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Helper Meeting Minutes

Our newest Helper Aakarsh Gottumukala took the minutes from the Sunday, July 19, 2020, Helper’s Meeting which happened via Zoom. Here is his report:

Helpers Present: Aakarsh Gottumukkala, Danella Mauguin, David Lynch, Halimah Bellows, Halstein Stralberg, Hanafi Libman, Paul Nelson, Sebastian Tedrow, Lucinda O’Hallaran.

Helpers Not Present: Rachman Cantrell, Rayma Norton

During our helper meeting on Sunday, we discussed the issues of restarting in-person latihan at the Subud house and converting the upstairs bedrooms of the Subud Seattle house into rental office spaces. Most helpers present were unwilling to test about reopening the Subud house, as per Evan Padilla’s request. The general feeling at the meeting was that it is unwise to reopen the Subud house in Seattle at this time. As an alternative, the possibilities of doing latihan at Halstein Stralberg’s house or joining the group latihan in Olympia on Saturday mornings at 10 AM were proposed. Members wishing to do so should contact Halstein in the case of the former and David Lynch in the case of the latter. Regarding the issue of changing the enterprise at the Subud Seattle center, the general consensus was that this may prove unwise.

The next helper meeting is on the third Sunday, August 16.

Rachman Cantrell via email added:

Thanks, Paul, for catching me up.  I agree with you about holding off on group latihan.  I am becoming more in favor of the call in latihans and hope more people participate.  My latihan last friday was particularly strong and different!  Even more so than when we did group latihan!


Rachman’s Menucha report

Quick snapshot of our last Menucha event:

For me (Rachman)  it was interesting in how smoothly everything went! I seemed to find myself wherever I needed to be, met who I needed to meet and experienced what I needed to experience! In past Menuchas sometimes I would feel out of place with more ups and downs but this time everything seemed in sync!

I especially liked the spontaneous ‘Virtues’ workshop of people hanging out in the ‘Barn’ with Joyce O’Halloran. I was a reluctant participant but very glad that I was drawn in by the sincerity and willingness of those in attendance!  Some really deep work occurred that seemed to be of benefit to all who participated.  Thanks, Joyce!

Another workshop that was powerful for me had to do with sounds. A young woman named Grace brought sound bowls and had us add our voices to sounds emanating from the bowls. With some hesitance I allowed my voice to be explored and heard!  It was a truly liberating feeling! Near the end of the session we were sorted into groups of three with the idea to direct sounds of healing toward each other.  I was touched by how well it worked in our little group! All the sounds were different for each of us depending on our different individual needs. On my turn sounds were directed toward healing pains in my back and it actually felt better afterward!  I cannot comment on what others received but it was remarkable to me that healing energy seemed to flow out though sounds that I made!

I had not participated in the entertainment for many years but upon walking into the Wright Hall entrance Frederick Branchflower ordered me to put my name on the board with all the other entertainers. It is hard to say ‘no’ to Frederick so I wrote my name at the end! I sang a song prayer that I had received years ago that I had not done publicly until now. It felt good to finally share it. Thanks, Frederick!

The main testing was always done in the morning ( I am not a ‘morning’ person!) so I missed that part of Menucha but heard that it went well and generated some strong experiences for those who took part.

Other workshops had glowing reports of transformative effects with beneficial results dealing with current issues and world problems.

Getting to meet old and new friends was especially heart warming for me!  We truly are brothers and sisters who love and cherish being with each other!  I really felt the love going in both directions!

The Menucha retreat has always been the highlight of my Subud year and this one was no exception!  It seemed that I received just what I needed!  Amazingly the only times I have been disappointed with Menucha is when I have failed to attend!  See you next time?

New friends and the Columbia Gorge!


Beata Alexander and Rachman


Leandra and T

Maryka and David Lynch


Bathroom & Landscaping Update

From Marston Gregory:


Evan Padilla and Bhakti Watts help clean up the landscape around the Subud House April 23, 2016

The bathroom floor is installed and looks good.  Next, hoping this week David comes in to
finish the walls where the cabinet was taken out.  The color works well, I think with the pink tile on the walls.   We are close to completion on it and its looking super good.

Also, we had 5 people working on the garden mostly weeding and got a lot done.  We didn’t have a truck so we still need to do a dump run with stuff in the back.

Marston 4.23.16 SGS

Marston hard at work.

What was predicted as a 90% rainy day was gorgeous which really helped.
BIG!  Thank you to Paul, Bhakti, Evan, and Oswald for helping.

