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From Robina Page (Chair Subud PNW)

Subud PNW

Subud PNW


1.Kedj Day in Southern Oregon with the Regional Helpers.
This is Saturday August 17. You are invited. For info and to confirm attendance, contact Hellene Chapman:
2.Portland has received a $10,000 grant from MSF for needed repairs to its house.
They invite us to:  a Subud Family Picnic with food, games and a playSaturday July 27.  5:00- 8:00 p.m.  It is at the George Rogers Memorial Garden at the Iron Foundry in Lake Oswego (Off State Street (main drag), park at Furnace & Green Sts.)
At 7 o’clock, a presentation of Moliere’s LOVERS” QUARRELS.
It is performed outdoors on the lawn, so bring a blanket, lawn chairs, Frisbee & a picnic. The Willamette River  is nearby for swimming
Dogs on a leash WELCOME!  ADMISSION IS FREE.  (Hat passed at the end of the show).
3.Seattle SICA  presents special poetry events ( also supported by a grant from the city Office of Arts). They invite us meet with poet El Habib Louai –
 El Habib Louai is a Beat Scholar from Agadir, Morocco,. He organized 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Agadir, Morocco in 2011.
     The events:
Saturday, August 10th Habib will perform a poem as part of the annual         concert by the Jim O’Halloran Quintet at Bradner Gardens at 1730         Bradner Pl S, Seattle. 6:30PM.
Sunday, August 11th, he’ll discuss the Beat poets from a Moroccan perspective at the Seattle Subud House at  12:30PM.
 Monday, August 12th. Habib’s featured reader at the North End Forum at the Wedgwood Ale House, 8515 35th NE, Seattle. 8:30PM.
Thursday, August 16th, he’ll discuss the Beat poets from a Moroccan perspective at the North Cascades Institute’s Environmental Learning Center near Sedro Wolley, WA. 7PM.
4. HELP— There are many wonderful things happening in Subud. Do you have enough computer skills to send out messages like this with piazzz?
I do not- or this would be more fun to read.
Please get in touch if you can do this occasionally.

Donations Not Keeping the Subud House Going

Women's Latihan Hall/Chapel

Women’s Latihan Hall/Chapel

From Sherwin Obar:

People may ask what is the difference between the Seattle Subud House and the Spring Street Center?  They are both the same building and there is nothing in the building distinguishing House from Center. 

But rather than getting into a phantom of the opera back and forth, let me tap out a few thoughts  on the costs of maintaining the building. 
For starters, there are utilities–electricity, gas, water, refuse and recycling aka curbside collection, and sewage.  These average about $1,000 monthly. Then there is house cleaning and various routine supplies and light maintenance–painting, fixing the thermostat–and these are about $400 monthly to $500monthly.  Add on another $100 a month for insurance and we have average  monthly expenses of about $1,500.

A current guess is that 10% to 20% of the $1,500, or up to $300 monthly, is due to rentals and so of course this cost should be and is covered by rental fees.

However, at minimum about $1,200 of these costs will occur whether or not there are Center rentals. So this means Subud member donations need to average $1,200 monthly to cover costs that are House generated.  To date this year thru June member donations are about $2,000 less than needed to cover House expenses thru June.
Thanks to all for your continuing and future monetary contributions to sustain the Seattle Subud House.

We have the following options:

Put cash in the donation box in Seattle or Eastside. If you wish a tax deduction for cash please put in envelop or add a note so we can send you tax receipt at year end.
Write and Check and put in box in Seattle or Eastside.
Setup an autopay with your bank through your bank’s “Bill pay function” and have check send each month (easiest way since we often forget.


Make a donation with a debit or credit card here: 

Remember no amount is too small.

The Soul in Action

The Soul in Action
Sunday, July 28th
an invitation to a kedjiwaan gathering

Subud House

Subud House

“The Soul In Action,” a kedjiwaan afternoon …Kedjiwaan…relating to the jiwa or spiritual side of Subud…an afternoon of expanding/enriching our spiritual selves through worship and testing, and spending an easy afternoon with our brothers and sisters. (Quiet time starts at 11a).

Question: What would it take for you to come, on Sunday…and to come to group latihan, in general? Many are not coming to latihan….why? Life too busy, not getting what you need/want from Subud, the latihan, our community? These are questions your local helpers want to know the anwers to, we want to provide what it is the members want/need and, we need you, the members to let us know what is missing, which maybe is something the helpers cannot do alone…maybe only as a community can we do that, but we need you to tell us that.

On Sunday, we will test a few simple questions immediately after latihan and then will open the floor to what the members present bring to discuss, and we will as a group decide about how we will spend the time we have together…but we need all of you to be present to do that…together let’s create the best possible kedjiwaan day experience that we can have.

