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SICA in Puebla

The Subud International Cultural Association will be very active (& INTERACTIVE) in Puebla, Mexico, during the upcoming World Congress. From their flyer:

Join the conversation, Engage, exchange, and interact with art, culture and creativity from around the world in the heart of a fabulous UNESCO World Heritage City, Puebla, Mexico.

See the whole flyer here or click the image below. Nos vemos en Puebla.

SICA Puebla Flyer

General Meeting Notes from Friday 3/15/14

A group of 11 Subud members gathered for our monthly general meeting in the comfortable anti-room of the Bellevue First Congregational United Church of Christ to enjoy hot tea, cookies, and fresh fruit salad while listening to reports from those conducting the business of our small community.

We began with a report on activities at the Seattle facilities and in particular a recent rental by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) events held at The Center and lodging by attendees to that event who stayed at the Subud house.  One of the attendees, Amalio Madueño, President of the Taos, (New Mexico) Poetry Circus felt that Spring Street Center could rival the Hugo House as a facility for literary events in Seattle. Promotional ideas began to percolate.

The report from the Eastside Group included news of a new male candidate (learned about Subud from Garett Thomson).  The group has also moved back into the church.  Though the church has been sold, movement is not expected for a year, during which Subud will continue to use the facilities.

Sherwin O’Bar was ill, so Oswald Norton brought copies of the Treasurer’s report which Marston reviewed with members.

Upcoming events

  • March – A testing session on Growth and Renewal will be conducted by helpers on a Sunday after latihan. Date to be announced.
  • April 6th – Dewan Meeting 9 am.
  • Sunday April 13th– Subud Greater Seattle at Subud house in Seattle after latihan.  Potluck lunch

–       It would be great to have a story a member was willing to share about the Subud work they’re doing, or how Subud is impacting their life’s work. Any Volunteers – talk with David.

  • May 1-4, 2014 2nd Cascadia Poetry Festival, at Spring Street Center & Seattle U
    • Volunteers Needed to staff a table promoting Spring Street Center
    • Opportunities for Subud

Marston’s Party/Fundraiser

From Marston Gregory:

Marston named "Honorary Mexican" at his 70th birthday party.

Marston named “Honorary Mexican” at his 70th birthday party.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Salsa Birthday party. 

We raised almost $400 to assist in travel to the world congress.  I would recommend we now ask for members to apply for use of the funds and give two $200 grants.  We would give priority those who have never attended a world congress.   Deadline to apply would be byMarch 31.  The candidate would do a letter explaining why they wish to attend and the local committee would review them and let the person know by April 15.   We can announce in the newsletter. Also, would the center add $100 to the pot so we can bring the grants up to $250 each?  These funds
are for Subud PNW members only. 
Thanks again to all who donated. 
Photo by Rachman Cantrell

Photos by Rachman Cantrell

Marston's Party Photos 1

Marston's Party Photos 2

Marston's Party Photos 3

Marston's Party Photos 4

Poetry as Subud Outreach Volunteers Needed!


Viva Cascadia!

The second Cascadia Poetry Festival happens May 1-4, 2014 at two venues in Seattle and one of them is your friendly neighborhood Subud House. (Spring Street Center.) The lineup is world class, featuring Joanne Kyger, George Bowering, George Stanley, Kaia Sand, Stephen Collis, Daphne Marlatt and many other poets from around the bioregion known as Cascadia. That this is a cultural investigation is right in line with the work of SICA, the Subud wing concerned with culture that comes from the jiwa. That events are in our house and that Spring Street Center has a table at the festival’s Small Press Fair means that Subud members are REALLY NEEDED as volunteers to staff the table and make sure guests in our house are welcomed and that the house is protected. This is the most ambitious cultural offering ever in the 40 year history of Subud Greater Seattle.

Oswald Norton (onorton [at] hotmail [dot] com) is coordinating volunteer efforts and the Small Press Fair starts Friday at 4 (load-in) and goes until 10P and Saturday and Sunday from 8:30A to 10P. The passes are transferable, and there will be no charge to get into the Small Press Fair, so different people can take advantage on different nights. The house itself will be full of poet-lodgers, so please respect their space. There will be no latihan Thursday, but WILL be happening Saturday and Sunday. We’d love if folks could show up early for latihan just to be sure the rooms are in order, though we’ll be doing are best to ensure that is the case.

And it would sure be nice to have Subud folks support this effort. That means buying a pass if you can afford one, telling folks about it or helping us find a sponsor or two, as we still have a few thousand bucks to raise to cover the basics. Thanks for considering. Thanks for entrusting the house to me and this project.


Seattle Dewan Meeting Minutes: Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

The minutes of our January 5th meeting are now available for you to read including our financial report, link to the 2014 Donation Information form for SGS so we can complete our 2014 budget and an update on Testing for March and news about our Spring Street Center’s recent rentals as a location for a national meeting offsite in February.

Enjoy them here.