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The Vision of Annie Padilla, Chair

Marston, Annie, Insiah and Halimah
The Four Pillars of SUBUD Greater Seattle
Let us test and discuss the following ideas:
Optimism, Receptivity, Inclusiveness, Adaptability
I. Optimism:
Maintaining a positive mindset. Seeing problems as opportunities for
learning & growth. Speaking in a positive manner. Supporting & assisting in forward movement of the group, without speaking or acting in such a way that hinders growth.
II: Receptivity.
Welcoming & embracing new ideas. Being open to change.
Active listening without interrupting. Listening without being judgmental, critical, or formulating a rebuttal.
III: Inclusiveness.
Including & accommodating all individuals. Valuing, recognizing & appreciating the diverse perspective of others. Listening, & collaborating with others.
Addressing barriers. Promoting accessibility, education & awareness.
IV: Adaptability.
The ability to adjust to new conditions, changes or challenges.
Navigate transitions. Learn new skills. Handle unforeseen obstacles.
Embrace innovation. Being open minded. Being willing to learn from new experiences.
Adaptability includes proactivity, continuous learning, & problem solving.
My over-arching goal is to remodel the basement kitchen & fix up the back yard, so we can sit outside (when weather permits) to enjoy some food/beverage after Latihan. 
I need someone to do Latihan with me on a Wednesday or Friday evening at 6 pm Any takers?
I need someone to get three estimates on cleaning up the front yard. I’d like it done by March 1st. I need written estimates not just verbal.
Additional Announcement:
Leslie Elliott Boyce was opened on 1/28/2024.
Tony Simicich was opened on 1/21/2024.
Welcome to you both!

Rachman’s Article about the Cilandak World congress, 1971.


This is part of a recent article in the Subud Archives called ‘Loooong houses and Shoooort Articles’ about the Subud World Congress in Cilandak, Indonesia, 1971.

Rachman Cantrell has been a photographer since 1964 documenting Subud events and people and he has taken hundreds of photos of the people, events and the buildings of Cilandak and Jakarta in 1971.
Fortunately, he was able to document almost all of the congresses starting with the 1967 congress in Japan to the most recent one in Germany.)
Here is his story about the World Congress in Cilandak.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

