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New Announcements!

Building Maintenance Project Update

Update on Building Fund

At the September 9th Subud PNW Board Meeting, the board of directors approved converting the region’s $7000 loan to Subud Greater Seattle to a grant which we do not have to repay. This was made possible through donations earmarked for the Building Fund from Subud members outside our region, and, mostly, because local members gave additional funds – on top of their monthly donations – until we reached the $7000 mark. Thank You!

We are now three quarters of the way towards completing member portion of these costs. We still have $2478 to raise.  If you wish a portion of your donations to the general fund to be earmarked toward this goal, you can either indicate this on your check, or email me your wishes and I’ll do the paperwork for you.

Important! New name for donation checks to Subud Greater Seattle

Use only “Subud PNW – Seattle Center” on any future donations to our center.  Bank rules, recently changed, are delaying deposits.  Please be sure to change the “Pay To The Order Of” section of your handwritten or automatic withdrawn check from your account and use this name.

If you intend to make your donation to the Region, please earmark your check Subud PNW.

Upcoming Events:

Friday November 15th General meeting in Bellevue after latihan

Sunday December 22nd Christmas family potluck party after latihan in Seattle

General Meeting this Sunday! Join the party!

We will have a general meeting after latihan in Seattle this Sunday the 13th.  The goal is to keep it about 30 minutes long.
Big agenda items will include increasing our commitment to Subud Pacific Northwest, and discussion about how we finance non-emergency large expenses moving forward.
Be sure to sign up for Menucha soon!