The Vision of Annie Padilla, Chair

Marston, Annie, Insiah and Halimah
The Four Pillars of SUBUD Greater Seattle
Let us test and discuss the following ideas:
Optimism, Receptivity, Inclusiveness, Adaptability
I. Optimism:
Maintaining a positive mindset. Seeing problems as opportunities for
learning & growth. Speaking in a positive manner. Supporting & assisting in forward movement of the group, without speaking or acting in such a way that hinders growth.
II: Receptivity.
Welcoming & embracing new ideas. Being open to change.
Active listening without interrupting. Listening without being judgmental, critical, or formulating a rebuttal.
III: Inclusiveness.
Including & accommodating all individuals. Valuing, recognizing & appreciating the diverse perspective of others. Listening, & collaborating with others.
Addressing barriers. Promoting accessibility, education & awareness.
IV: Adaptability.
The ability to adjust to new conditions, changes or challenges.
Navigate transitions. Learn new skills. Handle unforeseen obstacles.
Embrace innovation. Being open minded. Being willing to learn from new experiences.
Adaptability includes proactivity, continuous learning, & problem solving.
My over-arching goal is to remodel the basement kitchen & fix up the back yard, so we can sit outside (when weather permits) to enjoy some food/beverage after Latihan. 
I need someone to do Latihan with me on a Wednesday or Friday evening at 6 pm Any takers?
I need someone to get three estimates on cleaning up the front yard. I’d like it done by March 1st. I need written estimates not just verbal.
Additional Announcement:
Leslie Elliott Boyce was opened on 1/28/2024.
Tony Simicich was opened on 1/21/2024.
Welcome to you both!