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Subud Canada National Gathering June 20-22

Join our northern neighbors for a Subud gathering Canada-style at Crescent Beach, in Surrey, BC, June 20-22. See:




4 – 6 pm – Registration, relaxing, meeting old friends and new, exploring Crescent Beach and village, ice-creams, coffees ….

6 – 7:30 pm – BBQ Supper from Kumari’s Kitchen – come enjoy!

7:30 pm – Latihan

8:30 pm – Opening Circle – All Welcome   Followed by:

Sunset Beach Walk

Spirit Talk about our Subud-related experiences

Melodious Musicians around the campfire


7 am – Summer Solstice Low-Tide Beach and Barefoot Grass Walk

8 – 9 am – Breakfast
9 – 10 am – Latihan 

10 am – 12 Noon – Subud Canada AGM (Delegates & observers)

10 am – 12 Noon – Kejiwaan Activities (Non-Delegates)

10 am – 12 Noon – Other Activities, Beach, Nature Trails, etc.

12- 1 pm – Lunch

1 – 2 pm – Testing for incoming National and Regional Helpers 

2 – 5 pm – AGM Presentations and Discussions

2 – 5 pm – Workshops and Activities

Creative Writing Workshop

Find Your Inner Rhymer – Rhymes for Fun, Rhymes for Friends, Rhymes as Prayers and for Making Amends

Solstice Explained – What on Earth is Happening?

Other workshops, to be confirmed at Opening Circle

2 – 5 pm – Personal Testing (sign-up sheets available on-site)

5 – 6:30 pm – Supper  – Dress your best to celebrate Bapak’s Birthday (already morning in Indonesia) (22 June 1901–1987) 

7 pm – Bapak’s Birthday Latihan and testing 

8 – 11 pm – Subud Cultural Evening 


8 – 9 am – Breakfast

9  – 10 am – Latihan

10 am – Subud Canada Congress

Nominations, testing and voting for Subud Canada Chair, Western Regional Chair, SICA Canada Rep, and Subud Canada Housing Fund Directors

10 – 11:30 am – Workshops and Activities, to be announced

11:30 – Noon – Room and Camp Clean-Up

12 – 1 pm – Lunch and Room Key Hand-in
1 – 1:45 pm – Closing Circle

1:45 – 2 pm – Farewells, group photos

2:00 pm – Gather outside Camp to enjoy the beach, explore Crescent Beach village together, and hang out for the afternoon (more coffees, teas, ice-cream, sorbets …..)

Daniel Stralberg New Chair of Subud USA

Today at the National Congress outside Pittsburgh, PA, our own Daniel Stralberg was named Chair of Subud USA. It is a two-year term. 

Daniel Stralberg New Subud USA Chair

Daniel Stralberg New Subud USA Chair

From Sebastian Tedrow:


We had a wonderful National Congress in Pittsburgh this past weekend! Please welcome our new Subud USA committee and wing chairs:

Chair: Daniel Stralberg (Seattle)
Vice Chair: Mary Wold (Midwest Regional)
Committee Councilor: Muftiah McCartin (Washington DC)
Treasurer: still open
Secretary: still open
SES (Subud Enterprises Services): still open
SYA (Subud Youth Activities): Mahallia Ward Pollard (Chicago) and Dexter Douglass (New York)
SD (Susila Dharma): Evan Padilla continues for 1 more year
SICA (Subud International Cultural Association USA): Mhd. Isman Kanafsky continues for 1 more year
Please contact Daniel at if you are interested in one of the open positions.

Also a big thanks to our outgoing officers Shoshanah Margolin, Lucian Parshall, Morris McClellan, Hamidatun Karapetian, Hanafi Fraval and Levana Fraval.

More details on the congress will come next week in our e-blast and newsletter!


After latihan we are having a gneral meeting at the Seattle Subud house.  We have lots to share with you before the upcoming national and international congresses.  Potluck lunch after liathan and the meeting will begin promptly.  We’d love to see you.

Poets Get a Taste of the Latihan

Meredith Nelson at the Cascadia Poetry Festival Workshop, May 2, 2014

George Stanley, Hadiyah Carlyle and Meredith Nelson at the Cascadia Poetry Festival Workshop, May 2, 2014

Dear Subud Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for allowing me to use the Subud House for the recent Cascadia Poetry Festival. I have blogged about it here: and want to thank Ray Brown, Hadiyah Carlyle, Marston Gregory, Julia Hurd, Oswald and Rayma Norton and others for their support of this dream come true. It appears at least one person is considering getting opened in Subud. Wow!


Paul Nelson

A Very Special Latihan Kejiwaan on June 22

From Facebook:

Bapak 1975

Bapak 1975

Heads-Up: a very special Latihan Kejiwaan on June 22 around the world

By Aryanadi Chahyono on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 6:04pm

Dearest all brothers and sisters,

June 22 is coming sooner, it is the day when YM Bapak Subuh was born in dawn. YM Bapak Subuh was born on June 22 at dawn (Subuh time) in Central Java, Indonesia. We are going to schedule in Indonesia a very special Latihan Kejiwaan at the time and date when YM Bapak Subuh was born that is on June 22 at 5 am.

Please kindly spread the words, tell your Subud friends and let everyone in your Subud group knows about this. It would be nice if we all can do this very special latihan Kejiwaan together at the same time and date according to your local time zone (simultaneously).

Please find the website for converting local zone time: &

Have a wonderful Latihan Kejiwaan:-)

(This is 3P on Sunday, June 22, right?, ed.)


Yes, we are having a general meeting at the Seattle Subud house on Sunday May 18. Please plan to come and hear what’s going on. Lots of good things.  Please bring a potluck dish to share and the meeting will start around 12:30.