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Regional Congress, Sept 21 & 22

From Robina Page, Regional Chair

Subud Seattle’s Spring Street Center
                 1101  15th Ave, Seattle, 98122
Sat. Sept 21 for latihan, lunch and regional meeting with the Regional Dewan.
Sun. Sept 22 for latihan and kedjiwaan meeting (group testing) with the Regional Helpers.
Saturday the 21st:  meet and greet, with coffee, 10:30
                             latihan at 11
                             regional council meeting follows
                             lunch 1:00  (bring your own, or order in from local restaurant)
                             regional meeting- a chance to hangout with our brothers and sisters and hear what is happening in their neck of the woods. (1:45)
Sunday the 22nd   meet and greet  10:45
                            latihan 11:00
                            testing immediately afterwards
                                  bring your own lunch, or order in
Agenda for the meeting will include news from the region, from treasurer, and each group, family camp and menucha. We will decide if we want to continue to have a family camp and hear updates from Subud US and the World Congress planning committee.
Please let me know if you have any items for discussion.
We hope to see you there.
Robina Page – for the regional dewan


U.S. Senator Patty Murray in the House

U.S. Senator Patty Murray

U.S. Senator Patty Murray

All our hard work this past week in repairing and cleaning the center paid off with a delighted group who kept dropping great comments about the center and how “charming” it was. They had about 40 guests who were mostly senators and aids from Olympia plus guest speaker, U.S. Senator Patty Murray. Paul knew a number of guests from his days in politics which was nice. Many took brochures on both Spring St. Center and Subud. Rep. Frank Chopp, State Senators Sharon Nelson and Karen Keiser and Ed Murray (also the Seattle Mayoral candidate) attended. The head staff member said a state senator found us on the web and recommended us. So our website worked.

Hopefully, this will lead to some more bookings like this. . – Marston Gregory

Patty Murray Invite



This year we are able to offer camping for $25 a day (5-18 years olds are half price) plus any meals you order.
Day visitors will be offered a $5 reduction is either lunch or dinner- and that includes tent campers.
We hope that this will help more people be able to attend!!!  We hope to see you there!  A great way to do latihan, a great way to be with other Subud members, a great way to be in nature.

Subud House Repairs by our dear Chair

All hail our Chair, David Lynch! Marston sent this report today:

1  Ceiling in chapel totally fixed and looks great.
2. Ceiling in Room 4 patched and painted.
3.  Bathroom now has a hand lock in upper floor.
4.  Railing to top is stained and will go up tomorrow after I seal it.  hardware is up.
5.  Signage is now up for upstairs bathroom and also MSF plaque.
6.  I added flowers to the garden to spruce it up and cut back the roses which were looking awful.
7.  Toilet on main floor has new O-ring so it will now not leak.
8   Replaced the shade in room 3 (other one was jammed).
Lots of good things done.  David will come back and replace the railing on the deck and he is talking about adding a roof to it so
people can stand out there in the rain plus a floor deck in redwood.  Would look really nice.  It also would protect that door from the weather.
Great progress!

Prayers for Melinda

Melinda Wallis

Melinda Wallis

Longtime Subud member Melinda Wallis broke her femur and had surgery to correct the problem. Halimah Collingwood made this report on Facebook:

I just spoke with Melinda and she is doing pretty well considering. Her spirit is up, her humor intact but of course, has bouts of, “What’s it all about, Alfie?” She is watching herself watch the myriad of nurses and doctors from the many countries of the world, reflecting on compassion and how we treat each other. She is marveling at all the phone calls and messages of support and love from around the world. Melinda is an observer of human nature and in the hospital, she has plenty of food for thought. She will be moving to a rehab facility for about 3 months. And she loves hearing from you!

Old Time Members/New Homes

We in Subud Greater Seattle would like to welcome Sebastian and Lorraine Tedrow and Halstein and Ida Stralberg. Both families have recently bought homes in Lake Forest Park. Both families want to be near their growing grandkids.

We want to wish them much joy here in their new homes. Sebastian is Executive Director of Subud USA, Lorraine is Past Chair of SICA USA and Halstein is a local helper and Ida is a retired helper.

We are blessed to have these dedicated members joining our center.

El Habib Louai Talks Beat Poetry At the Subud House

Habib at Kerry Park, Seattle

Habib at Kerry Park, Seattle

Thanks in part to a SICA grant to help facilitate the visit of Moroccan Poet and Beat Scholar, El Habib Louai, he spoke yesterday (8.11.13) at Spring Street Center to Subud Members and other attendees about the Beats in Morocco, the cultural milieu in Morocco during that time (late 50s, 60s) and shared some of his work, which included some of his impressions of the Northwest U.S.

I am grateful to SICA, the Subud International Cultural Association and to the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs for helping fund Habib’s visit to Seattle and to Subud Greater Seattle for hosting the talk at their Spring Street Center.

Introduction to Habib’s talk, August 11, 2013, at Spring Street Center in Seattle. (3:18)

Habib’s Talk, Part 1 (19:57)

Habib’s Talk, Part 2 (22:20)

Q&A (21:00)

Longtime Subud member and writer Hadiyah Carlyle said: “Sitting in our Subud house, sitting around on comfortable chairs, we heard El Habib Louai, a Moroccan poet making analogies to the beat poets of my generation to the rebelliousness of his generation in his country.  El Habib talked about his travels, his life.  It was so refreshing to hear his poetry and about his life.  It was also great to have Subud members sitting around listening with “outsiders,” young and old taking it all in. I also noticed that members were talking to the visitors, everyone enjoying refreshments, after the performance.  What a great way to build community.  I hope we have more programs like this.”

Habib reading Kerouacian Epiphanies in the Portland Greyhound Bus Station with the Jim O’Halloran Quintet, August 10, 2013 at Bradner Gardens (9:56)

Habib and I also visited Sam Hamill and his daughter Eron in Anacortes last night (8.11.13) & Sam gave Habib several books, and showed him the book Habitations, a remarkable work of book art by Ian Boyden. It is a huge series of original paintings with Sam’s poems laser-etched into the work. Hear part of Sam’s impromptu reading here.

New Ibu Rahayu Talk with Subtitles Now Online

Ibu Rahayu gave a talk recently, a Talk to Members on August 2th, a Night of Power.
To view the video of the talk, go to:


Once on the site, go to Ibu Rahayu Talks (video) and scroll down to this video.

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