Bellingham Subud House Plans

Here’s an update on the Bellingham house plus, a reminder to pick up anything from the house you’d like to have.

Monday, May 20: Annie Padilla is coming to pick up items for the Seattle Subud House or to store. Things like Bapak portraits, books, whatever Subud memorabilia she may be willing to transport. This in part because she believes such things belong in a Subud home. She has also kindly offered to deliver items set aside for the SD Auction at the National Gathering and a few books for Subud Portland.

Wednesday, May 22: The inspector hired by the PNW Committee will go through the house and write a report. Michael and Rosalyn will be there.

Thursday, May 23: Nadia is coming to help sort items in the garage, the cupboards by the back door and whatever else, wherever else. There is much that will need to be dumped or recycled, including some hazardous materials, (old paint, etc.) and some large items, like doors and pallets.

Wednesday, May 29: Men will be doing Latihan at the house. Marius will be taking the pews, but the plan is to leave them until Rosalyn moves out, allowing men to continue doing Latihan there.

Tuesday, June 4: Habitat for Humanity is coming to pick up certain items, i.e. chairs and table in front room, perhaps some items in the garage; whatever may be left that they deem suitable.

The PNW Committee is hiring a yard service to trim hedges, cut the lawn, and whatever else.

Rosalyn is making significant progress in sorting and packing, in part with the help of a friend who visited for over a week.

All of us, including the Tedrows, have worked to make the house a nice space for latihan and it has served us well for 25 amazing years in so many countless ways. All the kejiwaan days, potluck meetings, events, work parties, fundraisers – including nine famous bird-walks, a concert, 24-hour I-5 rest stop weekends, mugs, recycling bags. But the time has really come to leave it – the Subud sign in the front window was accidentally bumped a couple days ago and it shattered in pieces to the floor. It’s gone.

So many thanks to Rosalyn for keeping the house in order for 16 years and to Michael who has been the gardener and fixit person for many years and most recently has assisted Rosalyn so well.

Prayers for Roosmiwati and family. She and family members are with Icsan in Port Orchard; he is failing quickly. David Lynch was able to do Latihan with Icsan.

Prayers for us all.

Link to Bellingham photos below.