service.  That would have an initial start-up fee of $800 which could be spread out in installments.  Karen strongly recommends this for client peace of mind.

All cleaning fees would be paid by guests.
Subud Seattle would be responsible for normal wear and tear on the house and furniture.  itrip would cover accidental breakage up to $1475 if the guest calls before checkout.  If the guest doesn’t call, is negligent, or the amount exceeds $1475, the guest’s credit card is charged and itrip also files through AirBnB or VRBO for recovery.

Karen would not charge to come to the house to let repair people in, or for wait time; nor for lining up and scheduling a repair person.  She will communicate with the committee to establish guidelines and dollar amounts for repairs which would or would not need committee approval.
Spring Street would be responsible for carrying a separate renter’s policy.

We have a power point from iTrip which you may review by requesting from Jim.

Nov 15 2019, General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 11/15/2019


Jim opened meeting 8:39 PM


Committee Present

Jim O’Halloran       Chair

Oswald Norton       Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth      Secretary


Members Present

Rachman Cantrell

Ida Cantrell

Marston Gregory

Hadijah Gregory

Rayma Norton

Elisha Gullixson

Danella Gullixson

Hanafi Libman

Lucinda O’Halloran

Debbie Machado-Santos


Loretta Covert – Visiting National Helper


Moment of quiet…


Reviewing and approving the minutes:  Oswald Moved to accept the minutes. Hadijah seconded. Approved by all.


Website Update:  Real Basics has taken on the backend support of our website.  Focusing on the enterprise website first.  Security updates have been made to both sites.


Helpers Report:

Women:  No candidates.  Meeting on Sunday 11/17


Men:       6 men at last Tuesday latihan.  One current candidate


National: Looking for a place to hold a meeting in January.  Have been doing a lot of

traveling.  Loretta will attend our next regional congress.  National Congress

July 4th weekend.  Possible Nashville college location.  New committee to be

selected this congress.


Financial Report:

<Oswald’s report submitted>



New Business:


Jim proposed we increase our commitment to the region to $800, from $710.  This would include October 2019.


Rachman seconded the motion. Oswald called the question.  Proposal passed unanimously.


Jim proposed we make a one-time donation of $1000 to the region earmarked for regional helper travel.


Danella seconded the motion. Jim called the question.  Proposal passed unanimously.


Menucha Chat


Alternative latihan locations.  Email Jim if you are interested in pursuing this.


Holiday Party – 12/22nd.


Next General meeting date TBD.


Ramon moves to adjourn. Oswald seconded. Unanimous assent to adjourn.













Oct 13, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 10/13/2019


Jim opened meeting 11:59 PM


Committee Present

Jim O’Halloran       Chair

Bhakti Watts          Vice Chair

Oswald Norton       Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth      Secretary


Members Present

Halstein Stralberg

Sarah Stralberg

Paul Nelson

Halimah Bellows

Marston Gregory

Ivox Ideo

Abideen Gunitalka

Salamah O’Brien

Lucinda O’Halloran


Moment of quiet…


Reviewing and approving the minutes:

Marston moved to accept minutes – Paul seconded – all approved.


Old Business:

Ways to increase income, will cover this in the reports section.

How do we do a better job of getting announcements out?

-text tree

-if you don’t have a mobile number in the directory, give it to a member of the committee

-actual posters

add details/specific info


New Business:

Helper Report: Women -> No candidates at this time

Men -> new member Ivox, Candidate helper, Arkarsh -but in school at this time. Tuesday    latihan is successful.  Paul recommends women adopt their rota system.


Financial Report <insert report here>


Oswald mentioned all the generous donations which helped us convert our regional loan to a grant, since we matched the loan amount in donations.  We do need $2400.00 to complete the member portion of additional maintenance that the house needed



AirBnB Report.  <insert report here>

Record October, but about 3% down for the year to date.  Superhosts 14th quarter in a row.


Rental Report. <insert report here>


Housing Report. <insert report here>


Web sites: Real Basics – working on a proposal to maintain and refresh our web sites.  Committee is working on that.


Region still needs a secretary.


Jim called for a volunteer to help setup a fund from our local group to assist members financially to attend SUBUD events.


Latihan location? Does anyone have any input on this?  No input.  Carpooling might be helpful to mitigate parking issues. Bhakti would be interesting in coordinating this.


Holiday Party December 22nd.  Everyone is invited.  Potluck.


Marston & Salamah are interested in pursuing a daytime latihan.  Paul thinks it a good idea to start talking about another open house in the future.


Oswald is seeking volunteers to help with homeless meal service at his church.


Meeting adjourned












Aug 30, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 08/30/2019


Jim opened meeting 8:42 PM


Committee Present

Jim O’Halloran

Oswald Norton

Bhakti Watts


Members Present

Rachman Cantrell

Elisha Gullixson

Halstein Stralberg

Ida Cantrell

Debbie Machado-Santos

Greg Doland

Eva Maria Doland



Increasing House Income:  Jim is working on this and will report back.  Paul and Oswald will also be talking about other options aside from AriBnb and report back to the committee.


Grant Proposal:  Was proposed and accepted by the by SUBUD PNW.  We have put in request for matching funds to help with the painting of the house.


Men Helpers:

Candidate Helper.  Aarkarsh is now a candidate helper.


Financial Report: passed out by Oswald.  Still need $3200 to complete the goal of $10,866.00


New Business:

Menucha Nov 7 – 10th.


Jim: looking for someone to help raise money for people who can’t afford to attend events, Menucha for example.


Possibility of using Peerspace for hall rentals – Debbie will send info to committee.


Women are looking for more helpers.


