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Finished Handicap Ramp! (Video)

1. SGS Ramp 1 1. SGS Ramp A 1. SGS Ramp CYour humble narrator (& his trusty companion) gives you a tour of the new handicap access ramp at the Subud House, funded by the Muhammed Subuh Foundation and built by Resident Carpenter of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch. The ramp now makes Spring Street Center accessible to people in wheelchairs for weddings and other events. Enjoy a video taken today of the new feature of the Seattle Subud House.

And see a video with David Lynch here:

Constructing a Ramp for Disabled


Lumber where the ramp will be

A project many years in the making is coming to fruition thanks to the Muhammad Subuh Foundation, the Subud Greater Seattle Dewan and “Resident Carpenter” David Lynch. Grants totaling $16,000 have enabled the construction of a ramp, done to ADA specifications, that would make the first floor of the Seattle Subud House accessible to folks in wheelchairs for latihan, weddings and the other myriad events held in that space. Former Chair of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch entered the successful bid for the project and is sleeping in the Men’s Latihan Hall on an airbed with his Brother-in-Law Tom Young until the project is completed. The recent hot spell makes this arrangement not as bad as it might sound.

David gave your humble blog editor a guided tour of the project in this video:

The ramp is expected to take up to two weeks to complete, so stop by the north side of the house, or the Men’s Latihan Hall and give a howdy and a thank you to the resident carpenter of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch.






Support Your Local Subud

Flutist. From Local Helper Jim O’Halloran:

Jim O'Halloran

Jim O’Halloran

Hi  everyone!

We have some excellent gigs coming up, starting with a trio gig featuring Tim Carey on bass and Ricardo Guity on percussion kit  at the Lake Chad Cafe, 1712 S. Jackson June 26 from 7-100 PM.  No cover, Chadian and New Orleans menu, full bar.  Sweet!
July 11 we’ll be at Choochokam Arts festival, Langley WA; TBA.  A terrific arts & crafts fair with an excellent live music line-up
July 12 will find the trio of Jim, Dean Schmidt on bass and Jacques Willis on drum set at the Georgetown Garden Walk/Cross Pollinate event.  TBA—Hat & Boots, Georgetown
July 17, August 14, & 28, and September 1 Jim, Dean & Jacques will be at Swedish Cherry from 11:30-1:30 outside the main entrance.
July 17th We’ll also be back at the Lake Chad cafe; this time with Dean Schmidt on bass and D’Vonne Lewis on drums.  7-10PM.
August 29th will be the Bradner Gardens extravaganza with Bill Anschell on piano, Dean Schmidt on bass, Denny Stern on percussion, Jacques WIllis on drums; with special guests Elva Pope on vocals, and poets Faiza Sultan and Paul Nelson.  6:30-8:30PM.  Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner!  29th S.  & S. Grand.
More gigs coming your way!
See you soon for a fun, musical summer.



Subud Canada Western Regional Family Gathering

Now this is something to look forward to!
(Subud Canada Western Regional Family Gathering)
By: Hadidjah Gregory    June 2, 2015

The Subud Canada Western Regional Family Gathering at Crescent Beach has become another chance for U.S. Subud members to cross over the Border into Canada and enjoy some of the best of times.   It was held over the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend.   

Crescent Beach, BC

Crescent Beach, BC

I really want to say put THIS on your calendar as soon as dates are announced for next year and start looking forward to a real breath of fresh air. In a perfect place to relax and receive  (your latihan of course) as well as the beautiful sweetness of place that the Alexandra Retreat and Events Center offers.

It felt like being part of a wonderful family; welcomed, included and appreciated just for coming.

Yes, we did latihan. Yes, we met in a few circles.  Yes, we sang and danced and remembered what a happy child feels like, and we could take beautiful walks by the water, or into the very quaint town center.

We could take naps inside or outside, we could be earnest or silly and even feel alone in the midst of the crowd while wrapped in our own thoughts if we liked.  The food was always there, and very good, the coffee was always fresh or almost ready;  the laughter was light and frequent. 

Of course, next year  more people of all ages would be nice, more “talks”, more sharing, more music and dancing and more “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”  Yes, of course, there was a closing circle and the big take away for me was “This is great.”  It works.  My hope is Subud Canada keeps doing this there and really encourage people to save the time and the money to make it next year.  They also started an assistance fund that will hopefully be large enough in a year’s time to assist.

Oh and by the way this is less than two hours from Seattle to Surrey (including customs).  The Alexandra Center has a vision and a mission that we share. 

Vision?  “A vibrant inclusive and caring community.” 

Mission?  “To gather, grow and build a spirit of community.”