In the seventies various enterprises were developing in different parts of the Subud world. In Indonesia, a building was under construction in Cilandak where Bapak lived. It was a large dome-shaped building which was to house the meetings for the Subud World Congress which was to be held in Jakarta in 1971. My wife and
I had gotten married, started a photography business, had a couple of children, and had bought a house by this time. It was the miracle of Subud that all that had come about! We had decided to go to the congress along with a lot of other Americans on the west coast. Someone had chartered a flight out of L.A. which turned out to be the biggest airplane to land at the Jakarta Airport! Other Subud people came from all over the world and together we numbered about two thousand. It was one of the biggest events ever held in Indonesia up until that time. One of the Indonesian government members had
arranged for us to go directly to buses from the airport so there was no waiting in long lines to go through customs!
Driving into the city from the airport was quite an experience in itself. People were lining the streets to
watch us go by in our buses. They had never seen so many foreign people at one time! We were all tired from the twenty plus hours on the plane, but riding through the streets of Jakarta and seeing the enthusiasm of the people was invigorating!
The sights and smells of this beautiful country were intoxicating! A cooling rain started as we drove into the Jakarta suburb of Cilandak and ‘Wisma Subud’, the Su bud compound. As strange and different as it seemed I also felt like I had arrived at home.
Cilandak was like an enchanted village, with large bamboo houses that looked somewhat like the popular idea of Noah’s ark. These bamboo structures were designed by a Su bud architect and were amazing in their simplicity and functionality. There was also an open bazaar area with handmade bamboo stalls where people sold batik material and clothes, wood carvings and many other things created by the local people. There was even a bank set up so people could exchange money, and all kinds of restaurants and places to gather to talk, eat and drink. It was like a small city within a city, but it had a special atmosphere that was palpable. The domed latihan hall was still under construction when we arrived and was only finished in time for the official opening of the congress a few days later. My wife and I shared a tiny cubicle in one of the bamboo structures that was open on the sides to allow a flow of air during the hot days. It was somewhat private but one could hear the immediate neighbors through the thin bamboo walls. One night we heard one adventurous couple in the act of making love!
The President of Indonesia came and gave a speech at the opening of the congress, and the army even provided an uneasy security. We were not used to being around military personnel and the tank-like vehicles were a novelty. Fortunately, that did not interfere with the spiritual nature of what was going on.
One day there was a ‘Subud Olympics’ and various games were played! There was a tug of war with many westerners showing their physical strength, games with the kids and several volleyball games. The security guards were the champs!
One day Bapak did an inspection of the buildings and grounds. He walked to most of the bamboo structures with family and a large crowd following him! It was like a joyous happy parade!
One unique experience that seemed to be shared by many attendees was the curious feeling of going out of the compound and feeling the stifling heat of Jakarta and coming back inside and noticing a cooling of the temperature. This did not make sense physically, so the only explanation seemed to be that the spiritual quality of this place had an actual material effect in time and space that was experienced by many people. It is something I was never able to understand, even though I experienced it myself!
What I remember most was the interplay and interaction among the many different Su bud people from all over the world with their distinct characters and natures. We were all different, different races, religions, countries, cultures, with our own ways of thinking, feeling and doing things, but here we were, acting together as one family of
humankind and actually seeming to enjoy being with each other.
Each country was asked to perform for the gathering. I remember being somewhat jealous of the Germans who did such a beautiful job of entertaining with choral music. Everyone sang together and wore similar costumes. I learned later that the well organized and disciplined Germans were led by an American conductor!
The Americans were so unorganized, full of individual talent, but difficult to put it into a group activity. It was a monumental task to get us to do anything together, but we finally did actually pull it off and perform. The other countries did their own unique performances that gave us all a glimpse into their culture and nature. It was amazing how different outwardly we could be, but still have the feeling of being part of a family!
The latihans were strong and powerful and Bapak gave many talks and testing sessions to deepen our latihans. One night there was a Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) play with a Gamelan orchestra that lasted all night. It was relating the birth of Bima from a white elephant, one of the Pandawa brothers in the Mahabharata, and who seemed to symbolize a material development or change within the Subud organization. I am sure there were other meanings but that is what stands out in my mind.
The performance lasted all night and people were lounging around in the big latihan hall, in clusters, like family picnics, some sleeping, others eating, and even others rapt in the spell of the music and story. It was a magical night and one to be remembered!
Then it was time to go home, and we left reluctantly, with a feeling of love for our brothers and sisters and for the country of Indonesia. It had been a remarkable and blessed time, and an experience of a lifetime for most of us!

Link to all the photos from the 1971 congress here:


 Note from Annie, our new Chairperson.  She works in the healthcare field.
” There has been a dramatic rise of COVID in the past two weeks. About 70 Overlake hospital employees are testing positive for COVID each week. This is aside from any employees who are calling in sick with other illnesses. I strongly encourage each of you to wear a mask to Latihan, meetings & when you are out in the community. Many people who test positive, are ill for a minimum of four weeks. Please help reduce the spread of illness by wearing a mask to Latihan.”


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Subud:
Now that things are opening up after the pandemic, our Regional Helpers and Committee are asking to travel more and visit both our groups and regional members. We are a big region covering Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska. A large number of our members live outside of one of our three centers in Portland, Seattle, and Mount Vernon.

The current budget with donations from only our three centers and a few regional individual pledges make it important to find additional funding so that this very important role of our Helpers can be made a reality in 2024, especially since we will also be needing to support a new group of Regional Helpers who begin their roles after the World Congress in July 2024 when the current term ends.

We also have hired a bookkeeper and upgraded our financial reporting systems.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 from the Fund Drive.

