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Ten Aims of Subud

Subud Portland

Subud Portland

I attended the Subud Pacific Northwest Regional Dewan meeting March 28 at the Portland Subud House. The day was full of visioning, reports and a strong sense of community. I took extensive notes and can post a link on this site when they pass muster with Subud PNW Chair Alexadra Terhorst and other officers.

There was talk that the region has no mission and some suggested that we should be operating under the mission of one of our other organizational structures. Subud USA Chair Daniel Stralberg read the Ten Aims of Subud, taken from the World Subud Association Constitution, and it seemed to fit quite well:


1. To facilitate the worship of Almighty God through the Latihan Kejiwaan of Subud and to provide for the other needs of the Subud membership.

2. To preserve the practice of the Latihan Kejiwaan so that it will remain available to people everywhere in the form in which it was originally practiced under the guidance of Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.

3. To protect the good reputation of Subud.

4. To encourage peace, harmony and understanding between peoples regardless of their ethnic origin or religion.

5. To provide educational and other facilities for the development of the full potential of human beings.

6. To relieve poverty and deprivation.

7. To encourage the development of a healthy and harmonious inner and outer environment for the well-being of mankind.

8. To encourage cultural activities and the values which enliven and enrich the human spirit.

9. To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit which enables people to express their true talents and develop the capacity to improve the quality of their lives.

10. To make available information concerning the Latihan Kejiwaan of Subud.

Here are a couple of Wordclouds I made taken from language in one of the breakout groups in which I was a part:

Subud PNW Group 4 wordle 3.28.15 Subud PNW wordcloud 2

One last thing. After the Sunday latihan and potluck, I spotted blooming lilacs! Sure, I love the smell too and wish I had an ap to capture it, but was a little unnerved by such early blooming.

3.29.15 Blooming PDX Lilacs
Your Humble Narrator,

Paul Nelson
Subud Greater Seattle

Daniel Stralberg New Chair of Subud USA

Today at the National Congress outside Pittsburgh, PA, our own Daniel Stralberg was named Chair of Subud USA. It is a two-year term. 

Daniel Stralberg New Subud USA Chair

Daniel Stralberg New Subud USA Chair

From Sebastian Tedrow:


We had a wonderful National Congress in Pittsburgh this past weekend! Please welcome our new Subud USA committee and wing chairs:

Chair: Daniel Stralberg (Seattle)
Vice Chair: Mary Wold (Midwest Regional)
Committee Councilor: Muftiah McCartin (Washington DC)
Treasurer: still open
Secretary: still open
SES (Subud Enterprises Services): still open
SYA (Subud Youth Activities): Mahallia Ward Pollard (Chicago) and Dexter Douglass (New York)
SD (Susila Dharma): Evan Padilla continues for 1 more year
SICA (Subud International Cultural Association USA): Mhd. Isman Kanafsky continues for 1 more year
Please contact Daniel at dstralberg@hotmail.com if you are interested in one of the open positions.

Also a big thanks to our outgoing officers Shoshanah Margolin, Lucian Parshall, Morris McClellan, Hamidatun Karapetian, Hanafi Fraval and Levana Fraval.

More details on the congress will come next week in our e-blast and newsletter!