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Dewan Meeting MSubud Greater Seattle Logoinutes from April 3, 2016 are HERE. Excerpt:

Spring Street Center:

Bathroom window upstairs is in and the bathroom should be finished next week. The little closet should be removed as to create wider access to the bathroom. Marston is to get an estimate for the job and suggests we do that project as we repair the floor. Marston got two estimates for that, approximately $500 and $700.

Marston also got a bid for doing the insulation, $5,000, which should lower heating and cooling costs 30 to 40%. We appear to be eligible to get an MSF grant for this work.

He also reported that we should have the chapel door project (the crash bar) replaced in the next few weeks. $1,500 is the expected expense.

Garden work day planned for April 23rd after Latihan with a potluck, 10:15am quiet time, 11:30 landscaping… READ MORE.


Saturday April 8, 2016, helper training featuring Regional and National Subud Helpers. All past and active helpers welcome. 10:15 quiet time for 10:30am Latihan.

Earth Day Landscaping party, Saturday, April 23, 2016, the day AFTER Earth Day. 10:15am quiet time for 10:30am Latihan. Potluck.

May Dewan Meeting Sunday, the 15th, 2016, 9:30am!

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