Monthly Archives: September 2020

Zoom Meeting after Latihan September 20th

There will be a Zoom meeting after latihan this Sunday, hosted by Sebastian Tedrow. However, if we are going to continue the Zoom meetings after Sunday latihans, we need a few more volunteers to host the meetings. It’s not hard, and full instructions will be provided. If you are interested, please let Jim know by email.

Zoom meeting ID: 988 202 1449

Subud Seattle general meeting August 30th, 2020

From Jim

Brief synopsis of Subud Seattle general meeting August 30th:
Financially we are doing OK thanks to member donations and reducing our commitment to the region.  Thank you , members!
Remote latihans continue on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, no in-person latihans at this time.
The rental committee and dewan presented their recommendation to the membership regarding contracting with Karen Hunt of itrip vacations to manage whole-house rentals at Spring Street center.
This would not interfere with latihans on Sunday at the time that is again possible.
The membership voted yes with the exception of one abstention.
The proposal will now go to Subud Pacific Northwest in compliance with SPNW bylaws, as this would be a long-term contract.