Minutes June 30, 2013

Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting
Minutes: Sunday June 30, 2013
Present: David Lynch, Sherwin O’Bar, Jim O’Halloran, Marston Gregory, Oswald Norton, Hadijah O’Bar, Hadidjah Gregory, Maryka Lynch, Elisha Gullixson, Hadiyah Carlyle

Review of Last Months Minutes
Minutes taken by Oswald and Hadidjah were amended and accepted by the committee.

Financial Report
Sherwin provided financial reports for all meeting members. These figures are current as of 6/30:
o Please email the committee for copies of this report.
Overall summary of income vs. expenses:
– Donations, from Q1 to Q2, have declined 13%. Without additional donations, we will have to use savings to cover expenses this Quarter. We need members to donate.
– Rental Income, from Q1 to Q2, have declined 13%. We have received one additional booking since funding of additional advertising.

Utility usage of center versus enterprise:
We reviewed the financial report to try and determine how to best reflect the actual expenses of Spring Street Center versus the expenses it takes to maintain a facility as a center of worship. We decided to try and sort out the impact of the enterprise on the cost of utilities by getting data that reflects months where there is no rental income and comparing it to months where there are rentals. Right now it’s all in one bucket.

To obtain the data, Elisha will get ten-year data from PSE and Seattle Public Utilities which covers electric, gas, garbage and water usage. He will be assisted by Sherwin and Jim in getting the data into a spreadsheet where we can figure out the details.

Archiving and records storage:
We talked about how to store financial and meeting minute records and the need to sort through and shred documents that are no longer needed in the office.

Sherwin volunteered to be our archivist.
We will also have a day to clean out files etc. for which David and Hadijah also volunteered

Call to action for members to support our center financially and physically
Oswald brought up that it is important to promote members contributing and rentals shouldn’t make up for income from members. We need people’s involvement.

Approval of Financial Report:
The committee approved the financial statement with changes that Sherwin will refine in the itemized financial report.

Spring Street Center
Handicap Access:
Marston gave report for options for handicap accessible such as lifts vs. ramp. He has met with Olympic Elevator Company at the center to review our physical layout and our needs.
a. Access to the main hall (women’s latihan hall)
b. Access to the living room area

Olympic has provided 4 preliminary options which Marston wrote up in a document which was reviewed by the committee. They will be providing him with a formal quote soon.

Handicap Access – Next Steps:
a. Determine Seattle building ADA requirements for our building and what the permitting process would be. David and Elisha will work on this.
b. Work on funding sources to fund the work, once we have the vendor and amount
– Grants. Marston has done some work and would like assistance
– MSF and PNW Housing Fund: prepare and present a proposal
– SGS members: Put together a campaign that will engage members and determine the amount of local funding available
It’s The Right Thing To Do:
Making our building handicap accessible is the “right” thing to do, not only for the enterprise, but also for ourselves. We are an aging population. If we want facilities we can use we will need these capabilities.

Renters Point Out Repairs Needed:
A potential client, while reviewing the building to rent it said that repairs would have to be made before considering renting. As a committee, we agreed that these repairs were necessary.

The cost of these repairs has been estimated to be $3000. These include repairs to railings and other areas that are issues of safety both for renters and our members.

A motion to spend $1500 on immediate repairs, to be done by David Lynch was passed. Oswald will post a request to membership on our website for the complete $3000 in funds. These repairs are needed not only for renters, but also for us to have a facility that is worthy of the latihan.

To communicate center activities we use the MailChimp application to send out emails updates from our website. Not everyone from the old YahooGroup has been imported into the list on MailChimp. For example Jim O’Halloran does not receive these emails. There may be others.
Action: Hadidjah and Jim will send the most recent census data to Oswald. Oswald will work with Paul to compare the data and update the list as appropriate.

Next General Meeting
July 19 at the SGS rented facilities at the Bradford Center of UCC Bellevue, on the corner of NE 8th and 108th NE. This meeting will occur after latihan.

Next Committee Meeting
July 28 in Seattle

Family Camp 2013
August 30 – September 1

PNW Regional Meeting in Seattle
September 21st
Volunteers to assist with logistics are needed and welcomed

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