Meeting closed approximately 9:10 PM






Apr 14, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

04/14/2019 General Meeting


Moment of quiet:

Meeting called to order: 12:09 PM


Committee Present:

Jim O’Halloran            Chair

Bhakti Watts               Vice Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary


Members Present:

Marston Gregory

Lucinda O’Hallaran

Elisha Gullixson

Insiah Caspers

Danella Mauguin

Rayma Norton

David Lynch
Halstein Stralberg

Abadin Gunatilaka


Agenda:  no changes/additions


Minutes from 3/15 meeting:


(Danella) “the money tree is for any house maintenance projects”

“Christchurch spelling”

“Elisha’s name is spelled wrong”


Marston moved the minutes be approved as amended, Danella seconded, all in favor


Old Business:

Sewer Project rescheduled to April 17th.   Locust Roots:  Keep on top of any new roots that show up.

Online donations & email verification still in progress

Contact Info – complete


Ongoing Reports:

Helper Report:


Next helper meeting May 19th.  Kedjiwaan June 9th.   Regional helpers

Will attend.  Rayma will send info to Rachman and Paul to post the info

On SGS/PNW web sites respectively.  2-3 women coming to Eastside   latihan       8-10 on Sundays




Business as usual.  10 -12 men have been coming to latihan on Sundays.

Halstein – 3-8 coming to latihan



Financial Report:

<insert financial report>


reviewed the report and discussed the separation of expenses between occupancy and AirBnb expenses.  Discussion on earmarking.  Oswald suggested we target the 6500 needed towards the cost of the painting.

Lucinda/Marston/Jim/ approved with 2 abstentions


AirBnb Report:

-up 2% from last year, possible to exceed April 2015

-increased pressure from AirBnb to reduce rates

-overall revenues appear to be trending up



Facilities Manager Report:

-Marston with work with the plumber for sewer repair on Wednesday

-Owl painting.  Color samples now available please vote

-Misc future projects

-Patio entryway needs resurfacing

-Water intrusion on one bedroom

-April 28th, garden day after latihan


Rental Agent Report:

-Rental business is up

-Music event in May

-Summer graduation party upcoming

-September: University of Colorado ongoing weekend/monthly rental

-Debbie is providing all housekeeping duties 2x month

-Dawn in charge of linens

-Ricardo doing small household repairs/backs up Debbie for turning rooms, etc.



New Business:

Homelessness – the committee will add an agenda item to discuss the best way to help homeless Subud members.



-Elisha will be playing in Conway (near La Conner) April 26th at the Conway Muse @7:30 PM

-Jim will be playing also on April 26th @Kezira Café 7 :30 PM

-Elisha and Jim considering a gig at the house and possible open house –   sometime near end of July

-Danella suggested everyone signup for the SICA newsletter

-Garden Party after latihan April 28th.

-August 11 family picnic possibly at Lincoln Park or Bradner Gardens more coordination to follow.

-Easter Service being held at Oswald’s church.  All are welcome

-May 3rd there will be an event in the main space at Eastside latihan location


Oswald moved to adjourn meeting, Jim seconded, all in favor


Meeting adjourned at 13:13 pm








Dec 15, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Subud Pacific Northwest at Seattle General Meeting Minutes for 12/15/19

Meeting was called to order at 12:06 PM. In attendance were Salamah O’Brien, Hanafi Libman, Insiah Caspers, Elisha Gulligson, Hadidjah Gregory, Bhakti Watts, Paul Nelson, Oswald Norton, Marston Gregory, Halimah Bellows, Lucinda O’Halloran, Jim O’Halloran.

Old Business

 Review and approve minutes from 11/15/2019

No copy available. Jim read the minutes from the previous meeting, which were short. Correction was made on Danella’s last name, which was listed as Gulligson and should have been Mauguin.

Paul moved to approve with correction, Halimah seconded. Passed unanimously.


Will have helper latihan on the third Sunday of each month, and are planning a kedjiwan day in March. Rayma is scheduled to be the helper in attendance at the last Tuesday latihan each month. The men have two applicants, and there have been some former members returning.

Financial Report

Included in budget discussion.


See written reports from Marston on facility, Debbie on housekeeping and house events, and Paul on Airbnb rentals.

New Business

Call for Donations

Oswald asked members to pledge their giving amount per month in order to help with budgeting. He handed out pledge forms. A link to the form will also be posted in the next SGS eblast.

Proposed budget for 2020

Oswald passed out the proposed budget, explained it, and outlined some changes: Since we were paying $400 per month to Subud USA, and the loan has now been paid off, Oswald proposed that $400 per month be put in a fund earmarked “house maintenance”.

Since the group has been considering helping send members without financial resources to Subud events, Oswald proposed putting $100 per month into a fund earmarked “financial aid for events”.

Marston proposed that we add a line item for sending two SGS delegates to the National Congress. After discussion, an amount of $1000 ($500 per delegate) was agreed to be fair.

Bhakti moved to accept the budget with Marston’s addition. Marston seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Additional New Business

Someone asked if there would be an annual meeting in January, and Jim said that there will be one.






SPNW has a new Secretary (Ramon Hildreth) and Vice Chair (Alexa Wickert).


The mechanism for assisting low income people to attend Subud gatherings is now in the budget.


If someone would like to explore alternative latihan locations we welcome their help on this.


Subud USA has a self-reporting link for the census. The link is on the Subud PNW website, and will be in the next SGS newsletter.


Upcoming Events

Holiday potluck December 22nd after latihan.


Subud Skagit Women’s Retreat January 24th-26th. Contact Roosmiwati Reynolds for details.


Oswald moved to adjourn the meeting. Lucinda seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:01.