We look forward to seeing you there.

– Hadijah Obar



Snack will be provided with a donation bowl to cover costs.

Look forward to seeing you.

This Friday Eastside General Meeting

Bradford Center

Bradford Center, 700 108th NE, Bellevue, WA

Come to the East Side!!! What: General Meeting. When: July 19 at the SGS rented facilites at the Bradford Center of UCC Bellevue, on the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE. We will meet after the 7:45pm Latihan. Look forward to seeing you there.

Kedjiwan day: Sunday July 28 after Latihan at Spring Street Center. Testing!!!

* * *

Fasting during Ramadan? During the Ramadan fast (July 9th – to August 8th), those who are fasting and attending the Monday and Thursday latihans in Seattle are invited to pray and breakfast with a cup of Tea at 6:30. This will be hosted by Abideen Ranjith, one of our local helpers.

July Subud Voice Now Online

July Subud Voice Issue is available at

For the latest on Kalimantan see an excellent movie narrated by Mansur Geiger (with Indonesian subtitles) about how we address environmental issues affecting our mining activities in Kalimantan.”

Also in this issue:
The Arrow that Pierced my Heart (similar spiritual experiences of St Teresa of Avila, Bapak and Rozak Tatebe)
Latest Reports from Kalimantan Gold
Amanecer Now
A Subud World Bank by Rashad Pollard
Almut Zieher reflects on the nature of youth and family in Subud
The Spirit of Anugraha Continues by Luqman Leckie
Changes to the YES Quest



See the July Subud Voice Issue at “This is a photo from the pioneering days of our mineral exploration in Kalimantan when Mansur Geiger and his crew dragged canoes up rivers (in this case the Baroi River).

Marston Gregory Interview

Marston Gregory

Marston Gregory

#2 in a series of interviews with Subud members on how they were opened, the early history of Subud Greater Seattle (if applicable) and their experience with the latihan, is with Marston Gregory. More than any other Subud Greater Seattle member, Marston keeps the house going. He cleans, repairs and even cleans up after neighborhood dogs. 

In the opening segment Marston discussed his June 1973 opening in Subud, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, how he was introduced to Subud through the mime community (a common experience) through Richmond Shepard and how he ended up moving to Seattle after having a “blueberry aha moment.” Part 1 (6:00)

In segment two, Marston talked about his early days in Seattle with his wife Hadidjah, how the Branchflowers (Frederick and Melanie) welcomed them into the Subud community (& hosted them) and his experience with Hope Street Hall, the Subud House in L.A. that they used as a rental property. With Marty Arquette, he was manager of that facility and talked about one of the more difficult rentals at that center, as well as some of the positions he has held at different levels of the Subud organization, locally, regionally and nationally. Part 2 (6:46)

In the third segment, Marston discussed the renovations of the Subud House in Seattle, how local members prepared the house for Bapak’s December 1977 visit, and the work of Aliza Albernoz to clean and begin to renovate the house, as well as the renovation efforts organized by committees led by Lewis Olds and Sebastian Tedrow and Insiah Caspers. The old furnace, the leaky windows, the roof that was several layers of shingles without any plywood, the siding (cedar shake) and the community fundraising campaign to purchase chairs to make the house suitable for rentals. Part 3 (10:40)

Marston Leads the Mime Car at the 2010 National Congress

Marston Leads the Mime Car at the 2010 National Congress


In segment four, Marston went into detail about how he learned that employment of French drains was the method which worked best at making damp places dry, like the basement where men in Seattle practice latihan. He discussed the roles of Insiah Capers and Lucinda O’Halloran is helping make the house more environmentally friendly, how his background as a Building Biologist helped focus his efforts and other “green” touches, including paint and new energy-efficient appliances. He discussed the volunteer-labor painting party and how a workshop also resulted in applying clay to the walls of the men’s latihan hall. Part 4 (9:40)

In the final segment, Marston discussed the wiring of the Subud House during renovations and some of the other current renovation needs remain at the Subud House in Seattle, including creating handicapped access. He discussed how the name Spring Street Center was chosen and why an additional name is required to create a separate identity for a rental property. He also discussed the very first rental as Spring Street Center, a Catholic Preist from the Philippines giving a mass in the chapel. He also discussed  his thoughts about the future of Subud. Part 5 (11:15)


Come to the East Side!!! What: General Meeting. When: July 19 at the SGS rented facilites at the Bradford Center of UCC Bellevue, on the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE. We will meet after Latihan. Look forward to see you there.

Kedjiwan day: Sunday July 28 after Latihan at Spring Street Center. Testing!!!

Don’t Forget: Family Camp August 30-September 1. Registration to be sent out soon.

Minutes June 30, 2013

Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting
Minutes: Sunday June 30, 2013
Present: David Lynch, Sherwin O’Bar, Jim O’Halloran, Marston Gregory, Oswald Norton, Hadijah O’Bar, Hadidjah Gregory, Maryka Lynch, Elisha Gullixson, Hadiyah Carlyle

Review of Last Months Minutes
Minutes taken by Oswald and Hadidjah were amended and accepted by the committee.

Financial Report
Sherwin provided financial reports for all meeting members. These figures are current as of 6/30:
o Please email the committee for copies of this report.
Overall summary of income vs. expenses:
– Donations, from Q1 to Q2, have declined 13%. Without additional donations, we will have to use savings to cover expenses this Quarter. We need members to donate.
– Rental Income, from Q1 to Q2, have declined 13%. We have received one additional booking since funding of additional advertising.

Utility usage of center versus enterprise:
We reviewed the financial report to try and determine how to best reflect the actual expenses of Spring Street Center versus the expenses it takes to maintain a facility as a center of worship. We decided to try and sort out the impact of the enterprise on the cost of utilities by getting data that reflects months where there is no rental income and comparing it to months where there are rentals. Right now it’s all in one bucket.

To obtain the data, Elisha will get ten-year data from PSE and Seattle Public Utilities which covers electric, gas, garbage and water usage. He will be assisted by Sherwin and Jim in getting the data into a spreadsheet where we can figure out the details.

Archiving and records storage:
We talked about how to store financial and meeting minute records and the need to sort through and shred documents that are no longer needed in the office.

Sherwin volunteered to be our archivist.
We will also have a day to clean out files etc. for which David and Hadijah also volunteered

Call to action for members to support our center financially and physically
Oswald brought up that it is important to promote members contributing and rentals shouldn’t make up for income from members. We need people’s involvement.

Approval of Financial Report:
The committee approved the financial statement with changes that Sherwin will refine in the itemized financial report.

Spring Street Center
Handicap Access:
Marston gave report for options for handicap accessible such as lifts vs. ramp. He has met with Olympic Elevator Company at the center to review our physical layout and our needs.
a. Access to the main hall (women’s latihan hall)
b. Access to the living room area

Olympic has provided 4 preliminary options which Marston wrote up in a document which was reviewed by the committee. They will be providing him with a formal quote soon.

Handicap Access – Next Steps:
a. Determine Seattle building ADA requirements for our building and what the permitting process would be. David and Elisha will work on this.
b. Work on funding sources to fund the work, once we have the vendor and amount
– Grants. Marston has done some work and would like assistance
– MSF and PNW Housing Fund: prepare and present a proposal
– SGS members: Put together a campaign that will engage members and determine the amount of local funding available
It’s The Right Thing To Do:
Making our building handicap accessible is the “right” thing to do, not only for the enterprise, but also for ourselves. We are an aging population. If we want facilities we can use we will need these capabilities.

Renters Point Out Repairs Needed:
A potential client, while reviewing the building to rent it said that repairs would have to be made before considering renting. As a committee, we agreed that these repairs were necessary.

The cost of these repairs has been estimated to be $3000. These include repairs to railings and other areas that are issues of safety both for renters and our members.

A motion to spend $1500 on immediate repairs, to be done by David Lynch was passed. Oswald will post a request to membership on our website for the complete $3000 in funds. These repairs are needed not only for renters, but also for us to have a facility that is worthy of the latihan.

To communicate center activities we use the MailChimp application to send out emails updates from our website. Not everyone from the old YahooGroup has been imported into the list on MailChimp. For example Jim O’Halloran does not receive these emails. There may be others.
Action: Hadidjah and Jim will send the most recent census data to Oswald. Oswald will work with Paul to compare the data and update the list as appropriate.

Next General Meeting
July 19 at the SGS rented facilities at the Bradford Center of UCC Bellevue, on the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE. This meeting will occur after latihan.

Next Committee Meeting
July 28 in Seattle

Family Camp 2013
August 30 – September 1

PNW Regional Meeting in Seattle
September 21st
Volunteers to assist with logistics are needed and welcomed

Important Dates

Next General Meeting: July 19 at the SGS rented facilities at the Bradford Center of UCC Bellevue, on the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE.  This meeting will occur after latihan.

Next Committee Meeting:   July 28 in Seattle

Family Camp 2013: August 30 – September 1

 PNW Regional Meeting in Seattle: September 21st
– Volunteers to assist with logistics are needed and welcomed