Constructing a Ramp for Disabled


Lumber where the ramp will be

A project many years in the making is coming to fruition thanks to the Muhammad Subuh Foundation, the Subud Greater Seattle Dewan and “Resident Carpenter” David Lynch. Grants totaling $16,000 have enabled the construction of a ramp, done to ADA specifications, that would make the first floor of the Seattle Subud House accessible to folks in wheelchairs for latihan, weddings and the other myriad events held in that space. Former Chair of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch entered the successful bid for the project and is sleeping in the Men’s Latihan Hall on an airbed with his Brother-in-Law Tom Young until the project is completed. The recent hot spell makes this arrangement not as bad as it might sound.

David gave your humble blog editor a guided tour of the project in this video:

The ramp is expected to take up to two weeks to complete, so stop by the north side of the house, or the Men’s Latihan Hall and give a howdy and a thank you to the resident carpenter of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch.