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Meeting/Lunch this Sunday

Notes from Annie
The house is not open this week.
I’ll bring a pot of soup to share (again).
Please bring a dish to share.
Basement kitchen at noon-ish.
The City of Seattle is working on a pipe on our streets. Street parking is less available. Allow extra time for parking.
COVID continues to spike in the community. Some folks are developing neurological symptoms with Long COVID. Please wear a mask to Latihan and when out in the community.
Out of respect for all, please arrive on time for quiet, in preparation for Latihan.
There will be a general meeting this Sunday, during lunch. I have some topics to discuss.

Message from Rayma and Oswald

Hello to all from Rayma and Oswald in Los Angeles.  We join with the entire group in our condolences to the Tedrow family upon the loss of our dear Subud sister Lorraine.  We are so grateful for the person she was and the gifts she gave us as friend, member, and helper.

The rains here in Southern California let up after Tuesday evening. We’ve been safe and warm inside a small second-floor apartment in West Hollywood, where terrain is flat, and were not threatened by mudflows.  We watch reports of destruction on TV, and held our breath hoping the L.A. River didn’t overflow its containment channel. It didn’t.

Before the rains started, on Saturday, Feb. 3, we were able to go to latihan at the Wilshire Center – the Subud house on Wilshire Boulevard.  (It’s a 3-story building directly across the street from the La Brea Tar Pits.)  We estimate there were about 15 women and 20 men at latihan.  Afterwards, we enjoyed meeting and talking with new (to us) members and some old friends.

We send our best to everyone there in Subud Greater Seattle, especially our new committee!  Annie, you’re performing a unique role of being both chairperson and temporary resident of the Subud house!  That’s bound to bring new insights!

See you in April.


Notes from Annie!

We have the house this weekend.
I’ll bring some soup to share after Latihan, in basement kitchen.
Lorraine Tedrow died on Saturday, February 3rd, in the presence of her family. She will be missed. Our sincere condolences to the Tedrow family.
Photo by Leona Oren.
Robert Knill, 97, is now receiving hospice services.
Many thanks to Jim O’Halloran for his years of service as Chair of SUBUD Greater Seattle.