Subud House Repairs by our dear Chair

All hail our Chair, David Lynch! Marston sent this report today:

1  Ceiling in chapel totally fixed and looks great.
2. Ceiling in Room 4 patched and painted.
3.  Bathroom now has a hand lock in upper floor.
4.  Railing to top is stained and will go up tomorrow after I seal it.  hardware is up.
5.  Signage is now up for upstairs bathroom and also MSF plaque.
6.  I added flowers to the garden to spruce it up and cut back the roses which were looking awful.
7.  Toilet on main floor has new O-ring so it will now not leak.
8   Replaced the shade in room 3 (other one was jammed).
Lots of good things done.  David will come back and replace the railing on the deck and he is talking about adding a roof to it so
people can stand out there in the rain plus a floor deck in redwood.  Would look really nice.  It also would protect that door from the weather.
Great progress!
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