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July 22 to 24, Subud Canada Gathering

Subud Canada Crescent Beach

Click Image for Registration PDF

From Dave Hitchcock:

Hi there.

Once again this year, from July 22 to 24, the Western Region of Subud Canada will be organizing a Family Gathering at Crescent Beach, in Surrey BC, very close to the US border.

In the past we have welcomed brothers and sisters from south of the border and we extend a very warm welcome again this year and hope that even more will be able to come!

Therefore, I am sending this note to a number of you, who I know are able to help “spread the word” and might even consider coming yourself!

Thank you in advance for helping us to promote this event.

Subud Canada Western Region Family Gathering at Crescent Beach, Surrey, BC – July 22 to 24, 2016

Only 3 months from now (at the end of July) you will either be:

  • reflecting on what a wonderful weekend you have just enjoyed at the Western Region Family Gathering at Crescent Beach, BC, OR
  • regretting that you didn’t attend this Gathering!

Which is it going to be? Hopefully, the former!

So, you need to, please:

  1. read the attached information,
  2. check out the following link to the website
  3. register, as soon as possible, to ensure that you:
  • take advantage of the Early Bird rates,
  • get the accommodation you want (“first come – first served”), and
  • aren’t one of those people regretting that you didn’t attend the gathering!

The website should contain all of the information you require about the gathering, but if you have any questions, please contact:

Maemunah Coleman Doran regarding registration (


Dave Hitchcock about any other aspects of the gathering (

I look forward to seeing you at Crescent Beach.

All the best,

Dave Hitchcock

Western Regional Chair Subud Canada

Bathroom & Landscaping Update

From Marston Gregory:


Evan Padilla and Bhakti Watts help clean up the landscape around the Subud House April 23, 2016

The bathroom floor is installed and looks good.  Next, hoping this week David comes in to
finish the walls where the cabinet was taken out.  The color works well, I think with the pink tile on the walls.   We are close to completion on it and its looking super good.

Also, we had 5 people working on the garden mostly weeding and got a lot done.  We didn’t have a truck so we still need to do a dump run with stuff in the back.

Marston 4.23.16 SGS

Marston hard at work.

What was predicted as a 90% rainy day was gorgeous which really helped.
BIG!  Thank you to Paul, Bhakti, Evan, and Oswald for helping.

Also, Evan brought over 10 more chairs which Oswald cleaned up with spot cleaner & they are stored in the alcove of the chapel. This brings us up to 60 chairs which is about our capacity for a wedding in that room.  We took the dark grey chairs to the basement.

We might want to schedule another one of these to get more done at a time when
more can come and maybe after Sunday latihan.  Have latihan, lunch and then work?


Bhakti Watts goes dandelion hunting.

Help Subud L.A. Install a Sign

FROM: Hanafi Fraval
TO: Paul Nelson
Hi Paul,

Below is a little description that I have used before. Hopefully it’ll help with your post. I thought after we finish talking, that it would be great if there was some kind of collective response to our appeal. It is true that the odd member may feel prompted to send some money in support of our fundraising efforts, but may be at the gathering you have coming up you could make an appeal for “one group supporting another”. That was the approach that Portland took and in the end they were able to send us $350. Magnificent. Anyway, I leave it to you…

Warm wishes,


Subud CA SIgn

Wilshire Boulevard is one of the main roads running all the way from Santa Monica into the center of Los Angeles and beyond. The Subud Center is on what is known as the historic “miracle mile” section of this famous road. As you go into town on the left is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and to the right is our building, designed by a well-known architect in the early part of the 20th century. But our building says nothing of who we are.

How many stories have we heard of people who have simply seen the word “Subud” and felt compelled to investigate more, finally finding the Latihan. We felt it was important for our community to know where our home is and who we are.

The LA Subud Group has worked long and hard, to raise the finance and to produce a professional design for the two signs for our building on Wilshire Boulevard. The first is a lit blade sign that mounts to the side of the building. The second is a 25 foot wide parapet sign, lit from behind. Both are shown in the attachment, although they are now to be constructed in BLUE and GOLD in place of the brown color in the first document.

So finally the project to put signage on to the building is near completion. We have raised $16,500 of the $18,000 needed for the project. We have gone through multiple bids, so we’re nearly there. But we need some help for the last few steps. We are just $1500 short of our target.