Contributions can be made monthly through PayPal or a one-time donation. Also, you can set up a BillPay on your checking account and have check sent to: Subud Pacific Northwest, Regional Fund Drive 2024, 725 141st Pl. NE, A1, Bellevue, WA 98007 or c/o Subud Greater Seattle, 1101 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122.

Regional Fund Drive 2024

Thank you for supporting our 2024 expanded outreach.

Your Regional Committee,
Latham Stack, Honora Drew, Nirel Jackson, Marston Gregory
Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer.


      Subud PNW Goal Budget 2024  2023  2024 Goal Budget   
    Center Contributions      Increase/Decrease 
      Bellingham   $   2,400.00    $ 2,400.00    $                        –    
      Portland   $   9,000.00    $ 9,000.00    $                        –    
      Seattle   $   9,600.00    $ 9,600.00    $                        –    
        Total  $21,000.00     $21,000.00    $                        –    
    Other Income       
      Individual Contributions   $   3,000.00    $13,000.00    $           10,000.00  
      Interest   $         14.00    $       50.00    $                  36.00  
    Total Income   $24,014.00   $34,050.00    $           10,036.00  
    Regional operations       
      Subud USA Pledge   $ 18,000.00    $18,000.00    $                        –    
      Helper Travel and Meetings   $   2,000.00    $ 5,775.00    $             3,775.00  
      Committee Travel and Meetings   $   1,000.00    $ 1,500.00    $                500.00  
      Website Design Maintenance & Zoom   $   2,565.00    $ 2,600.00    $                  35.00  
      Website security    $                  –      $     540.00    $                540.00  
      Bookkeeping Service   $                  –      $ 3,500.00    $             3,500.00  
      General Administration   $         70.00    $     160.00    $                  90.00  
      Housing fund set-aside (5%)   $   1,150.00    $ 1,575.00    $                425.00  
      Misc   $         74.00    $     400.00    $                  26.00  
        Total Expenses:   $25,159.00    $34,050.00    $             8,891.00  
      Net income/loss   ($2,145.00)   $             –      


Subud Greater Seattle has a New Chair!

Subud Greater Seattle has a New Chair!

From Jim, outgoing chairman.
Please Welcome Annie Padilla, who tested positively and was then unanimously voted in as our new chair!
Thank you, Annie, for your willingness to test and to accept this position.
Annie will be seeking a treasurer and secretary.  The group still needs a vice-chair.  Will you be our new vice-chair?
Annie graciously allowed me to write an exit e-blast before she brings her vision of what you will receive in the weekly emails.
First and foremost, thank you all for joining me in the latihan.  That’s why we’re here.
Next, thank you committee members.  Everyone has brought their best, brought their strengths and perspectives, and their good intentions.  Thanks to the committee, the group has a pleasing place to practice the latihan, we are able to support the region, Subud USA, the World Subud Association, and wings through regular contributions; and that we have a space for regular kedjiwaan days and social events.
Needless to say, this would not occur without the regular financial and sweat equity contributions of all of us, the members-and our very consistent low-maintenance enterprise managed by iTrip.
Finally, one of our helpers commented at the end of the meeting that with every single test there was a sharp reminder that the committee needs and deserves the support and active help of all the members in the group.  So true!
Thank you all for your support over the past nearly seven years; and thanks to Ramon, Daniel, Alexa, Oswald, Bhakti, Sherwin, Honora, Leandra, Hadiyah, and Lorraine who have been committee members since my transition from helper to committee January 29, 2017; to Paul Nelson who served as short-term rental manager, Marston, house manager; and a huge shout-out to Debbie and Ricardo who have kept the house pristine and in good repair for the entire time and longer!
Jim O’Halloran

Note from Elisha!

To all members and helpers (including regional and national) of Subud Greater Seattle:
This is just a little extra encouragement for us all to attend the membership meeting and new committee selection this Sunday Jan. 14, after latihan.  This is an important and vital time for our center, and all of our support is needed.  Yes, it is ourselves we are supporting. And let’s all consider our talents and abilities and how we might fit nicely in the new committee. Let’s make it happen!
-EG for men helpers