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Updated Mask Policy

Updated Mask Policy

1.  We do not insist that everyone must wear a mask while we meet inside, even though most of us continue to wear masks during group latihan, for our own protection and for the protection of those we come home to; and

2.  We do not check anyone’s vaccination status before allowing them to participate in group latihan.

Flexibility with responsibility…
We are not obligated to wear a mask, it is up to us, but be considerate and respectful. Like when  having a cough, to please wear one.
We need to be sensitive to our beliefs, but also be “normal” as Bapak always reminded us, and also respect the science.
There are members whose health or those of their families are fragile and need to wear a mask, so as to not expose their family to anything they may be exposed to when in the presence of other people.
Comments from another helper:
several senior helpers in Indonesia received that viruses originate from the animal life forces and while we do group latihan, our whole being and the atmosphere in the room is enveloped and protected by the higher forces, so nobody would need to be worried about anybody else during the group latihan.  That’s why at least several groups in Indonesia like the Sleman group never wore masks during group latihan, and nothing ever happened to any of them.  When I tested about this for myself, my receiving was the same as that of those Indonesian helpers.  Other helpers in the country and in other zones also felt that the receiving of those helpers was right.  The rest of you can explore this in testing if you want.  Of course, there’s also the two other issues with wearing masks during group latihan that I mentioned in my previous email, namely the freedom of movement and the fact that even one’s breath needs freedom to be purified in the latihan.
 IBU RAHAYU’S guidance issued 2 years ago: Her advice was/is to follow our government and science guidelines and mandates.

Menucha is Happening!

Subud Pacific Northwest 2022 Kedjiwaan Gathering at Menucha

Our annual kedjiwaan retreat at the beautiful Menucha Retreat and Conference Center is back! After a three-year pandemic-caused hiatus, our kedjiwaan retreat is back. Subud Pacific Northwest invites you to join us from Thursday thru Sunday, November 10-13.  The setting is magnificent. The gathering one to refresh our connections with each other through fellowship and the grace of group latihans.

Are you ready to register now? Click here

For over 30 years Subud members have gathered at the Menucha Retreat and Conference Center above the breathtaking Columbia Gorge to participate in great latihans, insightful testing, inspiring conversations, fabulous entertainment, reflective solitude, and a welcome opportunity to take a break from the rigors of everyday life. Join us for this extraordinary weekend. You’ll be glad you did!

What’s new this year? Not much, really. Same basic schedule, activities, meals. We’ll follow local guidelines for Covid protection. We are committed to providing safe spaces that all can be comfortable with.

Rates from the conference center did increase, but we have worked hard to keep them reasonable for an all-inclusive stay at such a storied venue.  Click here to see the rates for this year’s event.

We’ve budgeted for 65 people, if we can get 20 extra our Chair is lobbying to give a small rebate during the event (so gently cajole your friends and family!).

If you are staying in the Barn or Wright Hall, please be sure that you either order the linen package or bring your own linens, towels and blanket. All other accommodations include linens and towels. If you register and do not specify a roommate, one will be assigned to you.

Donations Please!  As in past years events, we are anticipating that there will be some needing assistance. In order to help these members, we’ve created an opportunity for you to contribute to this fund. When you register, please consider making a donation to the Assistance Fund so that those who need assistance can share this wonderful weekend with us.


  • All registrations (including day passes) must be purchased by October 15 and be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • All prices quoted are per person, but you may register up to 4 people at one time.

Cancellation Policy:  Registrations may be cancelled until October 15 with a full refund less a $50 administrative fee. After October 15, no refunds will be made unless your room/day pass is resold to another registrant, in which case a refund will be issued minus a $50 administrative fee. ($40 for day pass refunds)

Questions about the event and financial aid inquiries can be made at 



Are you planning to attend Menucha this year? We need to know by 5:00 pm Friday!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Subud Pacific Northwest has a big decision to make by Friday, and we need your help! Over $11,000 in non-refundable venue fees must be paid to Menucha at the end of this week.

Given the elevated uncertainty after two years without Menucha and the continuing presence of COVID, we are asking that our members take a brief survey (2 questions) to let us know if you plan to attend.  Even if you took the first survey we sent out a few weeks ago, please complete this one as well so that our info is current.

Won’t you please take a moment to let us know your plans?

Many thanks,

Latham Stack
Chair, Subud Pacific NW

Don’t have a Will? Create One for Free!

Have you ever had to “take care” of an estate of a family member or Subud member who didn’t have a will? I have. It’s a mess. And an unnecessary additional burden for those who are already grieving.

I also helped with Lavinia Swanson’s estate. Lavinia was a planner, a dedicated Subud member, who wanted Subud to be able to benefit from whatever money she had left to give. She created a will 15 years before she died, and asked people she trusted to help her. What a pleasure!

So, if you haven’t had the money to pay for an attorney, or, do one of those pay for document web forms, King County Library Systems is offering you, for free, the opportunity to take care of business. Don’t delay and leave your grieving friends and family with this responsibility.
For information on how to create your free will, please click this link.

SICA-USA Sponsors Poetry Postcard Fest

2022 marks Year 16 of the Poetry Postcard Fest & the fest is being supported for the 3rd year in a row by SICA-USA. There are several Subud members who are participating. and there are three slots left for this year’s fest which ends August 31.

Roberta Hoffman created the logo and the festival website:

Some participant testimonials:

Teri Buthman Mahl

As much as I love writing poetry, what I love about participating is the connections I made (though brief) when I receive a postcard in my mailbox. It makes me remember that we are all one and gives me a glimpse into lives of people I may never meet in person but I have seen” them…their creative spirit, their emotions, their love. Poetry postcards are a reminder to open my heart.

 Judy Kleinberg

The Poetry Postcard Fest is both community and practice. This simple medium gives each of us an opportunity to find and share our own voice. Since I first participated, in 2011, writing a short, unprompted poem each day has evolved from a one-month-a-year activity to a daily habit. During that time, I’ve exchanged postcards with hundreds of people, actually met a few in person, and enlarged my poetry network far beyond the local. The connections are vital and I often find myself surprised to remember that I’ve not actually met most of these wonderful poets and artists.

Neal Lemery

The project ramped up my writing, and my appreciation for the “daily write” discipline. What a celebration of the art of poetry and writing! I received such great and inspiring poems from strangers who became colleagues and fellow artists.