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Marston’s Party/Fundraiser

From Marston Gregory:

Marston named "Honorary Mexican" at his 70th birthday party.

Marston named “Honorary Mexican” at his 70th birthday party.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Salsa Birthday party. 

We raised almost $400 to assist in travel to the world congress.  I would recommend we now ask for members to apply for use of the funds and give two $200 grants.  We would give priority those who have never attended a world congress.   Deadline to apply would be byMarch 31.  The candidate would do a letter explaining why they wish to attend and the local committee would review them and let the person know by April 15.   We can announce in the newsletter. Also, would the center add $100 to the pot so we can bring the grants up to $250 each?  These funds
are for Subud PNW members only. 
Thanks again to all who donated. 
Photo by Rachman Cantrell

Photos by Rachman Cantrell

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