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Are you planning to attend Menucha this year? We need to know by 5:00 pm Friday!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Subud Pacific Northwest has a big decision to make by Friday, and we need your help! Over $11,000 in non-refundable venue fees must be paid to Menucha at the end of this week.

Given the elevated uncertainty after two years without Menucha and the continuing presence of COVID, we are asking that our members take a brief survey (2 questions) to let us know if you plan to attend.  Even if you took the first survey we sent out a few weeks ago, please complete this one as well so that our info is current.

Won’t you please take a moment to let us know your plans?

Many thanks,

Latham Stack
Chair, Subud Pacific NW

Don’t have a Will? Create One for Free!

Have you ever had to “take care” of an estate of a family member or Subud member who didn’t have a will? I have. It’s a mess. And an unnecessary additional burden for those who are already grieving.

I also helped with Lavinia Swanson’s estate. Lavinia was a planner, a dedicated Subud member, who wanted Subud to be able to benefit from whatever money she had left to give. She created a will 15 years before she died, and asked people she trusted to help her. What a pleasure!

So, if you haven’t had the money to pay for an attorney, or, do one of those pay for document web forms, King County Library Systems is offering you, for free, the opportunity to take care of business. Don’t delay and leave your grieving friends and family with this responsibility.
For information on how to create your free will, please click this link.

SICA-USA Sponsors Poetry Postcard Fest

2022 marks Year 16 of the Poetry Postcard Fest & the fest is being supported for the 3rd year in a row by SICA-USA. There are several Subud members who are participating. and there are three slots left for this year’s fest which ends August 31.

Roberta Hoffman created the logo and the festival website:

Some participant testimonials:

Teri Buthman Mahl

As much as I love writing poetry, what I love about participating is the connections I made (though brief) when I receive a postcard in my mailbox. It makes me remember that we are all one and gives me a glimpse into lives of people I may never meet in person but I have seen” them…their creative spirit, their emotions, their love. Poetry postcards are a reminder to open my heart.

 Judy Kleinberg

The Poetry Postcard Fest is both community and practice. This simple medium gives each of us an opportunity to find and share our own voice. Since I first participated, in 2011, writing a short, unprompted poem each day has evolved from a one-month-a-year activity to a daily habit. During that time, I’ve exchanged postcards with hundreds of people, actually met a few in person, and enlarged my poetry network far beyond the local. The connections are vital and I often find myself surprised to remember that I’ve not actually met most of these wonderful poets and artists.

Neal Lemery

The project ramped up my writing, and my appreciation for the “daily write” discipline. What a celebration of the art of poetry and writing! I received such great and inspiring poems from strangers who became colleagues and fellow artists.