Also, Evan brought over 10 more chairs which Oswald cleaned up with spot cleaner & they are stored in the alcove of the chapel. This brings us up to 60 chairs which is about our capacity for a wedding in that room.  We took the dark grey chairs to the basement.

We might want to schedule another one of these to get more done at a time when
more can come and maybe after Sunday latihan.  Have latihan, lunch and then work?


Bhakti Watts goes dandelion hunting.

Finished Handicap Ramp! (Video)

1. SGS Ramp 1 1. SGS Ramp A 1. SGS Ramp CYour humble narrator (& his trusty companion) gives you a tour of the new handicap access ramp at the Subud House, funded by the Muhammed Subuh Foundation and built by Resident Carpenter of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch. The ramp now makes Spring Street Center accessible to people in wheelchairs for weddings and other events. Enjoy a video taken today of the new feature of the Seattle Subud House.

And see a video with David Lynch here: https://www.subudgreaterseattle.com/constructing-a-ramp-for-disabled/

Constructing a Ramp for Disabled


Lumber where the ramp will be

A project many years in the making is coming to fruition thanks to the Muhammad Subuh Foundation, the Subud Greater Seattle Dewan and “Resident Carpenter” David Lynch. Grants totaling $16,000 have enabled the construction of a ramp, done to ADA specifications, that would make the first floor of the Seattle Subud House accessible to folks in wheelchairs for latihan, weddings and the other myriad events held in that space. Former Chair of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch entered the successful bid for the project and is sleeping in the Men’s Latihan Hall on an airbed with his Brother-in-Law Tom Young until the project is completed. The recent hot spell makes this arrangement not as bad as it might sound.

David gave your humble blog editor a guided tour of the project in this video:

The ramp is expected to take up to two weeks to complete, so stop by the north side of the house, or the Men’s Latihan Hall and give a howdy and a thank you to the resident carpenter of Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch.






New Ramp, New Subud USA Communications Coordinator

Subud Greater Seattle has received the check for $10,000 from the Muhammad Subuh Foundation, to make the Seattle Subud House handicapped accessible. A hearty congrats to Marston Gregory and all the people who had a hand in making this happen!

Contractor and loyal Subud member David Lynch will visit the City planning and permit center this week to establish all the permit requirements and pricing. He says he should be able to start work soon.

And as reported in the recent Subud USA E-Blast, your humble narrator is now the Communications Coordinator for Subud USA:

Paul Nelson Subud USA Communications Coordinator

Paul Nelson Subud USA Communications Coordinator

December 22, 2013 Holiday Party Report

Ida Stralberg, Evna Padilla and Halstein Stralberg (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

Ida Stralberg, Evan Padilla and Halstein Stralberg (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

What a great event Subud Greater Seattle created on Sunday, December 22, 2013, our annual Holiday Party! Hadiyah Carlyle did much of the organizing and made some phone calls to members who live far from Seattle, (such as Frederick and Melanie Branchflower), David Lynch and Jim O’Halloran performed on guitar and flute respectively, Hadijah Obar and Annie Padilla helped provide food (along with many member potluck dishes including authentic Cuban picadillo) and long-time members (& recent transplants to Seattle) Halstein & Ida Stralberg, and Sebastian & Lorraine Tedrow told Subud stories.

Halstein and Ida talked about becoming acquainted with Subud. Halstein said he was a spiritual seeker at age 16, was opened in Subud at 18 and became a helper not much after that. Lorraine talked about the effort to acquire the house now known as the Subud House in Seattle. She said Lawrence and Rosanna Krauss carried the $23K mortgage because traditional financing was not available to the fledgling Subud Seattle community. She mentioned a book by Rosanna Krauss about the early days of Subud in Seattle, which go back to 1961, and said we will celebrate 40 years in the house in February 2014.

Hadidjah Gregory, Rayma Norton and Aida Cantrell (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

Hadidjah Gregory, Rayma Norton and Aida Cantrell (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

I took extensive notes and hope to make a more detailed post about these talks sometime. Better yet, interviews with all these folks and Chuck and Anne Cary, early Subud Seattle members, would be ideal. Please have any elders interested in doing an interview contact me at pen (at) splab (dot) org or call (206) 422.5002.

Also, for anyone who took photos of this past event, please send a few choice ones to me. Thanks, Paul Nelson.

Subud Greater Seattle Chair:

Chair, Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch

Chair, Subud Greater Seattle, David Lynch (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)

See all Rachman’s photos here.