Thank you for your support, without which we would be unable to achieve this long-sought project. You can send your check to

Subud LA
5828 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90036-4501
And write “signage” in the Memo line

For the Subud LA Committee,
Hanafi Fraval
Newbury Park, CA

Subud California Sign

Subud Blade Sign

Subud LA signage

Earth Day (After) Landscaping

See you at the Subud House

See you at the Subud House

Please join us for a landscaping party the day AFTER Earth Day, Saturday, April 23, 2016, as members will pull weeds, cut grass, remove stuff that’s been laying around awhile behind the house and generally groom the landscape around the Subud House. We’ll get dirty after latihan (quiet time 10:15am for 10:30am) and have lunch after a couple of hours of landscaping. Bring a dish to share and work clothes and show some pride in the Subud House.

WHAT: Landscape Party.
WHERE: Subud House, 1101 15th, Seattle, corner of 15th & Spring.
WHEN: Saturday April 23, 10:15am for 10:30am Latihan, then gardening.
WHY: Weeds and general cleanup.
WHO: You, the Subud Faithful.

Creating Our Future

Subud Greater Seattle
Creating Our Future

Step Two: Exploring our options
Sunday April 17th after latihan.

Please bring something to share for the potluck before the meeting.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Friday, January 22, at our Eastside Facilities, 13 of us met to discuss the Future of Subud Greater Seattle.

At our last session we explored:
– I want our Subud House to be around for the next (choose one)
– For a moment think of your local Subud Community
– What is your hope for your community?
– What support and tools are needed to realize these hopes?

It was a great event that got everyone thinking about our future as a Subud Community.

This meeting is about exploring our options.  Please join us!  Bring your excitement and thoughts about the future we can create together.

Love, Oswald Norton, Event Facilitator

Leandra's notes

Leandra’s notes

Save The Dates

Dewan Meeting MSubud Greater Seattle Logoinutes from April 3, 2016 are HERE. Excerpt:

Spring Street Center:

Bathroom window upstairs is in and the bathroom should be finished next week. The little closet should be removed as to create wider access to the bathroom. Marston is to get an estimate for the job and suggests we do that project as we repair the floor. Marston got two estimates for that, approximately $500 and $700.

Marston also got a bid for doing the insulation, $5,000, which should lower heating and cooling costs 30 to 40%. We appear to be eligible to get an MSF grant for this work.

He also reported that we should have the chapel door project (the crash bar) replaced in the next few weeks. $1,500 is the expected expense.

Garden work day planned for April 23rd after Latihan with a potluck, 10:15am quiet time, 11:30 landscaping… READ MORE.


Saturday April 8, 2016, helper training featuring Regional and National Subud Helpers. All past and active helpers welcome. 10:15 quiet time for 10:30am Latihan.

Earth Day Landscaping party, Saturday, April 23, 2016, the day AFTER Earth Day. 10:15am quiet time for 10:30am Latihan. Potluck.

May Dewan Meeting Sunday, the 15th, 2016, 9:30am!

Report on Bellows/Nelson Book Party

Champion Your Career CoverSunday, April 3, Subud members and guests from the general public were treated in the Subud House chapel to a Book Release party with Subud members Halimah Bellows and Paul Nelson. Halimah read from her new book: Champion Your Career – Winning in the World of Work, which she describes as “a blueprint for those seeking career guidance at any age.” Nelson read short poems from the book American Sentences which were “translated into the universal language of music” by Subud Greater Seattle Local Helper Jim O’Halloran on flute.

After enjoying snacks with the gathered, Nelson and O’Halloran performed poems written in April from Nelson’s daily practice between 2001 and 2014. O’Halloran deftly displayed wit in translating the sentences into music. Some sentence examples:

DraftCoverAmericanSentences14.05.07 – They want a stool sample, what a load of crap! No Pop, it’s just a smidge.

4.18.07 – Each from our respective cars watching her tennis game, the ex- & I.

4.1.08 – Do my new sunglasses make me look like a fly? she says: Superfly!

And Halimah Bellows talked about aligning your career search with your values and your knowledge of your self. She said if you were a pacifist, you’d not be happy at a job where drones were being manufactured. She answered questions from the audience and both authors signed books for those interested in purchasing them. If you have not purchased these books and want to support your Subud authors, click on the graphics above.


Career Champion Halimah Bellows

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo