Dewan Meeting Minutes April 3, 2016

From Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary:

Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting, April 3, 2016

Attendees:  Ramon, Marston Gregory, Paul Nelson, Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Halstein Stralberg

Meeting minutes from March 13, 2016 approved.


$13,112 in revenues so far in 2016.

$23,413 in expenses largely due to bathroom repair.

$9,742 for Airbnb. Last year $3,700, so we are ahead in Airbnb revenues, and a little ahead on total rental revenues, about $2,000 better. Cash holdings a little bit above $10,000 balance in the bank. Donations year to date at $3,100, the same as last year, We’re on track for $17,233 in donations, the amount we did a year ago.

Spring Street Center:

Bathroom window upstairs is in and the bathroom should be finished next week. The little closet should be removed as to create wider access to the bathroom. Marston is to get an estimate for the job and suggests we do that project as we repair the floor. Marston got two estimates for that, approximately $500 and $700.

Marston also got a bid for doing the insulation, $5,000, which should lower heating and cooling costs 30 to 40%. We appear to be eligible to get an MSF grant for this work.

He also reported that we should have the chapel door project (the crash bar) replaced in the next few weeks. $1,500 is the expected expense.

Garden work day planned for April 23rd after Latihan with a potluck, 10:15am quiet time, 11:30 landscaping.

Paul reported for the year that revenues through March for the rental business were 4% higher than 2015, ($9,775 so far) but higher revenues are expected for the summer months since prices were raised and a new fee for housekeeping, $20 per reservation, has been initiated. Paul demonstrated Airbnb’s “suggested pricing” for rooms and adjusted prices at the meeting for rooms that were under their suggested rates. An “open mic” wedding was planned for Saturday, April 16, and Rachel and Marston are to handle that, as Paul is out of town. April is at $3,222 in expected revenues, down from last April’s $5,093, but more reservations are likely to come in.

Airbnb lodgers have rated the Spring Street Center’s rooms one through three at 5 stars and room four at 4.5 stars.

Also, a 24 hour Singing for World Peace event will happen the second weekend in November, causing a cancellation of that Sunday’s latihan for the first time in 5 years, but that is also Menucha weekend and may serve as a way to spur more Saturday latihan attendance. That event alone will raise $2,000 in revenues.

Helper Reports:

Men- Halstein reported that we have a new male candidate. Regional helpers are coming April 9 for a Helper/Development day.  They will then go on to Skagit.

Women – Hadijah reported that there is also a new woman candidate.  They have been meeting for over a month.  The women helpers now have one helper in charge for each month.  Hadijah O’Bar is the helper for April.   

There is latihan Sat quiet at 10:15.  The first of the month Saturday is a helper latihan but it is open to all members.

Eastside – The Eastside group just moved into the new Eastside church – a beautiful building.  Thank you Oswald.

Next Dewan meetings:  May 15, 9:30 am.

Respectfully submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary