Subud Canada Event

On June 21 through 23 Canada had their annual gathering in Crescent Beach about two and a half hours north of Seattle.  Aida and I both attended.  I had received a very positive answer about going and it turned out to be right!  It was in the Alexandra Retreat and Events Center,  2916 McBride Ave, Surrey, BC V4A 3G2, a lovely facility with accommodations for all and great latihan venues about a two and a half hour drive north of Seattle!  Our drive to the facility was marred by missing the freeway turnoff and getting mired for two hours in Vancouver rush hour traffic but we eventually found our way to the center, and the drive returning home including the border crossing was only a little over two hours.  

The latihans were very strong and deep and we both felt a kinship and love for our Canadian brothers and sisters who were very friendly and inviting to their southern neighbors!  

The prices were very reasonable, and the food was both delicious and acceptable.  The delicious part was from Kumari Beck who served dinner on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning.  Her food was really wonderful!  The other meals were typical catered congress fare.  

We strongly recommend this venue to our USA brothers and sisters for next year’s Subud Canada event!   It is worth the trip!   

Sachlan Cherpitel also came from the East coast and took loads of videos and photos, and I took quite a few photos myself.  Take a look and help me identify people by adding info next to the individual photos in the link below:  

Cell phone images

Nikon camera images

All in all it was a wonderful trip!  We made new friends and had a lovely time!  

Rachman Cantrell

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