Don’t have a Will? Create One for Free!

Have you ever had to “take care” of an estate of a family member or Subud member who didn’t have a will? I have. It’s a mess. And an unnecessary additional burden for those who are already grieving.

I also helped with Lavinia Swanson’s estate. Lavinia was a planner, a dedicated Subud member, who wanted Subud to be able to benefit from whatever money she had left to give. She created a will 15 years before she died, and asked people she trusted to help her. What a pleasure!

So, if you haven’t had the money to pay for an attorney, or, do one of those pay for document web forms, King County Library Systems is offering you, for free, the opportunity to take care of business. Don’t delay and leave your grieving friends and family with this responsibility.
For information on how to create your free will, please click this link.