Monthly Archives: May 2022

News from Jim!

Subud Greater Seattle has a treasurer!  Subud Pacific Northwest has a chair!

 After testing, Daniel Stralberg will step back as a local helper and become treasurer.
  Latham Stack has tested positively and been voted in as the new SPNW chair.
Two regional members are testing with helpers and a vote by mail to SPNW members will be going out soon.
  In other news, the south wall of the Subud house is completed, looks great, and is fully paid for thanks to contributions and our rental business.
 We can now move on to other projects – hopefully those which will enhance group life, harmony, and vitality.

Notes from Jim!

SPNW regional congress will be in Portland or on Zoom (your pick) next Sunday the 15th,

starting with latihan at 10AM.

The Zoom link for the congress will be emailed directly to SPNW members Friday.

Subud Canada Western Region Family Gathering – June 24 to 26th
Subud Canada Western Region will be holding another Family Gathering from June 24 to 26th.

The Crescent Beach Family Gathering (at Camp Alexandra in Surrey) is a “GO” for June 24 to 26!

Attached is the registration package, expertly put together by Maemunah (THANK YOU Maemunah!) Registration Package 2022

All of the information is contained in the package, but I just wanted to emphasize a couple of things:

1. It is REALLY helpful for the planning team if you can register early and Early Bird rates are offered until May 21.

2. If you have any questions about completing the on-line registration form – please contact Maemunah at

4. If you have any other questions about the gathering – please contact me at

Looking forward to seeing lots of you at Crescent Beach!